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Saban says Kentucky’s record is deceiving, praises Stoops

This is actually Nick Saban's happy face

This is actually Nick Saban’s happy face

Coach speak or not, Nick Saban had plenty of nice things to say about Kentucky during his time with the media this morning. Saban said the Cats are really playing well as a team, and that Mark Stoops is getting it done so far:

“It’s always tough to play in our league, especially on the road. I think Kentucky is really playing well as a team. Sometimes you look at the loss record and it’s a little deceiving. Kentucky has played three tough games in a row, played them all tough, played them all well. They typically have given us tough games the last two times we played them.

Mark has done a really good job there, I think. The players are playing hard, they’re playing with a lot of toughness, they’re really good on special teams, which to me sometimes shows the character and attitude of your team as much as anything.”

Saban mentioned Jalen Whitlow, a Prattville, Alabama native, and praised his performance against South Carolina: “He’s really kind of a dual threat guy, he’s a good runner and continued to improve as a passer and was effective last week in that regard.

Simply put, he doesn’t want his group to overlook the Cats:

“We expect this to be a difficult game. Our players need to prepare for this team with a lot of respect and I think our players understand how difficult it is to play on the road in this league.”

See you on Saturday, Nick.

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31 responses to “Saban says Kentucky’s record is deceiving, praises Stoops”

  1. James

    Like you said TT, not sure how much is coach speak. But it’s nice that a coach of Saban’s caliber is speking with respect about out ‘Cats.

    Much better than what the Ole Ball Coach had to say about his fans leaving early. Oh yeah, about that…

  2. dubowski

    well it looks like they arent completely overlooking us.

    Cats by 5

  3. asdf

    Eric C Conn is getting ripped a new one on CSPAN right now.

  4. I wonder...

    What will he say after the game…when KY wins! Seriously, if UK can stay within 21 points, avoid injury, and keep it interesting until the end of the 3rd quarter, I will be happy and be looking forward to the last 6 games. I still see a chance for 4 to 6 wins. Go Cats!

  5. UKBird

    No doubt CATS by 50.

  6. BeauKnows

    I can’t help myself I like Nick Saban.

  7. yargamel

    I’m not one to over-hype a team, but these cats are going to claw their way to a 24 point victory.

  8. rickshelton

    Anything is possible… I’ve doubted Kentucky in the past and have been shocked. These cats are dangerous and Alabama has nothing to gain and everything to lose. Kentucky beat #1 LSU in Lexington in 2007. LSU went on to win the national championship. History repeats.

  9. Axe Cop

    5. 50 bigguns? Is that you, John Short?

  10. Lol!

    Temper your expectations guys…We are not as good as Alabama nor do we have depth. Also, 4 total wins may be possible but I wouldn’t bet on it. A tough and never give up attitude is all I am asking from this team this year…Once we get good players we can talk tough…

  11. Steve

    8. We were also ranked 17th in the country at the time and had significantly better players. You can always hold out hope but there is absolutely no chance we can win this game. If we can lose by 14 or less i would consider that a huge win.

  12. Bluegrass

    Is it that cold in Alabama that it justifies a Mock Turtleneck – Polo shirt – Sweat shirt combo?

    Then again, does anything justify that combo?

  13. Boogie

    If we had any type of decent interior D-line play, it could be interesting. But Donte Rumph, and Mister Cobble and pathetic. Bama will rush for 300 yards on the ground and win by 30+.

  14. Back to Back

    Stoops will have better luck playing pick up sticks with his butt cheeks than coming within 3 td’s of Bama.

  15. theWilkman

    It’s college football, anything can happen, but the Cats won’t win this one. At best we can only hope for another “moral victory” like last Saturday in SC.

    Most of Saban’s comments are coach-speak, but I think Saban recognizes the job Stoops and Co. are doing with this team and realizes that within 1-3 years, this game will by no means be a cupcake win for Alabama.

  16. J in Orlando

    14 Hey, if Temple, the 2nd worst team in D-1, can hang with UL for a half and destroy their last sliver of BCS title game hope, anything’s possible.

  17. BlueTruth

    Odds for UK beating Bama is slim to none. There’s always that “one time” (Little Giants).

  18. Of Course!

    What else would you expect Saban to say? Our 3rd stringers are better than UK and we are going to kick their ass?

  19. tom

    Again, I don’t know why people are getting so pumped up about a possible upset…just because we played a decent game.

    If we stay within 30, I will be happy. And, while Saban’s words are largely ‘coach-speak’, I do believe him when he says Stoops has things moving in the right direction

  20. Austin

    Temper your expectations here folks, and in no way will the outcome (or should the outcome at least) of this game affect what we feel about Stoops or our team the rest of the season. I still legitimately see us winning 5 games, possibly 6 and sneaking into a bowl game. I see Alabama St as our one for sure win, I also see us taking 2 out of our 4very winnable games against MSU, MIZZOU, VANDY, & TENN, but I do not see us keeping it close unfortunately this weekend against Bama or in a few weeks against UGA. If we can somehow pull off 3 wins in those 4 games I mentioned then we sneak into a bowl. But I think 5-7 is a more likely scenario which to me is a huge improvement playing with pretty much the same team that Joker handed him. If he can make the same progress over the next 2 years, we could be a 10 win team folks. And that my friends… is exciting.

  21. mudcreekmark

    What would you expect Saban to say,Kentucky sucks and we will win by 50? He is just being nice. He knows as well as we do that our talent level is not good enough to compete right now. However, give Stoops at least 2 more years and then we’ll see where we stand. Some of the players that we are playing right now are the same players that quit in games last year. Stoops at least has everyone giving their all now and not quiting. I just cannot understand how we could be so God awful to start the game. Our defensive backs weren’t in the TV screen on those passes in the first quarter. How does that happen? I wish whatever adjustments are being made at halftime could be made a little quicker, so the game is not already out of hand. I’d like to see Stoops call time out right in the middle of a defensive let down and just jump his players like a basketball coach does. Don’t wait until halftime to do it, sometimes they may need a kick in the azz to get them going.

  22. Al/in/Indy

    I’m not a fan or moral victories, but Hell Stevie Wonder can see the improvement from this team from the first game. I’m not sure if we can stay within the point spread but I’ll say this, Spurrier can give us all the grief he wants but in the next few years once Coach Stoops gets his players in, the USCs of the conference will be eating crow……and lots of it!
    I can see 5 wins with no problem this year!!!!

  23. Tennessee

    Tennessee took UGA to overtime this week…they are improving as much as we are…we are not going to beat Tennessee this year with the current team…

  24. goUKats

    With Jalen Whitlow now running the show,look out Tide because the Cats are going to be tough to beat.

  25. ReallyPeople

    It’s obvious that most of the fans know we are going to lose, there may be a few talking upset, but come on all you “temper your expectations” people…it’s sarcasm, please try to follow and not be fooled.

  26. Blue Truth

    For those who don’t understand why Saban would say things like that, it’s called class. Of course he’s being nice.

  27. We'll see

    25: Hope your sarcasm will carry over to Sunday morning and Morning because all the downers will be gunning after the ‘we thought we were better than this’ talkers…lol

  28. BigBlue

    Basically Alabama is going to run all over us…Yeldon is going to ROLL UP our d-line.
    They will basically pound UK into submission.
    I hope it is close, but I don’t think this one is going to be.
    I want to see us play Mizzou, Vandy and UT tough though.

  29. Nkywildcat

    Should be a close game until the start of the first quarter. Cats pull out a nailbiter, 77-13

  30. Tim from Hendo

    I have been predicting 6 wins with bowl game since this summer. But this is not one of those 6. Will count it as major upset and gravy if we did pull it off. Any Given Day, Go Big Blue.

  31. TDog

    My only hope is we receive first and either kick a FG or TD and I can say we led Alabama.