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Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

52 responses to “Reasons Why Mark Stoops Would Stay at UK or Leave for Florida State”

  1. GoCatz

    Good points on both sides Nick…nice job.

  2. UKCatAttack

    100% he is gone if they offer the job. I’m just not sure they will offer the job.

    1. bruh

      he will stay

    2. mashburnfan1

      People, probably you included, said the same thing a couple years ago when FSU was looking for a coach. I think a lot of things he has said point to he is not going anywhere but you have to listen and leverage yourself to get a raise where you are.

    3. nocode96

      I tend to agree with your assessment. Stoops has done very well at Kentucky, but FSU is football national powerhouse for all intents and purposes, and I highly doubt Stoops is as high up on their list as we are being lead to believe. Remember the non-story that became huge here last year involving Gran? There was absolutely nothing there, but we were made to believe it was almost a done deal. If memory serves me, Gran used that as a decent amount of leverage too.

    4. 4everUKBlue

      The last time FSU was good, they covered for a QB/rapist.

  3. season-3-disc-2

    He will be FSU’s Mick Cronin. Just like UCLA, they will offer the job to better/more prioritized candidates. Two possibly three other coaches, if they turn them down then Mark will get the offer. They will hold him in there pocket knowing he will probably take the job if offered. I personally wouldn’t blame him if he takes the job. FSU is a very high profile job in college football and will definitely go after the best of the best just like we would if Cal exited our basketball helm. I honestly don’t think they will make it down the list to Mark bc I think a better candidate will take the job first.

    1. michaelb

      I think FSU is too high profile for mark stoops . FSU needs to be considering A + replacements for Jimmy Swagert or whoever got fired

    2. runningunnin.454

      Anyone that takes the FSU job needs to consider that they only gave Willie Taggart 1.75 years to turn the program around; and, they fired him with three games left on this year’s schedule…rough gig.
      Another quick trigger is Texas; but, at least they gave Strong three full years. Outrageous, if you think about it.

    3. My Dixie Wrecked

      So basically you all are saying Stoops is nothing more than an average coach…

  4. michaelb

    I just hope they hire Eddie Gran as head coach after Mark leaves .

  5. livingood4UK

    Stoops stays. That is all

  6. michaelb

    I hope the FSU faithful enjoys Grans offense …. heheh

    1. 4everUKBlue

      I hope you choke on your own tongue BigolSlater

    2. notFromhere

      Or the other appendage of his that’s constantly in his mouth…

  7. bbn606

    Lane Kiffen is the perfect match for FS.

    1. Look Out Fireworks

      YES! Talk about someone who always falls up!

  8. clarks

    Just my gut but think we close to where he grew up and gets to recruit close to hometown as well combined with the fact that this is his baby and its continuing to grow. Not to mention he is nowhere close to being fired here, he could be a legend here like no other if he continues

    1. My Dixie Wrecked

      …or he could take a National Powerhouse back to prominence and be a bigger Legend.

    2. N-UR-i

      FSU a National powerhouse! lmao. Like Indiana basketball!

    3. chrisnoleinky

      Well they are six years from a title 5 years from the college football playoffs four years from a new years six bowl 3 years from a orange bowl victory so yeah still a powerhouse

    4. satcheluk

      Idiotic comment. Nuri

    5. ClutchCargo

      They have had some bad teams recently, but don’t confuse that with being a bad program.

  9. indycatdog

    Building a program where there was none is one helluva win. Talking to his brother about the expectations at a level above us is more than informative. I’m a WKU GRAD, and Willie successfully worked the system. It pays huge dividends.

    One of my co-workers once said about our business, “how much do you need to eat and drink?” Stoops will never have to answer that question. UK answered when a DC came calling about being a rookie head coach. Unless his ego is greater than the newest commercial from Saban about Aflac with his ugly hand showing the championship rings, Stoops will stay. He’s a solid human being who appreciates the chance UK took on him.

    Relax y’all and ignore the stupid posts by trollers!

  10. makeitstop

    So a month ago he’s an idiot and now he’s leaving for FSU? One of these things can’t be true. Fact is he was never an idiot, he’s built a program not just a team. FSU is not a dream job by any stretch: Alabama or OSU or Notre Dame, ok, even if ur not an Alum, they are like UK basketball, places u don’t leave for anywhere voluntarily. But FSU ran Bowden off, Jimbo bolted, and they fire Taggart mid season. Tallahassee is not as nice as half the cities in the SEC, Lexington included. Not even close. They are the second most popular school in the state and always will be at best. They are far more like U of L in hoops. Second place in ur state, a tradition but not great and not in a football conference. Mitch hasn’t lost anyone he wanted to keep. Relax. He’ll stay and we’ll be fine and if he did leave, it would be bc we had a helluva year this year bc they tried a guy who won 10 games one year, and they just fired him. If that’s how we finish, fine, we’ll get a young stud and keep rolling.

    1. Bobbum Man


    2. Bobbum Man

      Was supposed to be for #9^^

  11. Carcrook

    I’m sure he’s not even on their radar.

  12. MtnCat

    Stoops has more reasons to stay than leave. Things aren’t broken here. FSU is a broken program in need of immediate turn around. That is not Mark Stoops forte. He would need more time than FSU can give. He stays and prospers. He has found his football home.

  13. shelby3605

    I’m not sure TW is our starter at QB next year. His injury is harder to come back from than mcl or acl tear. It could be scalzo, allen, or gilmore.

  14. shepdog3720

    Might have to disagree slightly with the Charlie Strong point. While Texas was a high profile job, Charlie was nailing the wife of a UL board member and that chit could have gotten nasty. The funny thing to me is, that chick looked just like his wife???

  15. notFromhere

    Y’all think he can’t compete for a national title her at UK. If he stays, you’ll see differently

  16. kurofmi

    I’ve observed this insanity long enough. Stoops is Very fortunate to be at UK. Perhaps FSU is interested as I read a piece from Talllahassee saying it would make a decision just before season ends and when asked about Stoops they did say it would be a cold day before they considered Him.

    1. makeitstop

      That was Urban Meyers not stoops. News down here reporting it’s Bob Stoops, not Mark, but I’m not convinced he’d take it either.

  17. Crushgroove

    Just dropped in to comment on how cowardice KSR is for posting the Trump/Bevin post and then turning off comments. Bravo. Your fathers would be proud of your hide-around-the-corner conviction, no doubt.

    1. StillBP

      Not only did they turn off comments on that post, but they deleted tons of comments on the post before it that people were using to talk about that Bevins post. It’s like China on this site, you’re only allowed to speak if they want you to.

    2. makeitstop

      That’s because Matt’s quixotic bid to take on Mitch in a Presidential year hangs in the balance but yea, it’s chicken “feed” to do that. U want politics get off a sports site, but if u bring it, hv the guts to take incoming.

    3. cats646

      Matt making fun of Bevin for saying the energy level was better than the final four was cracking me up. Because I’ve been to both, and from start to finish I didn’t see anyone sitting down. That place was actually VERY loud at times. It kinda shocked me.

    4. cats646

      Oh yea. I forgot to say the energy actually was better than a final four. Obviously though I would rather have UK in a final four than Trump in Rupp.

    5. BowdenQB4ever

      Matt is a running joke in Frankfort. He has mistaken passion for Kentucky basketball with being well liked.

      Make no mistake, he’s built a nice business here. Lexington has always lacked in media coverage of the cats, and he filled that void. He had an opportunity to be the voice of the fans, and for a few years (the Beisner years to be specific) KSR did that. But as soon as UK started giving him access it turned into a mushy, low effort PR blog.

  18. Crushgroove

    PS- I’m enjoying Matt’s triggering. And the fact that the latest Bevin flier cites ‘Hey Kentucky’ as its source for Beshear’s HRC connections. lmao. You’ve become professional penis stepper-on-ers…

  19. Bluebloodtoo

    I think there’s one thing that missed your list. I could be dead wrong, but I see a lot of coach Cal’s mantras showing up in Stoops coach speak. I think having a mentor like Cal down the hall has been really good for Stoops growth in the head coach department. I don’t know if that’s going to be a decision factor, but it probably should be.

    1. makeitstop

      Yes and it keeps the unreasonable expectations department safely down the hall, too. Not true at FSU, at best the state’s #2 team but a football first, live or die on the gridiron school. Their hoops are like our football, a pleasant surprise if it goes well, a distraction until the Spring Game if not. I live in Florida, I hear it every day.

    2. JDizzle14

      Thats all we hear from either of them year after year game after game. Stoops has gotten it down to an art. Spends 30 mins sayin absolutely nothing. Ur nvr gonna know the truth on injuries, personnel, nothing….now hes even doing it on the job rumor. Guarantee hes gone if FSU is really serious abt getting him and is offering up the cash. Frankly, i cant understand why they would be interested. A guy who cannot develop QBs, WRs, and has not been able to ignite any kind of offensive production in 7 yrs under multiple OCs. Theyd be nuts if they rolled the dice on him. And i guarantee if they did get him, theyd be lookin for a coach again in 2 yrs. Their fans arent gonna put up with that kinda offense and play-calling, they would get bored quick, and would not enjoy havin to fight to stay awake during their games. and that admin is not gonna settle for mediocrity in their fb like this one does. Stoops at FSU would be like Tubby at UK….if even that good. Barnhart is gonna do everything possible cuz he knows thats the best we can get. And with recruiting, it probly is. Just wish he had the same ability of coaching and development on the offensive side of the ball as he does with the defensive side. Or if he would just bring in a guy to single-handedly run the O, but that aint gonna happen. Eddie Gran is the most overrated OC in the country. Their offense ranks bottom 10 nationally every year.

  20. RackEmWillie

    I think Florida State definitely wants some of the things that Mark brings to a team. They’ve mentioned discipline and things like that, and seemingly he runs a pretty tight ship. He’s had some pretty solid defensive units here, and he’s been able to get a lot out of the recruits he gets. If he was able to get a roster full of extremely high level guys, I’d have to think he’d be even better.

    However, I’m not sure that in this era of wide open offenses, that his offensive philosophy of run first, control ToP, and don’t put your defense in bad positions no matter what, will be that well received at FSU. Stoops also still seemingly makes a few clutch coaching blunders every year to cost him a game or two. One or two games at UK won’t really change overall perception of a legacy or a season, generally. One or two games at FSU is the difference between hired and fired. If Willie beat Miami and another team on their schedule, he’d still have a job. But he didn’t, so he doesn’t. Mark has seemingly bungled the last 2 Florida home games, and people got mad at him. But that was about it. Do that against Clemson, Miami, or Florida at FSU, and people want you gone before you leave the stadium.

    If Stoops stays, you 100% know why he did. If Stoops leaves, you know 100% why he did.

  21. Teamhhc1

    Why can’t he compete for a national title here at Kentucky? It wasn’t to long ago when we beat Clemson in a bowl game.

  22. Wade

    Close to Ohio stay , Vince stay, new everything , stay, gives us 2 bad ass coaches stay, great people stay, we can already recruit go and take from there ang ha and tn. Just fl and ga ahead in the east and not by much really. Yo can contend for sec championships imo wining another story but if he does ????

    1. MtnCat

      Exactly Wade, the path is there.
      Big Dog is on record saying there is no ceiling on Kentucky’s potential. It can be done here and Mark has the chemistry to make the magic happen.

  23. Mikey Blue 52

    The article is nice reading but I personally don’t see FSU coming after Mark Stoops as first or second choice. I don’t see him as a good fit, especially if he should take most of his staff with him as so many coaches often do. Eddie Gran as OC at FSU? Not happening!! In fact, taking Eddie Gran with him would make Mark Stoops a bad fit anywhere! As to your reference that Mark Stoops has to leave UK to have a chance at winning a National Championship, are you saying that Stoops can’t do it at UK or are you saying that no coach can do it at UK? If Stoops isn’t capable then maybe we need to send him on his way. If you’re saying that no one can win the National Championship at UK, then maybe Matt needs to send you on your way.

    1. RackEmWillie

      I’m not defending Gran or anyone, but I think it’s funny.

      “Eddie Gran at OC at FSU? Not happening!!” Direct quote.

      Gran was the OC at FSU before. So, I mean, that’s not that much of a stretch to go back to a job he’s had before.

  24. CombatMedic_98

    Annnnd his Brother Takes it…! Watch out now KSR you all are zero for zero on your coaching predictions…

  25. Mikey Blue 52

    Hey RackEmWillie this is another direct quote, Eddie Gran was not the Offensive Coordinator at Florida State. He was the Running Backs Coach and Special Teams Coordinator, Do your homework.