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NFL Reporters Claim Matt House Wanted to Take Chiefs Job, But UK Would Not Allow a Buyout

UK fans rejoiced last night when it was revealed that defensive coordinator Matt House was staying in Lexington. House had been under consideration to become the LB coach for the Kansas City Chiefs, but instead, he will help usher in the next generation of Wildcat defenders.

After this news broke, however, reports trickled out that House had actually wanted to take the NFL job, but UK officials stepped in and shut that option down.

If UK did go back on their agreement to let House out of his contract… that’s not ideal in terms of employee satisfaction. But considering the success of the Cats’ defense last season, it’s understandable that UK would want to keep House in-house.

Hopefully it turns out that the agreement for House to stay was more mutual, but if not, let’s just hope the coaching staff can stay cohesive enough to foster a new crop of talent.


Article written by Jay Winkler

Avid fan of UK Athletics, WWE, and chicken wings. Preferably at the same time.

46 responses to “NFL Reporters Claim Matt House Wanted to Take Chiefs Job, But UK Would Not Allow a Buyout”

  1. bigblue98

    His buyout appears to be $150,000 from latest contract I can see. Not sure how you negotiate a buyout of that amount when it’s in the contract. I could see if it were millions of dollars but that is a low amount. Never understood going to be a linebacker coach. He’s making 650,000 as dc – wouldn’t think position coach in nfl would make that much.

    1. Cmart0907

      Sometimes it isn’t all about the money. I guarantee every coach on every staff wants to be a head coach somewhere. Maybe going to K.C will level him up and get more recognition to become a head coach in the best league.

  2. JDizzle14

    Guarantee this is not and will not be the end of this story…….

    1. mashburnfan1

      No way UK blocked this move. UK would never be able to get anyone to come here as a coach again if they did something like that. Why do people fall for this stuff? They either made him an offer to stay or he just decided to wait for a better spot to come, which will if we have another great season on D.

  3. Jesus H. Chrysler

    Weak reporting from those that have never worn a jock

    1. J. Did


    2. shelby

      U have to have worn a jock to be a good reporter?

    3. Jesus H. Chrysler

      Of course not, it simply validates the good ones from the crack pot no-jock sport reporters.

      Proof of my point: Matt Jones, Mrs. Tyler T & Alan Cutler

    4. UKfanman01

      You dont wear it around your mouth Chrystler… just saying

    5. catsarerunnin

      If you can’t be a athlete be an athletic supporter….

  4. Smyrna_Cat

    Reporting at its best. Facts are optional.

  5. clarks

    They probably didnt give him the buyout til they had a chance to renegotiate and offer him more money. I bet he makes cool million next yr

    1. JASUN74

      He’s definitely earned a raise. Saying that, he’s making a good contract to be a younger guy. The more experienced he becomes, he’ll be compensated fairly.

  6. bbn606

    Not the best working conditions.

  7. krautdog

    This does not have the earmarks of Barnhart!

  8. Wade

    A deals a deal!

    1. John Capilari

      Until it isn’t.

  9. John Henry

    Until this story is confirmed by someone at UK or Matt House I say fake news.

  10. Catcasey1

    Doesn’t make sense

  11. Ratlifj

    I’ll wait to hear from Matt House. If a guy wants to leave, they should let him go. I understand, I don’t want him to leave either, but if they forced him to stay, that’s not good. Side Note, these contracts aren’t worth the paper. Dude should honor his agreement

    1. JASUN74

      Well I’m sure he could’ve left if he wanted to. His contract had a buyout and it has to be paid to get out. Pay it and leave or stay!! I love
      That he’s going to be at Ky and would like him to stay here for a long time. But a contract is signed for a reason and he’s a grown man and knows how it works. But yeah all the Chiefs has to do was pay it and he was theirs. It’s not that much money so I’m not sure they were dying for him or anything.

  12. Rick_S

    This is bullshit..If he wants to leave then go..You don’t want to be here , I don’t want you!!!

    1. J. Did

      Conceptually, there is ‘plethoral’ logic to that statement or two and more.

    2. JASUN74

      Amen Jdid.

  13. Cousins Fake Tooth

    Pretty dick move by UK if true.

    1. mashburnfan1

      Any University that would do that would not be able to get a decent coach to go to them for years. No way this happened people, would destroy any program.

  14. shelby

    House should only be here if it’s where he wants to be. We don’t need discontent on the staff. I wonder if maybe UK knows Stoops will leave in a year or two and they’ve told house he could be next head coach??

    1. Bluebloodtoo

      Whoa. That’s a big jump to that conclusion.

    2. JASUN74

      No Shelby. There’s absolutely 0 chance they told House that he would ever be the Coach at UK. It’s as simple as if he really wanted to go he would’ve gone. It was only $150,000. I mean, that’s not a lot of money to stop anyone from leaving. Anyway thanks

  15. lribookend

    I have no idea of the facts, this is pure speculation (kind of like the media these days). But I can see a scenario where the Chiefs made a verbal offer, and UK asked him to wait to see what they could do for him (money-wise). My guess is that they got verbal approval to give him a healthy raise and possibly a contract extension, and he decided to stay. The Chiefs are probably trying to put a spin on this. I don’t believe for one minute that Stoops would try to keep a coach against their will. It never works out to try to block an employee from leaving. They are going to leave eventually, and will not work quite so hard until they have an opportunity to leave. Let’s wait for the real story…..

    1. J. Did

      Your reasonable statements merit commentary:

      I concur.

    2. Blue Bill

      Well put.

    3. JASUN74

      Stop on

    4. JASUN74

      Lmao. J-did you just made me spit pop out of my nose. Hahahahaha. Well done my friend. Lol

  16. Bluebloodtoo

    Seems telling to me that house never made any announcement himself. Not sure what that tells, but it’s different than how gran made his announcement.

  17. BUCats

    Not a good idea to force an employee to stay. House appears to be a good SC, but how will he perform at a place he doesn’t want to be at?

  18. sp

    In other words…we don’t know what happened but click this thread so we can make money.

    1. michaelb

      Hahahahahaahhah yea

    2. BlueDew

      Looked up salary for this NFL position. Average salary for this non coordinator position is somewhere between $300 K to 350 K.

    3. Blue Bill

      Yeah, Ian R. Reported it so KSR can get clicks…

    4. WillySpankit

      You must be new to this whole internet thing. The way it works is that someone tweets something and then every other media source links to that tweet in articles until tweets with new information are tweeted out.

  19. njCat

    If buyout was only $150k there is no way that is the reason he decided to stay. That’s chump change for an NFL team and they would have happily paid it if they really wanted him. And there is no way Stoops would want someone on his staff who didn’t want to be here. Probably just some ass covering by the reporter.

    1. JASUN74

      Yes. This is correct.

  20. notFromhere

    NFL flexing its media muscle to make UK look bad. Same way they use them to make players look bad for not taking salary reductions to “help the team” and then make them look bad after they take the reduction if they want to be traded. Calling them disloyal and ungrateful. It’s old hat for them. Did it to Walter Payton of all people. Did it to many others.

    They dont get what they want, then they run the smear campaign. Fk the NFL

  21. BlueDew


  22. Aar

    Admittedly, I know nothing but House could have asked UK to take the PR hit on this.