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Article written by Adam Luckett

18 responses to “Scouting Report: Florida Gators”

  1. BrnGrubb003

    So you’re saying there’s a chance…?

  2. USMC5150

    I’m at the Airport heading to Florida and it’s packed with the BBN!

  3. BullittCoCat

    Kentucky is undefeated when Adam does these scouting reports #sabermetrics

    1. BrnGrubb003

      If that’s true…and I’m not saying it is…then he has to do one every single week we have a game! For the rest of MY life. After that…I don’t care!

    2. Jay17282


  4. average fan

    It’s difficult to read when the gifs/videos play automatically and continually repeat. Just give them a play button.

  5. ta

    Looks like 65 is awfully far down field on that jump pass.

    1. ClutchCargo

      Facts are optional for the officials in the Swamp.

    2. Catsby80

      ball was snapped on the 3 yard line and he got maybe a foot inside of the goal line. you’re allowed 3 yards past the line of scrimmage, so it’s not as egregious as you might think… i just hope the officials don’t miss any delay of game penalties this go-round.

    3. CombatMedic_98

      …and our QB throws to the right TEAM!!!

  6. jaws2

    I don’t remember last Saturday, but we’ve been doing the “lamest” 2 bit cheer for a100 yrs! Adam where have you been prior to kickoff for AT LEAST the last 30 years?

  7. michaelb

    Bold prediction : Aj Rose will have a huge game … he’s not far behind benny snell. To win this game though we’ll need at least 2 pass tds and a special teams score .

  8. Cmart0907


  9. maximumscott

    He literally could have ran it in and it would have been a safer bet… Anyone else notice how small CSU players were? Media is doing to UF what they have been doing to SCar.

  10. shelby

    Tons more talent, tons more speed; AND they have a real coach now. UF 31 UK 17

    1. CombatMedic_98

      You r crazy…they’ve had more talent and more speed in years past and thanks to the normally “neglected” refereeing crews we have been up against plus shooting ourselves on two missed assignments: we should have beat FL with more talent and we had less talent. This year we have more talent N Florida Gators are about to get their snouts busted tonight and hogtied, skinned and put on some boots, and BBN is gonna dance the night away tonight on THEIR field…#RUSHGRIFFINSTADIUM

  11. Rabbi Li

    Easiest game to call in the past 31 years:

    • Offense: If the passing game doesn’t open up (THIS ONE IS ALL ON THE QB… take what Snell forces them to give us) then it’s a big L.
    • Defense: You must hold FL to under 28 points. That’s it. The only chance.
    • Smack them in the face on the first play of the game. Then keep doing it for 4 quarters.

  12. Rabbi Li

    Oh yea… and catch a Florida player sleeping and hit a home run on it.

    This is on the coaches to watch as the plays unfold and find where a certain player doesn’t pick up on something.