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Possibly fake Twitter account called Mark Stoops a dark horse for the Penn State job


Something called a Dave DiBattista, a Penn State football writer and “part-time insider,” allegedly, called Mark Stoops a dark horse for the Nittany Lions head coaching vacancy yesterday. DiBattista followed that up again today with another tweet saying the mystery coach in the Penn State search was Mark Stoops. Key word being “was.”

Stoops grew up two hours from State College, Pennsylvania so I could see why the job might interest him one day, but there’s no way he’s leaving after one season in Lexington and I can’t imagine Penn State having serious interest in a 2-10 football coach.

There is also a good chance this is a fake Twitter account looking to stir up trouble. DiBattista, if he is who he says he is, joined Twitter a little over 24 hours ago and has only 62 followers.

I smell a catfish.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

30 responses to “Possibly fake Twitter account called Mark Stoops a dark horse for the Penn State job”

  1. Manti Te'o

    Not a catfish–my girlfriend confirmed it this morning via telephone call from Hawaii.

    1. Hahaha

      Good one!

  2. John

    Dave Batista is a professional wrestler. Sounds like a Louisville fan with a fake account just trying to start something.

  3. cwhunt0

    So why would you even post something like this???????

  5. Mudcreekmark

    So why report some bogus report? All this does is put doubts in UK recruits minds.I would almost guarantee that it was a Louisville fan that created this bogus account. What ever happened to finding the facts before you put it out there for everyone to read?

    1. Rei

      Slow news day, again.

  6. Boogie

    Stoops will see the job out here for better or for worse. I truly don’t think this is a stepping stone job. Of course, in 5 or 6 years he will take a different job but he isn’t here just to wait for a better job.

  7. UK and MSU Fan

    Drew, until you’ve verified that there’s even an ounce of truth to this, this is a very irresponsible and potentially damaging post. It looks like you’ve played right into the hands of a fake who is just trying to stir the pot. My respect for this site is diminishing by the day.

    1. TheBigToe


  8. Dribble-drive high-five

    Thank you for this post, I very much enjoy reading this FREE site. Keep up the good work my tall bearded friend.

  9. Jen

    1. It’s a good thing that Matt Elam is going to visit Alabama. It may have been a dream of his to play there, and I don’t blame him.

    2. Western interviewed Jeff Brohm yesterday for their head coach in case Petrino takes the louaville job. That is hilarious–I hope he accepts it.

    3. Only someone like James Franklin would be stupid enough to take the Penn State job.

  10. RICK

    I think he would be a good fit for Penn State, good recuriter, young , energetic. He’s going to be good at KY but would be very good at Penn State playing in a easy conference.

  11. 2 and 10

    Has to be fake. No one in their right mind would hire the special Stoops brother, especially PSU.

    1. Do whut?

      Funny how the coach of the national championship team thinks rather highly of Stoops. So I guess he really is special. Good luck in hiring your retread.

  12. We Had a Choice to Make

    On a slow news day like this, we could have done another article on the Cardinal football program, found some fascinating fact about Matt Elam that we already told you about a few months back….or behind door number three (the option we selected) was this opportunity to stir up ish by hurling out the fastest, non fact checked article possible.

    1. CPACAT

      Agreed…you should march yourself right down to the KSR offices and demand the money you spent on subscribing to this site back immediately!

    2. Do whut?

      What does the fact that this site is free have to do with criticism? This free site lambasts individuals and organizations with every breath. Are the writers so childish and hypocritical as to do the dishing then biatch about the taking? Don’t like the criticism? Then get out of the business. Or at least get rid of the comments section. Or maybe, just maybe, nut up and shut up.

  13. ukfaninohio


  14. We Had a Choice to Make

    Drew….you need to get thicker skin. Any time you (KSR) post an article or we as readers post comments we are all subject to the harsh feedback of others.

    1. Rei

      He isn’t as touchy as Matt, thankfully.

    2. Rockfield, KY

      He doesn’t NEED to do anything. I’d say Drew and the entire site staff are doing ok.

  15. JimmyGladstone

    Why check something before you post it, especially if you’re drunk off your feet 98% of the day.

  16. sonny

    Was Penn st. impressed by Mark Stoops 10-2 record his first year as a head coach? LOL

    1. sonny

      OH wait, that was a 2-10 record they were impressed with….LOL

  17. Mystery Solved

    Elam didn’t commit this weekend because Stoops told him about the PSU gig. Once Stoops gets the PSU details finalized, Elam will follow, thus creating a huge trickle down effect.

  18. Plenty

    I hope this wouldn’t happen, but who could blame him with the way our fans treat coaches after one year of trying rebuild the program from the bottom.

    1. UKBIRD

      Don’t worry it won’t