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Article written by Jack Pilgrim

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27 responses to “One media member thinks Terry Wilson is the worst starting quarterback in the SEC”

  1. Ridge Runner

    Well if nothing else… kids got motivation to go out and prove he’s better.

    1. 4everUKblue

      Yep, let’s give him a chance. Remember he was like a freshman in the SEC that ran for his life the whole season, he got no protection. Hope he’s better this season.

  2. DelrayCat

    I’m sure most won’t admit it…but I bet this guy is one of those people that thinks Terry doesn’t “look” like a real QB. Hope he uses this disrespect for fuel.

    1. ClutchCargo

      Meanwhile, the #1 ranked qb, as well as a few others in the top 10 don’t “look” like real QB’s either. There is plenty of ammo to bash this guy without being lazy and playing the race card for no reason.

  3. Headhurts

    I put Braden Gall at the bottom of espn radio analyst list, say around 150th

    1. 4everUKblue

      Who??? Who the hell is Braden Gall?

    2. 2andToodleLoo

      Ha! Yes – well played Headhurts.

  4. steve simpson

    Terry Wilson will be a break out star this year.

  5. binarysolo

    You know this list is lazy when he can’t even be bothered to spell Tagovailoa.

    1. grammarpoliceUK

      I think you may be on to something there!

  6. Led Weappelin

    Who did the audio on that interview. Horrible.

    1. Led Weappelin

      ? There it is.

  7. Teamhhc1

    I hope someone brings this back up at the end of the season.

    1. Boman2112

      Terry had a great year! He gained experience and respect of coaches and teammates. This idiot at espn is not doing his job. 14th? Really?

  8. jaws2

    This should be excellent motivation for Wilson. I wasn’t impressed last year, but I really hope he comes out vastly improved and makes a guy like this eat his words.

  9. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

    He’ll be way better this year and deserves to be higher on this list but to act like he wasn’t turnover to td ratio wasn’t just plain bad is just blind loyalty. His % is skewed by how many 1 yard or shorter throws he had to make and his rushing yards should have been way higher but he went down to easy. He’s bigger which should help and he’s had a year to learn to work with his receivers down field but 90% of these experts have more faith in potential non super schools ability to progress. Which is just plain stupid because this staff has shown a proven ability to develop.

  10. Paw

    Same crap ? hope he enjoys eating that statement Go Cats

  11. Mad Max

    And Bentley is #8. Scoreboard!!

  12. ukcats1776.90

    Terry Wilson has been a bad QB. you’re delusional if u think hes not.

    1. ukkatzfan

      If you think he has been bad, you need to leave your name at the door as it hits u in the backside

  13. ukkatzfan

    He just throwing Vandy and tn some love. He is prob worst sportscaster trying to throw a hail Mary before he has to start flipping burgers for a living

  14. stevemotley

    That dude is a moron. Terry will be all sec and next year

  15. mashman 93

    No respect.

  16. Clyde X

    The anti-UK bias at ESPN is surpassed only by their pro-Dukie bias. ESPNU is showing all of Duke’s basketball games from last year back-to-back-to-back-to, you get the idea. I am sure that the four people watching really appreciate the non-stop Dukie love-athon.

  17. makeitstop

    I hv my doubts about Terry, but 14th is stupid. Veteran, couple of great games last year, couple of solid games, and no reason to think he won’t be at least measurably better this year. Middle of the pack? Ok, I’d buy that, but 14th? Not a chance. If he can break a couple of the one hand tackles that dropped him last year, and not hold the ball too long and fumble, he’ll move the needle in the right direction.

  18. bigb

    After watching highlights, I’m ready for football!

  19. Josh

    If you are not a UK media member….. Why not put UK at bottom of any list…. instant traffic guaranteed!!! We give all these talking heads too much credit, majority of them just trying to get a bump by dissing our university, teams, players, and fans.
    Heavy is the crown.