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Patrick Towles opens up about his decision to transfer on KSR

Patrick Towles just wrapped up his appearance on Kentucky Sports Radio and gave us a thoughtful look into his decision to transfer from UK, the program he grew up loving.

“No doubt about it, and I will be for the rest of my life,” Towles said of his fandom. “I grew up a huge Kentucky fan, I’m going to be a huge football fan, basketball fan, and Kentucky sports fan.”

Listening to Patrick, it’s obvious that his decision to transfer wasn’t an easy one. Towles said that he had every opportunity to succeed at Kentucky, but at the end of his junior year, he knew it was time to go.

I felt like my time here was maybe up. I was kind of ready for a new start and a new beginning,” Towles said. “I feel like I got every single opportunity to succeed. I feel like Coach Stoops and Coach Dawson did a wonderful job of putting me in a position to succeed and I don’t feel like we did. I felt like we left some plays out there and didn’t necessarily execute.”

Patrick admitted that he didn’t want to transfer, but “at the end of the day, you’ve gotta make a decision for yourself.”

“I thought maybe a situation would be better for me somewhere else. I think the university and the football team is in great hands with Drew and Coach Dawson and Coach Stoops and they’re going to be fine, but as far as for me, at the end of the day, like you said, I love Kentucky and I love my teammates and I love everything about it. You know, I don’t want to. I didn’t want to transfer. I wanted to stay and finish up here at UK, but at the end of the day, you’ve gotta make a decision for yourself and do something for you and I felt like that was the best decision for me.”

We had heard that Patrick made the decision to leave after the Charlotte game, although he maintains that the decision wasn’t final until after the Louisville game.

“All good things have to come to an end eventually and after the Louisville game, I kind of felt like it was my time. I’m not too fired up about it because I love this university and I’ve given everything I have to the program and the college and I felt like somewhere else would be a better fit for me for next year.”

Matt asked Patrick about the rumored divide in the locker room, which some have speculated came down to Patrick vs. Drew, but Patrick downplayed it, citing UK’s slide at the end of the season as a failure to execute.

“That wasn’t really a thing,” Towles said of the divide. “I love my teammates and everyone has issues. All families have problems. Families have to deal with those problems. Not everybody loves each other, but that’s the case everywhere. You’re not going to find a football team where everybody is everybody’s best friend. Is that the reason for our slide at the year? No. We just failed to execute.”

Now that he’s leaving the program, does Towles have faith in Mark Stoops? Despite everything that’s happened, yes, he does.

“I think so. It’s hard, I’m not going to say it’s easy to be positive, but you have to be. I think Drew is going to do a wonderful job, he’s a terrific player. Coach Stoops is getting the pieces in place and Coach Dawson, I think, is a really good coach.”

Going forward as a fan, Patrick closed by encouraging the Big Blue Nation to keep the faith.

“I think we have to be optimistic. I’m going to be optimistic. Wherever I do end up, I’m going to be watching every football game that Kentucky plays and I’m going to be a fan from this day forward. I’m excited as a fan and a former player because they have the pieces to get it done. If they go execute like I know they can, they’ll be fine.”

We’ll be rooting for you too, Patrick.

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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27 responses to “Patrick Towles opens up about his decision to transfer on KSR”

  1. KTower


    Towles is a class act….Kentucky Football is going to miss him.

    Good Luck

    1. Long Dong Silver

      Such an astute observation! Surely, you must be the most intelligent individual to grace the comments section. You are my hero.

  2. blueboots

    Thank you Patrick for your dedication and support of the Kentucky football program. You are the real deal a special person and you will be missed.Good luck in your future where ever it takes you!

    1. blueboots

      You will never look as good as you do now in the Blue and White.

  3. Kyreds


    1. RealCatsFan

      It’s not that loud in here – no need to yell. 😉

    2. railbird

      We care, so stfu!!!!

    3. UK Big Board Update

      Troll is trolling.

  4. Poppschmidty

    Putting some of the blame on himself shows maturity. Good for ya, kid. Good Luck and go Cats!

    1. WholeLeeShit

      Damnit Quake.
      He was terrible.

  5. Rsn2GoBlu

    Sounds like he learned a lot from this grandfather on how to be a politician and say all the right things. While I never saw the NFL talent in him like some on these boards have been claiming for the past 3 years, I hope he is successful at his next stop.

    1. UK Big Board Update

      All of your credibility is lost….

      Rsn2GoBlu December 4, 2015 at 7:48 am | Permalink | Reply
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      I UL fires Pitino, he has his choice of jobs in 5 seconds. Don’t think for a second that Barnhart wouldn’t call Pitino if Cal were to leave and Pitino was available.

    2. Rsn2GoBlu

      By saying the truth??? Sure thing Mr Blue Sky.

  6. Howdy Doody

    Poor kid was this years Scape Goat….WHOM will be next seasons ?? I for one wish that Towles stayed and Stoops and Staff were transferring ..

  7. Long Dong Silver

    Good luck to him. Now to solve the rest of the problem, and kick the receivers and running backs off the team. Hell, kick the whole offensive side of the ball out except the tight ends and full backs.

    1. Long Dong Silver

      Along with most of the coaching, I should add.

    2. J-Dub421

      Receivers yes. Running backs, I’d keep Kemp and Horton.

    3. KYJelly

      And Boom Williams? Also Juice Johnson, he was pretty solid until the last couple of games. Bone and Badet played well at times. The only receiver I have a problem with is Dorian Baker. You can run your routes perfectly all you want, doesn’t matter if you can’t catch the football.

    4. UoKFB PHAN

      The running backs are not the problem… the number one problem was a young O-line. The number two problem for the offense: receivers who make nice videos in the summer and then drop catchable passes in the fall. (I agree with KYJ’s assessment of the receivers.) I know most people point at Dawson and Stoops but if your O-line can’t really give the QB time and the receivers drop catchable passes then it doesn’t matter what type of offensive scheme you try to run. We’ve all heard Stoops say ‘recruit and DEVELOP’ it has been his mantra. If the Cats still have the same problem by the 4th game of next year then Stoops needs to really consider making some staff changes. He needs position coaches that can ‘DEVELOP’ the talent they have.

  8. Le Docteur

    Public Relations 101.

  9. Badboy

    The following statement is very revealing:

    “I feel like I got every single opportunity to succeed. I feel like Coach Stoops and Coach Dawson did a wonderful job of putting me in a position to succeed and I don’t feel like we did. I felt like we left some plays out there and didn’t necessarily execute.”

    The shift from “I” to “we” sounds like he’s doing a little blame thing.

    1. UKFanBG

      Football is a team sport, use of “I” and “we” in the paragraph is exactly right. The team, of which he is a part, didn’t execute. Use of “we’ doesn’t take blame away from himself.

      Class act, hope WKU gets him. He, Brohm, and 1st class receivers at WKU would make music.

  10. eyebleedblue

    He’s a better kid than the coaches are coaches. He deserved better than the play calling and protection he was given. Hope he gets a good fit for him, because then he will succeed.

  11. Rick_S

    can we not see anymore football post till next fall?

    1. Rsn2GoBlu

      You are on a football board.

    2. Long Dong Silver

      Well, it’s a UK sports site. Not just football. Being that football is over, and it didn’t end well, I can understand why RickS wouldn’t want to read any football posts.

  12. ncaa is in on it

    I like the way he would do the cool hair shake thing b4 putting on his helmet,