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Article written by Brent Wainscott

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14 responses to “Ranking Kentucky’s 2019 Football Opponents”

  1. bbn606

    I think Muschamp has a pass on this season because of strength of schedule but I would be surprised to see him finish the next season even though he is a 6-1 favorite to get the Bama job after Saban.

    1. WKY Cat

      No way Bama even considers Muschamp.

    2. JASUN74

      They wouldn’t even let him clean the jock straps let alone Coach the Tide. That would be almost the exact same thing as Ky Basketball hiring Billy Gillespie or something. Lmao. Would never happen in a million years!! Hehe.

      For real though, bbn606, these words have never been said or heard by anyone who has anything to do with hiring coaches. I mean not even his wife, mother, father or himself believe that. Lol That is all

  2. mashburnfan1

    I think it was 3 years ago UGA had to kick a FG at the horn to beat us. The next year at UGA we hung tough, depth hurt us Last year we were not ready for that spotlight and did not play as well as we could have. I don’t expect a win at UGA but would not be a huge shock, slight shock.

  3. jakew60

    I believe something crazy happens and we don’t beat uga but beat Florida and Missouri and uga gets beat by 1 and we end up the highest team in the east

  4. UKinIN

    I don’t understand all of the optimism about the FL game. I know it’s at home but FL will always, most likely, have more overall talent than UK. Ending The Streak was an incredible but I still think FL comes in as the favorite and UK will have to play really, really well to win.

    1. mashburnfan1

      The last couple times we played them we were the better team, so you saying they have more talent can be debated. I will put our Oline, Dline, LB’s, RB’s up against theirs any day and say we are better and deeper at all those positions. WR we may even be better {I honestly have no idea who their wr’s are}, and TE we are better. Does not mean we will win as anything can, and has, happened in games vs UF. I don’t remember seeing a bunch of UF players getting drafted either.

    2. UKinIN

      I just know I’ve watched a lot of FL and TN games where UK was expected to competitive and they were overmatched. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t care if UK wins my 35 or one. A win is all that matters. But with all that UK has lost, I think there’s a lot to prove before we can be confident about beating FL.

  5. UKinIN

    But 11 Personnel did say that UK “could” have better lines than FL and UT.

  6. Big Sexy

    I just don’t know what o expect out of this defense or Wilson(I’m not a fan so far). I think they can win anywhere from 6-9 games. I think Georgia and Floruda are two sure losses.

    Everyone was up in arms over Florida being ranked ahead of us at the end of the year. If we played them then they would’ve beat us. Look at how everyone figured our offense out halfway through the year(except UL who had given up and little ol’ MTSU). We scored 14, 14, 15, 17, and 7. That worries me.

    1. AreJ

      While I can appreciate your point I truly only see UGA as a for sure lose. I agree by the end of the season even with a head to head win UF looked to be the better team however the fact remains we beat them on the road last year in TW first true road game at this level. Our offensive lows all came with Drake Jackson banged up and on our 3rd string LT, don’t forget we put up 27 on Penn State as well. We also WILL look different offensively, doesn’t mean we won’t do as our HC likes and ground and pound when we 1. Have the lead late 2. When that’s the better match up again the opposing defense. We are going to move the ball more and be more explosive, I think if we average 20-23 a game we win 6-7 but if we can get to that 26-28 we can win 9 anything less then 20 and we could have issues. I still think our Oline and front 7 is SEC level with depth and experience which will keep us competitive all year long. I like my team, let’s go 8/31!

    2. bailey000

      I’m with you on the offense last year. I do feel that if our secondary can be average this year then our team will improve over all. We lost some real talent last year but there are always break out years on both sides of the ball. Which Terry Wilson we get is a really important question this year.

    3. Big Sexy

      They did put up 27 against PSU but 1 FG came after a dumb fake punt in their own territory and 7 points off of a punt return.