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Police Found $95,000, More Drugs Following Marcus Walker’s Arrest

We now know more details from Marcus Walker’s May 24 drug trafficking arrest.

In records obtained by Joe Mussatto of SEC Country, the former Kentucky safety had more than $95,000 cash in his townhouse.  Along with the cash, police found more than five pounds of marijuana and 52.86 grams of suspected cocaine powder.  When police arrived at the scene, they saw clear bags in plain view, “approximately the size of a soccer ball full of marijuana.”

Walker was dismissed from the football team five days after his arrest.  Mark Stoops has yet to comment on the matter.

Walker’s next court date is scheduled for June 20.

[SEC Country]

Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

21 responses to “Police Found $95,000, More Drugs Following Marcus Walker’s Arrest”

  1. tree_gardener

    That’s a lot of nose candy..

  2. NashvilleCat92

    That’s a traphouse, not a townhouse.

  3. bwise

    Trying to make that dough! Lebron will use this as an example of why the ncaa needs to pay players lol


    I’d love to have that weed, coke, and of course the cash.

  5. sprtphan

    Stools needs to make a statement. Looks very bad for the program.

    1. Luether

      Who’s Stools?


    He is deer’d

  7. Catcasey1

    Stools don’t know what to say

    1. Luether

      Who’s Stools?

  8. dismore

    Found the team supplier.

  9. bigbluebanana

    52 g’s is a pretty heavy amount of blow to have around.

  10. BluKudzu

    Now we know why we left Gator receivers open not once, but twice…..
    Our mistook the yard lines for nose candy….

  11. Wade

    He owe somebody now so prison ain’t just his only problem.

    1. truBLU

      Yup, I came here to say this exactly

  12. highway119

    If it can be proven that any coach or staff knew, they should be gone. 2 game suspension for any player that knew, and dismissal if they assisted in any way.

    1. bigbluebanana

      Coach? Yes
      Anyone assisting? Yes
      Teammates who knew? I don’t agree with that. A) you take care of friends and teammates and you don’t go telling on them, B) if they did tell on him, a 2 game suspension is the least of their worries. That bust wasn’t just some small time operation, that was a lot of money and a lot of drugs…someone rats that out, they maybe get shot. I’d keep my mouth shut if my worst enemy was holding like that. Not trying to put a target on my family’s back or my own.

  13. Sticky Ceiling

    and I bet anything that the $95k ain’t profit, ol’ Walker is gonna get knee capped…..

  14. michaelb

    Tell em he still owes me that muny

  15. michaelb

    Young bro is still well connected back home lol

  16. CoachCat

    Young bro be singing like Mariah Carrey

  17. Jesus H. Chrysler

    There goes the hook up for the team