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Raymond Sanders suspended for the final game

UK vs. Miami, OH

Raymond Sanders will sit out the final game of his career at Kentucky due to a violation of team rules. It was reported late last week that Sanders had been dismissed from the team, but that report proved to be false when Sanders took the field against Georgia on Saturday. Now Sanders will serve a one-game suspension after Mark Stoops received new information about his senior running back’s off-the-field conduct. Stoops said he found out “about an hour ago” and he hasn’t made a decision on whether or not Sanders will participate in the Senior Day festivities.

Stoops said he doesn’t want Sanders’ mistake to define his career at Kentucky. “I’ve sat here and bragged about him all year,” said Stoops. “This doesn’t change my opinion of him. He’s a good person.”

Article written by Drew Franklin

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24 responses to “Raymond Sanders suspended for the final game”

  1. Michael F. Jox

    yeah, no one believes you guys anymore. he won’t only play but will probably pop out of a midfield cake at halftime

  2. bob

    And you guys talk about Pitino…..

    1. Kristen Geil's Abs

      Seriously, this is nothing like Pitino. Coach is following through on everything he says.

    2. HeMakesItEasy

      bob, did Rick not say the words “He definitely won’t play in November” in regards to Chane? Isn’t it November? Isn’t he playing? So yeah, we talk about Pitino bc he makes it too hard to pass up.

    3. DH

      Leave bob alone guys. I’ve never seen him post anything intelligent on here. What makes you think he’ll start now

  3. claiborne_field

    I am a supporter of this staff and what they’re trying to do here but I have to admit I’m a bit confused as to what exactly is going on with Sanders. How does it go from initial reports of being kicked off to playing sparingly at GA to Coach Stoops receiving new information to suspended for his final game with the possibility of missing senior festivites… but “he’s a good person”? Just plain weird.

    1. Jeff

      Love the name. It should be Claiborne Field, what did CM do for football?? Curry and Mumme?

  4. claiborne_field

    yahoo, please quit your moaning and get your info from another source then- it’s a free country.

  5. trey

    So what did he really do?

  6. Rockfield, KY

    He got in trouble this summer for weed and my guess is that he probably got caught again. Doesn’t make him a bad person, it just makes him an idiot who doesn’t deserve to be playing.

  7. Karen Sypher

    I heard he screwed so chick in a public restroom

  8. The Running Back Position

    The running back position is the least of our worries. I just want those that are actually still on the team to show up this weekend and act like they are SEC players even if they aren’t. How about an end starting at QB.

    1. Linda Taylor

      At least someone who takes 4 or 5 guys to bring him down like the hefty lefty. If we’re going to have to basically hand the ball off, we might as well go with a great big dude right?

    2. BlueRedNeck

      Linda, any chance we could get that 6’5″ 400 lb high school kid to come in here and run the football for us? 🙂

    3. Linda Taylor

      Haha, that would be a sight to see. Did you and and your daughters enjoy the volleyball game yesterday? Mizzou was definitely the best volleyball team I’ve seen in MC this season. They are undefeated for a reason. They have improved significantly over last year.
      I finally caught a t-shirt at a game yesterday and there was a young fan sitting in the row in front of ours that I gave the t-shirt to, so that made the game more fun than a loss normally is.

  9. rick

    We finally got the right quarterback in the game, even though i wish it hadn’t happen like it did in the Georgia game. Down 59 to 10 and Smith was throwning the ball good and what do we do run the ball 6 times in a row.

    1. Michael F. Jox

      That’s called wanting to get the hell out of Dodge.

    2. Why Stop the Clock

      Yep, why stop the clock in a total beat down. Keep the minute hand moving and get the bus running.

  10. White Men Can't Jump

    Raymond, that you?

    Nah, nah man, this ain’t no Raymond.

  11. inside info

    The staff knew what was going on with Sanders the same time they knew with the other guys suspended. Ask any of the players. That is who I heard it from. This is making me question the coaches integrity.

    1. The Loco Pollo

      How does this call into question their integrity? Coaches can decide how they want to punish guys. If they’re going to suspend guys for 1 game, I’d say it’s much more harsh to suspend a guy for his last game on his Senior Day than a road game.

      The staff isn’t required to relay all information about their team to the fans or public. Obviously the players knew, bc Sanders lead the guys onto the field at UGA.

    2. inside info

      it was a drug test that he has been required to take all season that he failed. he failed it the same time the other players who got suspended did.

  12. frank z

    is this a real suspension or a sears suspension?

  13. Sgt. Jimmy

    No university is allowed to release information on any student on any university sanctioned suspension. That said I find it strange Matt can report everything about what is going on at Louisville with kevin ware but said on his show today “that we will probably never know what happened’ with the football suspensions saying only “it was a circus” around the football program last week.