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Oklahoma Quarterback with Kentucky Ties Enters Transfer Portal

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The college football transfer portal has never been busier.  The latest quarterback to throw his name in the ring has a Kentucky connection.

The Tulsa World reports quarterback Austin Kendall will transfer from Oklahoma.  The four-star pocket passer played sparingly as a true freshman backup for the Sooners in 2016.  After redshirting for Baker Mayfield’s Heisman winning season, many believed Kendall could beat out Kyler Murray.  Instead, Kendall backed up another Heisman Trophy winner.

As Kendall seeks a new home, he could revisit a familiar place.  Austin’s brother, Ryan, was a walk-on wide receiver at Kentucky from 2014-18.  Early in the recruiting process Kentucky pitched Austin Kendall the chance to play with his brother, but ultimately lost the sweepstakes to Oklahoma.

If Gunnar Hoak grad transfers, Kentucky’s quarterback room could use another weapon.  Austin Kendall will have two years of eligibility remaining as a grad transfer and could play right away.

The Kentucky connection might actually help Kendall land at another school.  Neal Brown was one of the first to recruit Kendall.  Brown needs to replace Will Grier and West Virginia isn’t a bad place to exact revenge against Oklahoma.  Anything can happen, but Kendall to West Virginia makes too much sense.

Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

26 responses to “Oklahoma Quarterback with Kentucky Ties Enters Transfer Portal”

  1. IndianaSucks

    Get the KSR hype train going!

  2. cats646

    Matt Jones called it. Ha!

  3. ClutchCargo

    This being on KSR means he will 100% NOT be coming to UK. :p

    1. StillBP

      or 110%

  4. Alex90

    Why would a pocket passing qb who is wanting to play come here?

  5. kjd

    Why would any QB transfer come here? Wilson is the 10 game winner starter. Who in their right mind transfer to be a backup?

    1. ukcats1776.90

      wilson is pretty good but our offensive would be more dynamic with someone who could consistently hit Bowden down field. wilson can scramble, but he cant throw anything except screens and bubbles consistently. we won 10 games because our D, Special Teams (bowden) and Snell. wilson isn’t awful but an elite thrower might be better. of course, since Terry wilson is black, ksr feels the need to talk him up all the time because to democrats any sort of criticism of black people is racism. it’s the soft bigotry of low expectations

  6. Kentuckybbnfan01

    How will this effect Kentucky football he won’t transfer to Kentucky pointless article

  7. jaws2

    Neil Brown bound. He KNOWS Neil is going to throw the ball around some. There’s only a SMALL chance smash mouth football Stoops is going to toss it around. I’d like to be wrong but I just can’t see it based on history.

  8. TheAssman

    He has entered the transfer portal….he will be beamed to another dimension and another team.

  9. Irish son

    We hardly knew ya…

  10. CoachCat

    Please, for the love of football, stop saying Kentucky won ten games with Terry Wilson. Benny Snell. Sure. You could say that. Allen and the defense. Absolutely won Kentucky 10 games. Our QB play was awful and the stats back that up

    1. ClutchCargo

      You win as a team, and you lose as a team. It is a fact that Terry Wilson was the QB of the team. Yes, he struggled this season, but it is pointless to keep beating a dead horse.

    2. stratblend

      We may be running 10% of our passing plays due to Wilson’s abilities. I love the dude as a scrambler. And won’t doubt him as a winner. But he lacks touch on mid range passes. And isn’t accurate downfield. I’d take a passer to open Gran up and see what the offense looks like with someone who can sling it. His Cincy offense didn’t look like ground and pound.

    3. Wade

      As a runner he fumbles and goes down with the slightest touch our defense won a lot of games and outside of a couple games he was awful! He will have to step up big time and I would tell him it’s his job but I’d tell a transfer they can take it if they put in the work and terry doesn’t! Open competitions are good. I like a guy to earn a job and you have to have trust and guys rally behind that guy! I think that’s what happened this yr for terry! A lot of senior leadership gone so I hope terry is the answer but we need something other than hoak. I’d go after this qb and hurts. If we get one great! You think we wouldn’t be excited to have hurts and terry in open competition??? Terry can also play receiver for some sets and that will help him if he wants to get to the league. We are looking for receivers too so why not!

    4. kjd

      I was speaking from how I perceive Stoops sees it. He is not changing the starting QB next season.

  11. Trueblue44

    I’m just curious if we are going to get a post every time any kid on the planet enters the portal

    1. Jiminy Crickets

      Yes, of course, because eventually a transfer will come to UK and KSR and their “sources” can say “we told you so”. Everyone keep clicking, Matt’s running for office an that ain’t cheap

    2. WildCatBlue2008

      No, this one is just because of the Kentucky ties. Just as the article says.

  12. J. Did

    Oklahoma QB XFR 2 WVA sounds like a mighty good catch by Neal Brown.

  13. Blue Bill

    West Virginia is my bet.

  14. Alleykat16

    One of these days these stories will be right. Then y’all will be wearing egg on your faces. Lol

    1. IndianaSucks

      Maybe. But… yeah no it won’t ever happen. If I’m wrong, eggs are quite healthy so I’ll be good.

  15. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

    That’s my one major knock on Stoops. For all his defensive wisdom and the fact he trust those coaches he tries to control a side of the ball he knows very little about even to the point he refuses to let a coordinator who had a well balanced successful offensive do his thing or give younger players a fair shake at qb. They we’re capable of putting points on a Louisville team we couldn’t move the ball on and scored against OSU and Miami(Fl) while having no defense. Sabin lets his coordinators run the offense and he gives the guy with the best shot at winning the spot. Clark should have been given a chance after all the praise he got and the other 2 proved the couldn’t handle the system. But Stoops has always held back the young guy. Unless something changes Gilmore could destroy Wilson but Wilson will still be our inaccurate bad decision making QB of the future.

  16. RickH

    Come to Kentucky and watch from the bench while Stoops starts a QB that can’t throw.

  17. bwise

    Nick is seriously the worst writer at ksr….drew is a close second but god this guy is unbearable. Just a bunch of dumbassness in his articles.