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31 responses to “Not Good: Terry Wilson spotted on crutches”

  1. TOMCATS1990

    Prayers to TD Terry! Sawyer your the QB now. Good Luck and be ready for Saturday night and let’s beat the Gators.

  2. mashman 93

    I feel so bad for Terry but let’s get behind this young man. He needs all the support he can get from the #BBN. GO CATS!!!

    1. mashman 93

      I’m referring to Sawyer Smith. Get well soon Terry. Prayers for you young man.

  3. Skooms

    This definitely sucks! I’ll wait till after Florida though before I form any season opinions. Sawyer may be able to surprise us all… a good way! I’m just trying to remain optimistic this week.

  4. maximumscott

    Is there a chance that Smith balls out and becomes a better option than Terry?!?! I hate to lose Terry but I cant help but think of similar situations Across sports where the backup is actually legit. Most recently Jake Fromm coming in for Eason.

    It may be a long shot but I dont think the season is lost. Based on some of the throws he made looks like the kid knows how to read defenses. Just nees to get the timing down with receivers. That will happen with more reps with the 1s

  5. mashman 93

    I tell you man I don’t think the season is lost either and at least his first start is at home I just wish it wasn’t against Florida.

  6. SwaggyP

    Sawyer Smith will lead us to a 10 win season.

  7. Angelo

    The horse collar tackler should be banned for life from football ?

    1. mashburnfan1

      another idiot, I guess you want Oats gone forever as well for that BS targeting that knocked Toledo QB out. Is stuff that happens in football, was in no way intentional.

    2. KYJelly

      You can disagree with someone without insulting them

  8. ScoggDog

    Meh – even if it’s a sprain, they should have that thing isolated. And they do.

    He’s out against Florida – but maybe not for the season. And if the damage was catastrophic – he wouldn’t be on crutches. You still put weight on it with crutches.

    Either way – it’s not a career ender – and that’s the most important thing for him at this point.

  9. BigBertha

    All them damn golf carts on campus and not ONE to give my dude a lift? Whew chile…

    1. ScoggDog

      Bright side pard – maybe he don’t need one.

      And he looks like he’s got plenty of help getting down the road. I think he’s gonna’ be ok.

  10. HackRichards

    Sawyer Smith is an upgrade in most areas.

    1. UKiyaoyas


    2. JPhelps

      As was Terry…

    3. Cattington

      What evidence do you have about that? What it is about UK fans that they think guys who haven’t played are better than what we’ve seen? I point to Gunnar Hoak, Tai Wynyard, and Danny Clarke as examples. It’s pretty weird.

    4. mashburnfan1

      Cattington it is simply because TW is not white, sadly that is why most of these idiots say things about him. Guarantee that is the “upgrade in most areas” this moron was talking about. Just hoping there is a special place for people like that and the many others that say the same things.

  11. 4everUKblue

    Prayers to Terry. BBN loves you!

  12. KatsKlaws

    I wonder why people are so optimistic about Smith when they have only seen him play a half of football??? Hmm…

    1. JPhelps

      Idk. 5-2 record at Troy and threw for 1600 yards in 7 games?

    2. JusSayin

      Don’t you know the rule of Kentucky Football? The backup QB is ALWAYS better. Duh

    3. KatsKlaws

      Yeah Smith did all of that…. at Troy… In the Sun Belt Conference… It just seems to me that ppl are acting as if the QB1 didn’t just go down and it’s a big deal… Hope Smith does well… But he hasn’t played in and won 10 games in the SEC…. Yet!

  13. jakew60

    Prayers for terry, but I think Sawyer can be really good and I have confidence in that I hope terry is able to come back and compete because he was improving extremely

  14. JPhelps

    He gone.

    Next man up! I liked what I saw from Smith. He might be what we need!

  15. neat1ky

    I guess katsklaws they know he has experience from doing well at Troy and game experience is a major plus and it showed. From the stands watching him I think we r lucky to have had him as backup. And here’s hoping Terry’s injury not as bad as 1st thought.

  16. TOMCATS1990

    Just hope Stoops doesn’t dummy down the offense this week against Florida and try and ground and pound it. Let the Kid play and make plays that’s our best chance of getting the W.

    1. maximumscott

      I seriously doubt that. He was letting the lid throw bombs. He is known for deep ball accuracy.

  17. Wildcat homer

    Terry is a great football player and an even better person

    The BBN is behind you 100 percent

    1. mashburnfan1

      My favorite comment ever and totally agree with you.

  18. Jimi40

    – Terry led us to a 10-3 season & Citrus Bowl Victory last year.

    – Of coarse we are heartbroken he got injured & wish him well in his recovery.

    – Looking to Florida – This QB Stoops added (Sawyer Smith) has some talent as well as experience & excels in different areas than Terry.

    – He is surrounded by more talent that when he was at Troy

    – It seems to me with our dynamic run game, we really didnt need terry to run the ball & he got hurt.
    Sawyer seems to be a pocket passer with poise and accuracy which will allow him to throw for more yards and open up the offense in a way Terry had not.