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Second Quarter Disaster Dooms Kentucky in Knoxville

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Searching for a win in Knoxville for the first time in 34 years, No. 11 Kentucky found nothing but bad football in the second quarter of a 24-7 loss to Tennessee.

Kentucky’s offense ran 15 plays in the second quarter.  They gained only one yard.

It’s tough to pinpoint exactly where the Cats went wrong because nothing went right.  Receivers dropped passes and offensive linemen missed blocks.  You can blame every single player and coach for the offensive ineptitude, and yet, the defense wasn’t much better.

Despite UK’s offensive struggles, Kentucky only trailed 3-0 with less than five minutes remaining in the first half.  Six plays and 81 yards later, Tennessee scored their first touchdown.  After a UK three and out, the Vols appeared to wave the white flag by running the football, yet somehow the defense still let this happen as time expired.

Kentucky tried to throw its way back into the game after a few Tennessee turnovers, but it was too little too late.

It’s been a tough week to be a Kentucky fan.  After all the painful losses, it’s hard to remember that this team could still finish 9-3 to play in a New Year’s bowl game.  The Cats must press the reset button quickly, or a season with so much potential could be soured by a catastrophic conclusion.

Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

167 responses to “Second Quarter Disaster Dooms Kentucky in Knoxville”

  1. zoupman

    Gran has to go.

    1. mashburnfan1

      UT throws for more yards than we did on half the amount of completions. They threw it down the field, nice concept. If Gran is not fired I will really have to think about renewing my season tix, just unwatchable offense with several talented players. Oline and coach need a talking to, how the hell can 4 rushers constantly pressure the qb with 6 blockers? The last sack we did not even block the edge guy.

    2. gcat4496

      UL the worst defense in FB vs the worst offense UK. Should be a dandy.

    3. Catlogic15

      A moveable object against a stoppable force.
      Einstein would love this.

    4. jimmer

      Well said! ^^^^

    5. CombatMedic_98

      Louisville is already licking their chops…77 points looks good about now

  2. Bigblue7982

    Fire gran.

    1. UKPROF

      It’s UK football, year after year, guaranteed to disappoint.

    2. TonyMontana

      Fire Gran, hire an offensive coordinator who runs a high powered exciting offense. We will all be so happy, but then we will remember that’s exactly what Gran was when he came here. That’s what Dawson was before him. It seems like UK is where OC’s come to die. Theres nothing worse than having great teams with great players who are not able to play to their ability. It’s frustrating as hell and we have 2 of those teams.

  3. big cat

    Out with GRAN.

  4. nbarks88

    Win out, win the bowl game, salvage the damn season.

    1. mashburnfan1

      Team has not been the same since the 2nd half of the USC game, offense has been gone since that 1st half and now the D is unable to maintain the high level they played at.

    2. Miller45

      ^^^^^^ gran f*ed with their heads or something

    3. mashburnfan1

      Got a chance to win out in regular season playing the teams we have left, at this point we will be lucky to score a point in the Bowl game, will be vs a decent team and we have proven week after week vs decent teams we can’t score. Now if Gran is let go, I LIKE OUR CHANCES.

  5. katmark

    We suck

  6. tgoff

    Running the ball all the time even when it fails time after time. It’s time for a new offensive coordinator NOW!!

  7. big cat

    Ehhh…we need 6 more years….maybe Stoops can figure it out by then

    1. mashburnfan1

      Idiot, we have done more this year than any since 1977, he has figured something out. Now he needs to figure out that Gran will be his demise if he keeps him around.

    2. Middy

      That’s not entirely true. We’ve done some good things but we just caught counting some chickens before they hatched! If we somehow lose to Loserville as bad as they’ve been… all the momentum goes out the window.

    3. chris43

      Honestly what have we done? Beat a Florida team who is up and down like crazy on a down year and same goes for MISS ST. VANDY almost beat us at home, scored 3 against MIZZ almost entire game and got EXTREMELY lucky and stole it at end. Beat by PRETTY DAMG BAD BY Georgia AND UT (of all teams put up 14 against CHARLOTTE!) and TAM also beat us. The 11 ranking is BS. Are we better than the awful teams of the past? Yeah! Is that saying much? Heck no! Just wait til they play an OSU, WVA, Penn State or similar caliber team in a bowl. It’ll be bad.

    4. big cat

      Have we won 8 games yet? We might get lucky next week….maybe. It’s not 1977…that’s obvious. But, I get it. It’s really hard to stay motuvated when making BIG BANK.

  8. KYcats11

    Game is won in the trenches. Our O line stinks.

    1. Middy

      They have fallen off the map

    2. Nickerbocker05

      I agree 100% the game is won in trenches, but going into the year our o line was known for a running style o line, when teams figure out that all UK can do on offense is run, then that’s when we should start throwing. But when you have a shit quarterback and a shit OC then it’s asking ALOT FROM your o line to their job. Gran and terry need to go.

    3. cats646

      Yes. Idk what happened but they suck!!

    4. zoupman

      Great post by Nicker05, when you have a shit QB only so much a line can do.

    5. cats646

      When that “sh!t” QB has 3 D-lineman in his face everytime we throw, that means our O-line is trash.

    6. Middy

      O-line can’t pass block. Dudes were coming in unblocked numerous times

    7. bigblue98

      It’s like the chicken and the egg-can we agree that both the qb and line suck

  9. ChetSteadmansSalisburySteak

    I’m not trying to sound like a doomsdayer, but we aren’t going to win another game this year. Our offense is totally fine and our defense seems to be tired of carrying the team. This is bad. Something has got to change.

    1. ChetSteadmansSalisburySteak

      *Lost not fine.

    2. Cokely53

      Were not gonna beat MTSU? You must be really fun at parties. Get a life

  10. tacoterry0412

    Definitely past time for Gran to go, also the team seems to have said to hell with the rest of the season after the Georgia loss

  11. sportsbird66

    What a train wreck today was!!!

  12. Cat68

    How many reset buttons we got? At this rate the last game of the year could be epic

    1. ScoggDog

      Nick Roush … honestly … just stop.

      You’ve defended the coaching staff … you’ve defended Wilson … now you’re defending – what ? Talking about a 9-3 finish ? I’m not sure they can finish against WKU. Again.

      This team will not win another game. They’ll lose to Middle Tennessee – and again to Louisville. At least here, instead of the Live Blog, this post will see the light of day.

      I’m taking the points in both games the rest of the year. Run that shit on the Free Money post.

    2. michaelb


  13. drew_123

    Gran needs to be fired and Stoops needs to give back that $250,000. We should’ve known better. Once it hits November everything falls apart. After 25+ years of watching you start to wonder if things will ever change. Don’t get me wrong I’m proud of what the team has done, but to be so close it’s just deflating. It’s just so frustrating because it feels like eventually we should get the breaks that it seems like every other team gets.

  14. Rise

    Looks like same team past few years. Start off solid then complete collapse second half of season. We had to get the officials help to beat a terrible Mizzou team. Otherwise we would have lost the last 3 games. I bet we lose to Louisville. Complete disaster.

    1. sportsbird66

      You are 100% correct.

    2. zoupman

      I think we will beat Lou. Our offense is very predictable, but I don’t think they can stop it. Plus if they do stop us, some idiot will come flying in late and get a penalty giving Cats an automatic first down.

  15. The Fake World Wide Wes

    Come on..dont blame one quarter..they played like that dont care and are happy to just get out of classes to go to an
    y bowl game. They play like this next 2 games and it will be an 8 win season with maybe a bowl game win.

  16. Nickerbocker05


  17. catdaddyd

    What time are we meeting them at the airport?

  18. kysportsblog

    Wasn’t pretty. Nothing went right. UT gave us chances and we didn’t capitalize. Awful.

    Follow me on Twitter: @kysportsblog

  19. Larkin123

    We could all see this happening in slow-motion… It started the second half of the South Carolina game…

  20. michaelb

    Louisville will muster up enough to beat us, hide and watch . Everybody’s laughing at us at this point .

  21. Larkin123

    It appears we can adjust late in the year. I don’t know if it’s talent or coaching

  22. michaelb

    Was really looking forward to something to feel good about in uk athletics …. I don’t really watch soccer , I’m f****d

  23. sp

    At this point I’m hoping we end up in the Music City Bowl or the Birmingham Bowl. We may actually have a chance to win those. Does anyone really think we can beat Ohio St or West Virginia the way we’ve played the last four games. It’s been a downhill slide and we don’t need to get beat Duke style in the bowl game.

    1. michaelb

      lol Duke style

  24. dgtuk

    I am glad i got to come down from ohio last weekend, get a great seat, enjoy all of the atmosphere of the UK – GA game. Even though we were dominated, I didn’t feel that bad. Ga was clearly superior athletically and the only way we win that game is if they are off and turn the ball over. It still was great fun coming to a game with a chance to win the SEC East.

    By contrast today was a debacle of EPIC proportions. No need to single any one player or coach as they all stunk….even when they had so much to play for. Hard to understand a total team failure to an inferior team (at least on paper).

    Under Stoops, the end of the season swoon is well documented..thought we might avoid it this year. Not as mature as I thought. I know it is not true, but I felt like I cared more about this game than the people playing…very disappointing.

    Hard for me to care about the last two games or the bowl game even though on paper we will have a better season.

    Good luck Cats.

  25. makeitstop

    I said after TAMU we wouldn’t win but 2 more games if we didn’t change the QB and get some balance on offense. We COULD beat MTSU but we won’t unless Stoops grows up and fires a friend and benches Terry. He can’t dumb down the offense any more. Gunnar is a roll of the dice at this stage of the season but he’s most capable of adapting. Otherwise this is an EPIC collapse.

    1. makeitstop

      And I have defended Gran in the past and said he had to work with what he had but right now we have the worst offense I’ve seen in 50 years with the best running back one of the best TE and one of the best offensive lines and that just doesn’t add up.

    2. mashburnfan1

      Wilson is capable. The throw to Wagner was an awesome throw that only a few Qb’s could make. Wagner just dropped it before he was hit, ball was right in his hands and over the defender. Was still a target, but he dropped the ball before the hit. QB’s need a flow, when you only throw 1 or 2 deeper passes it is hard to get in a flow. If you don’t like Wilson please know Hoak is not an SEC talent. Hope for Clark to get a chance.

    3. Middy

      Amen… from what we’ve seen of Hoak, I can’t imagine why anyone thinks he is a savior. Clark at least has an arm.

    4. mashburnfan1

      best OL….they can’t pass block. 4 rushers get instant pressure on the qb constantly. They are terrible.

    5. maximumscott

      The problem is we are a 1 trick pony. Gran refuses to adapt to what DCs are throwing at him.


    I don’t think Gran is the problem.

    1. Middy

      He is too stubborn and tends to get repetitive in his play calling

  27. dhard

    With our offense , every team we play is in the game.

  28. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

    This one thing I know: I will NEVER…EH EH EH EEEHHHVER…complain about UK football not getting respect unless we are at least 10-1 and not getting the requisite love.

    1. makeitstop

      We almost had ‘em but then we went and proved the skeptics right.

    2. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      Because I did complain when we weren’t rising in the polls as much as I thought we should.

  29. dcforuk

    Disappointing day and week athletically. Our 14U team got destroyed, Tuesday night was rough and today was depressing. Good thing tomorrow is Sunday and my Steelers destroyed the Panthers Thursday to salvage the week!

    1. sportshawk

      Quit calling me a blamestormer jerk…when I am making pertinent comments and telling the truth. This KSR site is as bad as UK football in the second half of EVERY season under Stoops. Who made YOU the enforcer of comments here?

  30. Kat4Life

    To quote the immortal Dr. Zachary Smith, “Ohh the pain…..the pain……”

  31. cats646

    FIRE EDDIE GRAN!!!!!!!

  32. Cat68

    recruit some damn wide receivers who can catch and some DBs who can turn and locate the ball in the air. Obviously a new OC is on the xmas list too! Gran is definitely now who we thought he was. 1. Arrogant, 2. hard headed and 3. see #1

    1. mashburnfan1

      what wr would want to come here and catch 2 yard passes and take big hits.

  33. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

    Oh, and don’t forget Tony Franklin is the OC at MTSU. I’m sure he’d love nothing more than to embarrass the school that he says made him a scapegoat for for other coach’s shenanigans, even if no current athletic employees were around back then.

    1. mashburnfan1

      MTSU gave up 32 today vs the worst team in college football, I bet we don’t get 32.

  34. eddiesuttonsliver

    If not for a miracle this team would have lost 3 straight. The collapse happened weeks ago but everyone was so high on the team that no one noticed.

    1. ScoggDog

      They’re 7-3 !!! You have no right to say such shit !!!


  35. dhard

    What is so sad about the offense , is the lack of creativity to get playmakers the ball in space. Either gran doesn’t know how or stoops won’t let him. Regardless, we saw the dumpster fire today in full roar.?

  36. Paw

    Convince me why I should spend another 1 to $2000 to go to a bowl game and watch them get crushed

    1. dgtuk

      you shouldn’t!

    2. mashburnfan1

      $2000? How you going so cheap. 2 tix $500, I got hotel reservations in Orl and Tpa at $500 for 3 nights. Plane fare will be at least $600. Gotta eat and do some theme parks while there. I figured $3000, or was hoping to get out that cheap. After today I don’t even want to go and I have blastd BBN for not showing up every week this year. Owe BBN a huge I AM SORRY. You were right all along and this team is now unwatchable. I will not be making the 7 hour round trip drive next week. To make sure already ripped up the tix. Just sad way to ruin what was becoming a great seaon. Thanks Eddie, you are the biggest reason for the disaster.

  37. Miller45

    The past 6 weeks have been the damn disaster and its been hard to watch. Sure we accidentally beat Missouri and Vanderbilt, but they have absolutely disgraced themselves the last 2 weeks. I know I work too damn hard and have to budget around season tickets as an expense to pay these clowns salary

  38. 72uksprinter

    If there’s been a more devastating week for the BBN, I don’t remember it.
    Our bellwether teams have run directly into The Wall.
    Is it just a coincidence that all the interviews with Cal, Stoops and Mitch about how great the program is, how they gave Stoops time, on and on preceded The Fall? Maybe. Maybe not but all of that could have come following the season, IMO.
    Perhaps some of that hot air could have been better invested in coaching their players.
    When’s the last time both football AND basketball had such embarrassing offenses?
    Benny has gone from unstoppable to stuffable.
    I don’t blame him. He has never stepped on the field without giving 100%.
    Why Gran can’t see what ALL the rest of us see is hard to fathom. Coach Vanilla.
    The UGA loss was acceptable.
    To go into Knocksville and fail to show up is more than a missed opportunity.
    Cal called it this week, “Have we all gotten arrogant?”
    Seems like a rhetorical question to me.
    Basketball has time to revitalize PJ, find a PG and play Calipari defense.
    Football? They surely won’t spit the bit next week, but for UL it will be their bowl game. At Petrino Tomb.
    They’ll play with zero to lose.
    If Gran keeps the O playing this conservative, anything could happen.
    I’m hoping that somehow we can end up in the best bowl since Bear and still win 10.
    I think we fans have shown class and loyalty.
    I’d love to see The Big Three show some humility.
    Some creativity would be nice as well.
    We love our Cats.
    Let us all hope this is the darkest week and the sun will shine brightly in the Bluegrass beginning next week.

  39. UKFootballYall

    It’s not just Gran, it’s Stoops too. We are never prepared, never adjust and never leverage our strengths against the other teams with effective game plans. I am thinking Stoops isn’t aware that he can scout teams and prepare for them in advance. Is Les still available?!

  40. davis2319

    O line was a nightmare, play calling was a nightmare, and the whole game as a NIGHTMARE. Someone needs to be held responsible and accountable for this loss. At least our 40-0 loss to Vanderbilt was against a good Vandy team. This is a BAD Tennessee team that beat us by 17 points. They beat Charlotte 14-3 last week and Marshall beat Charlotte today 30-13. Let that sink in folks. I have never witnessed a program struggle in the 2nd half of the season like we have these last couple seasons. 7-25 in the last 6 games of each season. 4 of those wins coming against FCS. Scary scary stuff

    1. zoupman

      O line is not a nightmare. QB play and play calling are the night mare. Line is fine.

    2. bigbluebanana

      Line is fine? Have you gone mental? Wilson could do better, and Gran could REALLY do better, but the o-Line deserves some blame here too.

  41. SGD

    Fans won’t be there next week. We are not a top 25 team with an offense as pathetic as it is. The whole team has given up. The D is tired of carrying this team. The offense has been dead for weeks. The only time it looks like something is when they run the 2 minute drill against a prevent defense. The receivers can’t get open and if they do Wilson won’t throw it soon enough. Wilson won’t run , he never keeps it. Secondary can’t cover anybody. This is the way I expected them to play all year. We may finish 8-4 and then get embarrassed in something like the Liberty Bowl.

    1. zoupman

      I’m not going next week and I won’t be giving my tickets away. The empty seats are basically a sign saying Gran needs to go. Guy is terrible. My high school coach could out call plays over this clown easily.

  42. drbigblue

    Defense did well again, holding TN to 24 points, despite the offense once again no show. It’s the same poor performance, week after week for our offense. No improvement, same plays, same results week after week. Other teams improve, through preparation.
    Our offensive coordinator obviously, whoa, he ain’t doing jack squat

    1. dgtuk

      The defense, while better than the offense did not do well…Geez what game were you watching? The defense gave up more plus 20 yd gains in one game than probably the whole season to an offense that is marginal at best.

      This was a total team collapse.

  43. cats646

    The curse is not dead! FIRE EDDIE GRAN!!!!!!

  44. lecantrell

    Looks like the defense has grown tired of carrying the team all year. The offense has made no effort to improve. The defense has now thrown in the towel. Looks like it will be a disappointing 7-6 season.

    1. dcforuk

      I do think the D does have to be a little frustrated. 9-3 though not 7-6!

    2. makeitstop

      DC I like the optimism. But we can’t score, so it’s hard to beat anyone.

  45. Kentuckiana

    I see where 11 SEC schools are in the top twenty in 2019 recruiting class. Kentucky is not one of the 11.
    May be a few years longer before we are competitive in SEC???

    1. dgtuk

      saw that too…all the more reason why we have squandered a chance to make this the most special of seasons.

  46. Blueballz

    Serious question…how many projected first round picks does this years basketball team have? That’s all that matters….

  47. UkBigBlueFan

    Hey guys can you see the reason you can’t get respect? I think it’s obvious, you will never get respect because you are UK football and it will never change. The joke is on the idiots like me who believe it will get better and you are always there to let us down and be the janky UK football program that is always the joke of the sec. I’m done. Bball only from now on. Bye

    1. cats646

      Fuk you. See ya!

    2. michaelb

      Lol cats464

    3. davis2319

      Good riddance! Can’t wait to watch you hop off the basketball bandwagon eventually too. Or even better when UK football bounces back you will be fighting to get back on the football wagon! Get out of here and delete this app!

    4. Jester


      Good one. How old are you? 17-18? Get a grip kid. You obviously haven’t been paying attention.

    5. UkBigBlueFan

      I have suffered through this for many years, I’ve paid my dues and I have given the football program my support and it is always the same results, I will bleed blue till the day I die, and never will turn my back on bball, but I don’t have the ability to keep my heart into football when it gets stomped on year after dam year. I’m 39 and have loved UK since I could remember, and I will continue to be a fan, win or lose, of basketball, and I will probably be right there with my game day shirt and drinking the football kool aid like always but today I feel I’ve given the football program all I had, no more heart to break, all gone.


    I think everybody is being short-sighted here. The problem with our offense is absolutely, 100% Mark Stoops! Ever since he came here we’ve seen one talented, well-respected offensive coordinator after another come in, wind down and flame out. The reason: Mark Stoops is probably the most conservative head coach in the United States. He wants to ground and pound. Period. And any OC that comes here and depends on his good graces for a job has to call plays and create a game plan with one arm tied behind his back. What needs to happen is for Stoops to have a little self-evaluation and realize he doesn’t know a damn thing about how to run an offense. He needs to tell Gran, “Here are the films of us and them….its up to you to put points on the board.” If they don’t, then fire the OC. But give them a fair chance to do their job. Right now, I believe you’d have to be a yes-man to Stoops to even be considered. And in that environment, I don’t see how any offensively gifted coach or player could ever want to come be a part of this screwed up system. I have believed this for awhile. This comment is not reactionary.

    1. makeitstop

      I assume he has done that. I’d have said at the half – we get 24 points or find another ride home. But maybe not.

    2. dcforuk

      I think we could have an educated dialogue on this. I do agree with you in one respect. I believe Stoops has set the tone for the style and strategies. I do believe that weeds grow with flowers. Stoops has has had to put a significant amount of energy into planting some flowers other “established” football programs have not: “convincing” 3-4 star recruits winning here is possible, changing the culture/beliefs, upgrading facilities etc. It is difficult to block out a beast AND get the rebound sometimes. Stoops has broad shoulders. He will evaluate and adjust. The only mistake is the one not learned from. Sometimes change must be through detection and correction to generate momentum. Not all bad things can be prevented but “timely” detection is the next critical step!

    3. 72uksprinter

      Why are you ORANGE?
      You make excellent points. I believe and have for some time, Stoops coaches from a base of fear.
      Let’s be very, very careful and conservative.
      I love my job and all this $$.
      Let’s keep it on the ground, run it up the middle, build up the D and try to win ugly.
      No doubt that is the message all the OCs had to swallow.
      The problem is, Mitch is in love and Mark is not going anywhere.
      I also doubt he is open to changing his overall philosophy.
      Oh, for the days of Coach, Whelan, Yeast and some hope for explosive plays.
      Touchdown Terry should be in the backfield.
      How soon can Nic Scalzo arrive?


      I am Orange because of a song our band wrote in high school. Ha! I can see why that is ironic on this day. BTW…Tennessee sucks! Our offense sucks too! I think Stoops has done well overall, but needs to allow the offense and the coordinator to run a system that doesn’t make SEC defensive coordinators laugh behind closed doors. I mean, he’s a defensive guy. If he had to defend against our offense would he lose any sleep? I think not.

    5. 72uksprinter

      Ha. C O U C H.
      I hate auto-correct.

    6. dcforuk

      The goal is to win games. He has improved each year. We mustn’t forget that. Today was a hiccup. If a plugged up bathroom sink full of water represents the good things I do in my marriage, I can mess that up real quickly by doing something very stupid that results in lifting the plug and all the water of good will being drained. The question then becomes whether I have overdraft protection iin that emotional bank account. A 7-win season thru 10 games is overdraft protection!

  49. BCO

    What a shitty week…

  50. makeitstop

    One TD per game on offense since 2d half of SC. In no business that I know of can u survive that performance, and not get walked. Sorry Eddie.

  51. dhard

    Eddie gran was o/c at Cincinnati for a reason, and I sure wish he were still there.

  52. Nickytoonuthugger

    Everyone in Lexington should match down to uk, and by god i mean march down there. Like a damn civil war calvary and demand gran be out. The offense is so sick it has contaminated the best defense in the nation. Like a damn black plague.

  53. Vile_Revolver

    Absolutely horrible. Ok, the offense has been abysmal since the second half of the South Carolina game. The responsibility falls on Eddie to scheme and prepare and he has failed. I am not so sure that we can even score on Louisville with how we are playing.

  54. 72uksprinter

    Hey, Eddie,
    If the QB race really WAS a near dead heat, let’s see which one of Hoak or Clark (guessing Clark) is the superior pro-style QB, start them and have another TERRIFIC option at RB and wideout. Yeah, Ed, Touchdown Terry. You have him running scared now. Turn him loose in The Wildcat, some jet sweeps (yes, teams actually do run outside the tackles) and get him the ball in the open field. That would free up Benny and AJ some and give the D another elite playmaker to defend.
    But, hey, what do I know?
    I know at least one thing… running the same up-the-gut play time after time with the same lack of results is defined as insanity.
    Pardon the BBN for hoping their OC is at least sane.

    1. ScoggDog

      They will lose to Louisville.

      Louisville will play nasty – just to beat UK. And they’ll have no pressure. And whoever is in charge will just call plays to win.

      Kentucky will .. have Eddie Gran and Mark Stoops.

      Let’s see if this comment has to await moderation as well. This crap is EXACTLY how Tubby Smith got protected at the end.

    2. makeitstop

      Been saying this for 6 weeks… obviously he’s just nuts. Keeps doing the same thing w the same personnel and stunned it doesn’t work. And didn’t KSR tell us UT defense was terrible and couldn’t pressure the QB. Unless he’s frozen bc he has no idea WTF the defense is doing then they get what 6?

  55. Terry26

    I will attend the MtSu game to pay respects to Josh Allen and the other seniors. After that, I’m done. No to bowl tickets. Will not renew my eight season tickets if Gran remains the OC.

  56. chris43

    Disaster of a second quarter? Did ya watch the other 3? It was all really pathetic. Fire entire staff

    1. makeitstop

      I hope the explanation is they wrote the headline at halftime and turned it off like many of us…

  57. dhard

    If Stoops tolerates Gran, then he is as much to blame for this train wreck.

  58. angscot1

    Lol what a pathetic joke, this team won’t even beat loserville.

  59. UKinIN

    Why are fans still calling for a QB change? There isn’t a better QB on the roster.

    1. makeitstop

      That is impossible. What’s the odds we have the 3 worst in the SEC on one squad.

    2. jaws2

      Pretty good!

    3. cats646

      It’s not Terry’s fault our line let’s him get sacked every play.

  60. JohnnyCheeseSticks

    Fire Eddie Gran, and Fire Nick Ball-sack.

  61. big cat

    Maybe Stoops is too conservative. Maybe he sees offense way too much from a defensive perspective? Thus he may never overcome the November letdowns?

  62. dhard

    How many touches for C.J. conrad today? Lynn bowden? Who returned punts today? Play makers must not be known to the offensive coordinator.

  63. whatwasthat

    Not going to rehash what was said two weeks ago, but terry turnover is not a sec qb by any stretch of the imagination, he’s not a runner or a passer, two or three good passes a game is not getting it done. Has Gran dumbed down the offense because TT doesn’t have it between the ears, no clue, but his play calls are atrocious. Although a Hoak fan, hard to say he can get it done either, but one thing for sure this team is headed in wrong direction on both sides of ball. Just hoping the next two teams are a LOT worse or it could get ugly.

    1. makeitstop

      Not convinced that Hoak is the answer But he cannot do worse and it would open the playbook a lot more because he can read the D and if we are going to do that we have to do it right now and get him ready for middle Tennessee because these games are only winnable if we change our offensive emphasis – And not just a couple of different plays for a pass every now and then.

    2. whatwasthat

      With this coach we will never know, they settled on TT from day one. It would be nice to think that either Hoak or Clark were going to get every first team snap this week, but you know they won’t, perfect game to get someone else in and not coming off the bench cold. Felt sorry Drew the time they run him in game after he broke his back and looked like a kid that had his back broken, all on Gran, think the dude has to go, jmo.

    3. sportshawk

      WE won’t beat MTSU or Louisville. Crap bowl again coming up for us. We will probably play TN in a bowl!

  64. tmcclan16

    Headline should read KY doomed by offensive coordinator and quarterback returns to laughingstock status of the SEC and late season collapse as expected

  65. Papaw

    I think a tweak might be in order

  66. sportshawk

    SOMEBODY needs to be on duty during game to answer the phone there. This web page is a joke! Worst I have ever seen. Get some help or close shop Matt. At least tell somebody to answer the phone!

    1. dcforuk


  67. Catlogic15

    Neal Brown saw the writing on the wall pretty quickly. Couldn’t distance himself from Stoops fast enough.

  68. sportshawk

    This web page is as good as UK Football is under Stoops in second half of EVERY season. Pitiful!!

    1. dcforuk


  69. sportshawk

    I called in with 2 minutes left in 4th quarter and it rang for ten minutes. Then I got cut off and I call back and it is busy with callers. WTF. You run your operation like UK runs its Football program for the last 50 years. I have had it with both!! You stink!!!

    1. dcforuk

      You can please some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time.

  70. makeitstop

    Not convinced that Hoak is the answer But he cannot do worse and it would open the playbook a lot more because he can read the D and if we are going to do that we have to do it right now and get him ready for middle Tennessee because these games are only winnable if we change our offensive emphasis – And not just a couple of different plays for a pass every now and then.

    1. makeitstop

      Sorry for the double hit on post button!

  71. jaws2

    I said a few days ago on here that we would make TN’s defense look like the ‘Steel Curtain’. Boy was I wrong. We made them look like the ‘Fearsome Foursome’ the ‘Purple People Eaters’ AND the ‘Steel Curtain’ combined!!!
    Where in the hell has the offensive line gone? I’m no big Wilson fan, but no QB in America could do anything with the protection he had today. With Gran’s non creative genius this team has limited chances to beat any team they play. I really hope we don’t face a good team in a bowl game because at this rate we’ll only embarrass ourselves; again.

    1. sportshawk

      Music city bowl here we come again. If we cannot beat TN we are not going to beat MTSU. They are better than TN.

  72. drbigblue

    big cat, I vote your comment, the comment of the night!! “ six more years… maybe Stoops can figure it out”
    Good one big cat ??

  73. sportshawk

    You have 4 or five guys always running their yaps on your show and post game but NO ONE to answer your phone late in game so we can get in line to comment wiith you.What a joke. But what can we expect from an operation that covers UK Football? Just like the team you are a flat tire there!

  74. sportshawk

    We have 2 good running backs but they never put them in backfield TOGETHER. Wilson stinks for most of game and Poops does not make a change. What does he need to see to make a change? He is a horrible head coach. Great D coach but a head coach? Nope! During the game, SEC Net showed how the SEC had 10 or more teams in top 20 recruiting for 2019. UK was NOWHERE to be seen.

  75. BGcoachk

    It’s arrogant to think that you can keep doing the same thing offensively each week without adjustment and you’ll be OK. Gran has great talent on the offensive side, but he doesn’t know what to do with it nor knows how to make adjustments. A change has to be made.

  76. sportshawk

    MTSU is no joke! I lived Murfreesboro right across from campus for a few years and they have an OUTSTANDING athletic program. Franklin will feast on UK as OC next week. Mark my words. UK is headed for another freaking MUSIC CITY BOWL in Nashville. WOW! So lame…year after year they do this to the fans.

  77. sportshawk

    7-5 final record! Take it to the bank,

    1. dcforuk

      Sounds like that is what you are hoping for. Is a 7-5 record what you are hoping for or is it just the expression part of “impression without expression leads to depression?”

  78. sportshawk

    If you cannot beat TN…you are NOT going to beat MTSU and Louisville.

    1. cats646

      Is this clay Travis??

  79. sportshawk

    I have been following UK for 54 years. Nothing ever changes!

  80. KYCat4EVER

    When I started to read your Post, I was not sure if you were referring to Coach Cals easy to defend “dribble drive offense” in basketball OR our unimaginative football OC Eddie Gran’s Offensive game plans… Which????

  81. sportshawk

    HIre Hal Mumme as OC. He would come back in a New York minute!!

  82. Paw

    They didn’t come to play tonight I drove 450 miles for them to lay down and give the game away pathetic performance wasting my time and money

    1. sportshawk

      Feel bad for you. Stoops always asks the fans to support team…then he can’t get it prepared for a weaker team. We will lose to MTSU…but I would LOVE to see us win. The way we are playing we could not beat a good high school team. Other than miracle play at Mizzou…we have been a joke last few games. Embarrassing as the nation watches us fold again!

  83. makeitstop

    The ONLY problem w firing Gran – and I do mean ONLY – is that he recruits FL well, our best QB in 2019 is his guy, and it would cost us some recruiters. Of course we do nothing with the recruits we get especially t quarterback so What the hell…

    1. jaws2

      Glad to see you figure it out!

  84. sportshawk

    Obama or Hillary must have designed this web page. It is deplorable and looks like a web page from the early 90’s when the internet was relatively new.

    1. cats646

      I would love nothing more than to read more of your b!tching. Please comment more!

    2. cats646

      That’s sarcasm if you can’t tell, I want you to stfu.

  85. brian

    As bad as UK sucked today, let’s all talk about how bad the comment section (without a blocker) is and how bad Nick’s posts are. KSBar will fail to it’s not so nice neighbor and Matty will lose his ass whole sale to tilted kilt.

  86. bd2153

    No not 2nd quarter, before the game every started. Shown no heart or desire last two weeks. Plus play calling sucks. Can’t throw ball five yards downfield. At least give it a tried might get a flag or better a completion. Seen high school teams on espn that have better play calling. Embarrassing

  87. J. Did

    160+ comments by DR.s HECKLE & MR. GIBE.