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Relive the ‘glory days’ with ESPN’s Hal Mumme piece

(h/t @HalMumme)

(h/t @HalMumme)

Apparently ESPN the Magazine realized what Big Blue Nation can do for its numbers after last month’s Jared Lorenzen piece became one of the top read articles in the history of the magazine. This month they decided to stick with Kentucky history by doing a piece on Hal Mumme titled “Yoda of the Air Raid Offense, he is.”

Arguing the thought that Nick Saban is the greatest coach in recent history, the main focus is on the development of the air raid offense. It goes through Mumme’s entire history as a coach, including his time spent at Kentucky. With interviews from Mumme and Tim Couch, they talked about the start of Kentucky’s 1997 season, Mumme’s first year.

Kentucky’s first game under Mumme in 1997, against state rival Louisville, feels like the first tremor of an earthquake. Couch threw for 398 yards and four touchdowns in a 38-24 win. “Everyone — the players, the fans, the coaches — was looking around after I threw my first touchdown like, ‘Oh my god, this is awesome,'” Couch says. Three weeks later at Indiana, Couch tied an SEC single-game record with seven touchdown passes. He threw for 355 yards in an overtime victory against Alabama, the first time Kentucky had beaten the Crimson Tide since 1922. “Early on, it was easy,” Mumme says. “No one knew how to defend it.”

Although we heard a great interview from Mumme through Couch and Lorenzen when they hosted the radio show over the summer,  Mumme has not really been open to interviews about his time at Kentucky since he left. So it is nice to see him opening up in this interview now.

For more from Tim Couch, Mike Leach, the life of Mumme and his time at Kentucky make sure to read the article. It’s a good one.




Article written by Courtney Hessler

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15 responses to “Relive the ‘glory days’ with ESPN’s Hal Mumme piece”

  1. Blue To The Bone...

    I gave Mumme a special made UK Louisville Slugger bat back in his first year without expecting anything in return, but about a week later I got a Nike coach’s shirt in the mail…Nice gesture I thought..

  2. kes

    yeah! real glorious! we would score 30 and get beat by 30. and then he got us on probation which took forever to recover from. yeah, the good old days…..

  3. Chaz

    Stay away from the sports media, Hal. They’re a bunch of little fish with sharp teeth, but there are just so darn many of them. ESPN has the sharpest teeth and the littlest fish.

  4. DavenderCatTheSequel

    *Mike Leach

  5. Dummy

    Uh yea… ’cause it was ALL Mumme’s fault that we were on probation. RME “Score 30 and get beat by 30…” Aren’t we just a negative Nancy on this glorious beautiful Friday afternoon. That was fun football to watch PERIOD

  6. coolinjector

    here’s a topic i’d love to see Matt ponder with Jarred and Tim – WHAT IF there had been no probation and Mumme had stayed at UK?

    Notre Dame (in part thanks to a Ronald Reagan movie) is considered a place where football changed. If Hal had stayed in Lexington, would UK also now be a legendary place where college football changed forever?

    1. arlo

      i think it would have all depended on how good a recruiter he proved to be. theres no denying, good or bad, his games were exciting.

    2. Train

      What the hell are you saying?

  7. BTI's Dad

    His offense was entertaining. That’s it.
    He gave no attention to defense and was adamant that he didn’t care what his defense did as long as he could get the ball back. Hal Mumme is perfect for the small college game or high school…but D1 he was a failure. I personally loved watching UK sling it everywhere at any time…but he wasn’t a complete coach and that was his biggest down fall (and getting busted paying recruits). Ignorance or arrogance, either way he failed.

  8. Nate

    To heck with looking back, it’s forward on for me. Stoops is gonna give us a team that will override any memories of the Mummy days.

    1. Drinking In Cambodia

      I hope you’re right.

  9. BlueRedNeck

    At the beginning of the Mumme era, it really looked like UK was going to turn the corner and make some serious progress towards competing in the SEC. As explosive as the offense was, we never really put together a stout enough defense to win consistently in the SEC. It’s a shame that it had to end the way it did. Still, the level of excitement was at nearly an all-time high, and it was fun to watch some of those smackdowns those teams leveled on our rivals down the road. We are starting to show signs of a similar resurgence, but fans need to stay patient and realistic that there are going to be steps backwards with this process of rebuilding. Hopefully the Cats will achieve new levels of success under Stoops and Co. I already feel like they are putting a better defense on the field to supplement the Air Raid II offense. Exciting times!

  10. Facts are Optional

    Wow, I did not realize the Voice of the Wildcats, Tom Leach, was such an innovative coach who also juggles head coaching duties at Washington State. Bravo Tom

  11. timer

    The games were fun! Mumme showed me that he was a football coach the first time Terry Rice-Lockett was on the field.

    He recruited the top wide receiver from about five different states one year. I wonder if he wishes he had taken the Auburn job….

    He talked smack back to Spurrier. He took us to our first New Years Day Bowl in a long, long time.

    I liked the guy. I wish him the best.

  12. Ya Gotta Earn It

    The beginning of the end was his decision to demote Dusty Bonner mid-summer and start Lorenzen before the hefty was ready. That one was a head-scratcher and the Cats ended up going 2-9.