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OFFICIAL: Linebacker Eli Brown will transfer from Kentucky

This afternoon, UK confirmed that redshirt sophomore linebacker Eli Brown would be transferring out of the program.

Tyler Mansfield of the Sporting Times was the first to break the news.

The Kentucky linebacker played in 12 games for the Cats this season, racking up 38 total tackles, two tackles for loss, and one pass deflection.

In Jordan Jones’ absence this season, Brown came in and played well for the Cats, and many thought he would be making a big step up as a redshirt junior. With playing time to be had at the linebacker position, it seemed it would be Brown’s to-lose.

As a recruit out of Bowling Green, Brown was listed as a four-star prospect with offers from Ohio State, Penn State, and Vanderbilt, among others.

Best of luck to the Kentucky product!

Article written by Jack Pilgrim

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34 responses to “OFFICIAL: Linebacker Eli Brown will transfer from Kentucky”

  1. bigbluejon


    1. Luether

      My sources say it could be just Rats leaving a sinking ship…,

    2. USMC5150

      You have to be a loserville fan

    3. ClutchCargo

      Luether puts the “douche” in “douchebag.”

  2. USMC5150


  3. BigBlueMeade

    This sucks

  4. ukwildcat1991


  5. drew_123

    This is not necessarily a bad thing for UK

  6. runningunnin.454

    Hate that; he played well for us…best of luck to him.

  7. joe_finebomb

    Loved watching him play. He did a great job and thought he would be a big piece next year.

  8. Alleykat16

    With the new LB’s coming in maybe he didn’t want to go through the competition but it happens all the time he had a good year hate to see any player leave good luck to him

  9. krautdog

    Losing a player that averaged 3 plus tackles a game is a good thing???

    1. Miller45

      that stat us a little fudgy, he only got substantial playiing time the 4 or 5 games he was filling in for injured Jordan Jones then didn’t get nearly the snaps he was getting before


    He needed to gain 25 pounds at least. Guys coming in are already bigger and faster. Writing on the wall. Wish him the best of luck and understand. But it’s not a bad thing when this starts happening.

    1. UoKFB PHAN

      I agree with you on his weight. The UK Athletics web site listed him at only 215 pounds and that is after 2 full years in the program. The interesting thing is the web site listed Jordan Jones as only being 221 pounds. I personally think Jordan’s game is more based on speed and good tackling than raw knock down force and I just don’t think Brown had the speed that Jones does.

  11. UKCatAttack

    It’s hilarious to me that some of you people legitimately think we have Freshmen coming in that are better than Brown right now. This isn’t basketball. A redshirt junior who was a 4-Star recruit that averaged over 3 tackles a game is better than a guy who’s never played a college game. Give me a break! Bad news!

    1. drew_123

      I respectfully disagree. Usually a player that was getting playing doesn’t up and leave if he didn’t see the writing on the wall.

    2. maximumscott

      He only played so much bc Jones was absent. If Jones is healthy he sees minimal time.

    3. Miller45

      right. and with a pretty experienced lineup in the front 7 I imagine the new guys are all going to be seeing the field early and in rotation so they can all be getting a feel for the game with the veterans and leaders on the field. I in no way claim to be smart but that’s what I would be trying out and if they can’t handle it then they’re not ready and would be on the sideline until they are

    4. Miller45

      Josh Paschal is better….

  12. shepdog3720

    If players are scared of competition, then bye. Maybe there is more to the story, but if u can’t accept the fact that no position is secure and u have to work your azz off to get on the field, then maybe it’s easier to transfer.

  13. pgsays

    This is bad news! Can never have too much depth and experience in the SEC. He played well in Jones absence. Good luck to him wherever he goes just think there was big minutes for him this year.

  14. Catlogic15

    So much for building depth. Bad look for the staff.
    We lose as many quality players to defection as we recruit.

    1. Miller45

      I don’t look too much into that its not just us, transferring out has been a building trend everywhere, most teams have 4 or 5 players lost to transfer. not saying if its good/bad, just more frequent

  15. Miller45

    sucks, good luck wish you the best

  16. PikeCountyWildcat

    He made one of the most important tackles of the year stepping in for Jones

  17. Miller45

    if Allen declared for the draft I bet Eli would have stayed. I like him and everything but needless to say I think I would prefer to have Allen on the roster for another year

  18. notFromhere

    I hate that we’re losing him, but you don’t want him to stay if he doesn’t want to be here. Played great when Jones got hurt, but there was a reason he wasn’t playing more and sooner.

    What sucks worse is that he may not be the only one to transfer.

  19. Bleednblu

    For those saying he’s leaving because of the young talent coming in…you’re foolish. One luxury we have this year that we’ve not had previously is depth. Most of the guys coming in will redshirt and rightfully so. They should. It’ll give them a year of practice/film and in the weight room. Look for this class to make a pretty good impact but in a year or two. He is leaving due to guys expected to leave coming back.

  20. BigBlueNationDude

    Transfer University.

  21. Bull Filmer

    Why is he leaving? Where is he going? What was the impetus?

  22. rcope58

    Unfortunately this is what happens when you start bringing in top talent every year. Look at how many players transfer from the top ten programs every year. Alabama has several 5 stars that transfer every year. It would be nice to keep every player we recruit but it this goes with the territory if our football program continues to recruit at this level.

  23. rcope58

    Also Bleednblu is correct in the fact that the returning players was probably a major factor

  24. ClutchCargo

    I can’t help but think this is a sign of turning the corner in building legitimate depth. For awhile now, the big recruiting pitch seemed to be immediate playing time. That’s not the case now for most positions. It’s not a good thing that he’s leaving, but it’s also not the end of the world.