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Article written by Maggie Davis

8 responses to “Sawyer Smith: Mr. cool, calm and collected”

  1. KYCat4EVER

    This kid has MOXIE….

    Kind of reminds me of Brett Favre….


    1. makeitstop

      I’ve felt the same way – impressed w his composure in media appearances (in addition to his quarter plus of football). That’s not where the game is won, but it’s insight into how he handles pressure and an indication of how facile he is. I’ll be a lot more impressed when he wins Saturday but until then I do like what I see.

  2. satcheluk

    I’ve allowed myself to relatively confident in this game. Im taking the points and am very confident in that, but I’d give us just under a coin flip to win this outright.

  3. dcforuk

    For if you remain silent in your Quarterback leadership at this time, relief and deliverance for the Cats will arise from another place, but you will have missed your opportunity. And who knows but that you have come to your royal position of quarterback for such a time as this?”

    I like his demeanor. He is saying the right things and doing the right things. He looks like a duck on top of the water. We can’t see his feet underneath the water this week but they are working hard. The coaches probably have flailing feet, too!

    Coach Stoops has not built this program on hay and straw. He has a firm foundation of coaches, culture and comrades (players) to do battle. Is it a challenge? Absolutely! Is it impossible? Absolutely not!

    Go CATS! Go SS! Go Coaches! Go leaders of the program! Let’s Roll and do this for such a time as this!

  4. east-ky-boy

    Someone swat that fly for him!


    “The gators…average 10 sacks per outing” Hmmm…15 sacks in two games= 7.5 sacks per outing.

    1. terwilliger

      Which is still a lot but yes, misinformation! And UT Martin is horrible.

  6. jaws2

    The guy showed me something last week when he immediately recognized a pass had ZERO probability of being completed and simply threw the ball out of bounds. He took one quick look and just did the right thing. I’m not certain Terry would have done the same. This guy has something going for him and I expect positive results from him.