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Plot Twist: Source says Jones was taking up for Elam in altercation with fans

There’s lots of talk today about the video of Jordan Jones spitting toward Southern Miss fans and whether or not he should be punished for his sideline antics. UK has since released a statement saying Jones’ punishment was handled internally, but the discussion continues with a division within the fan base as to the severity of the situation.

Fan video shows Jordan Jones spitting at Southern Miss crowd (Updated)

Now we have some new insight into why Jones was going after the fans, and it may sway your opinion of his actions.

According to a source who would definitely know, Jones was defending his teammate, Matt Elam, who had been on the receiving end of the crowd’s heckling since the moment he stepped on the field. We’re told the crowd was all over Elam and Jones had finally had enough.

If true, I’m all for it. Did he cross the line? Yeah, probably. Should he have kept his attention and energy between the lines? Sure. But now that we know he was taking up for one of his own, I can get behind it. That’s the leadership and attitude UK needs from him. But maybe don’t make it a habit.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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32 responses to “Plot Twist: Source says Jones was taking up for Elam in altercation with fans”

  1. GoBigBlu

    Should have been suspended….we are UK, not ul

    1. Booby Petrino

      suspended for spitting into the air, and not spitting on a person? are you insane?

    2. GoBigBlu

      Go back and look at the video…he spit UP in the air and toward someone. Look at his teammates watching it too and people verbally reacting. Granted I couldn’t see how far away he was or couldn’t see where it went but not a good look from what I saw.

    3. GoBigBlu

      And no I’m not insane, just classy.

    4. BBNDan7

      No you’re insane

    5. TBW3011

      Dumb. Was never a chance of a suspension, nor should there have been. Spit in someone’s face? Ok. Sit a half. Into thin air? Suspension would be laughable.

    6. GoBigBlu

      There’s a school about an hour west I think you guys would feel right at home.

    7. BBNDan7

      I think you are the only one who actually thinks this would warrant a suspension. Maybe you should go somewhere else

    8. GoBigBlu

      I bet you have turned over tobacco spit cups all over your house….I just get that vibe.

    9. Booby Petrino

      I saw it, just as you, and I still think you’re blowing things way out of proportion. He didn’t spit on someone. He was mad because his teammate was being disrespected, so he spit in the air. Not even close to warranting a suspension. Your overreaction doesn’t mean you’re classy, it’s just an example of the world we live in now being offended by anything and everything. At least you get a participation trophy for your comment…I’m sure you’re enjoying those vibes over there.

  2. UK1983

    South Alabama rednecks are a special breed of stupid. Good for Jones.

    1. RealCatsFan

      Well, these were actually south Mississippi rednecks, but we get the idea…

  3. Ollie

    He spit towards the fan, not on the fan. Big difference.
    He doesn’t need to be suspended, he needs to ignore the fans and just play.
    I would have him do some extra running. Not a story.

    1. TBW3011

      Yep. At worst.

  4. Bluebloodtoo

    While I completely understand the intent and love the idea of him protecting his teammate, I would suggest that the players ignore the opposing fans to the best of their ability. That’s just not something you want to engage with going forward in your career at the next level. Might as well get used to it now.

    1. TBW3011

      Agree. Still not suspension worthy.

  5. BlueGrass

    This is the kind of complete non-story the media creates (or in this day and age people on social media) to give us something to talk about. So…

    Talk about it, debate it, whatever…

    No suspension, no internal punishment, no worries.

    1. Booby Petrino

      oh my gawd, a football player spit! how offensive! agree with your point.

    2. GoBigBlu

      Big difference between spitting on the field and spitting AT or TOWARD someone.

    3. TBW3011

      90% chance the last thing you played was tee ball. You don’t suspend a guy nearly 10% of a season for for making a tiny mistake in the heat of the moment.

    4. GoBigBlu

      1s of all, perfect game to send a message…suspend against eastern. And 2nd (and more important) I will guarantee I have more football knowledge in my pinky than you do in your little, compromised brain.

    5. J-Dub421

      The obnoxious fans should have been removed. Their crappy behavior started the whole thing and no one deserves to stand there listening to verbal abuse for hours. I am tired of bad behavior by fans being excused. Learn how to comport yourself in public.

    6. Booby Petrino

      GoBigBlu, I thought you were classy? Classy people don’t tell people they have a little, compromised brain. Go figure, you’re just another keyboard warrior who thinks you’re better than others.

  6. secrick

    I’m sure Stoops has taken care of this , like OLLIE says extra running or something like that. Gosh we must need something to talk about awfully bad.

  7. sj

    This is NOT news!!!

  8. Jayy

    This might sound bad, but I would rather him jerk that fan out of the stands and rough him up a little bit instead of spitting at him.

    1. Le Docteur

      LOL! You’re right, that DOES sound bad!

    2. dgtuk

      Yeah great idea Jayy! (dripping with sarcasm) 🙂

    3. randyt

      Fodder for EKU. They will taunt Jones unmercifully.

  9. maximumscott

    Meanwhile Saban lets a guy play who had a DUI…

  10. DennyC

    Shooting the bird and SPITTING Towards fans is LOW CLASS! Period. One game suspension. Like that would have been a BIg DEAL, My gosh, It would have been against this laugher game against Division ll E.KY. Pitiful showing by a UK player. GROW UP SON!!! . . . P-I-T-I-F-U-L! . . . . smh . . .

    1. BBNDan7

      We almost lost this game before so let’s not call it a laughter yet. We aren’t Bama