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Mississippi radio host says UK isn’t anything special

Bo Bounds is not impressed by your University of Kentucky Wildcats.

The ESPN radio host from lovely Jackson, Mississippi was a guest on The Paul Finebaum Show today, and in speaking about Mississippi State’s losses to Florida and Kentucky, he downplayed what the Cats have done so far this season.

Here, read the entire quote:

“Kentucky and Florida, I don’t think they really scare anybody. Kentucky is doing some cool things and it’s a nice story, but I don’t think they’re really special or anything close to a top-15 team. So you’ve lost to two teams that are not dynamic and loaded, so to speak.”

With all due respect to Mr. Bounds, who I’m sure is a wonderful voice for the Jackson community, the AP and coaches’ polls disagree.

Bounds’ entire interview can be heard in Hour 2 of Finebaum’s podcast here, but it’s nothing special.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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18 responses to “Mississippi radio host says UK isn’t anything special”

  1. cats646

    Someone show Benny and wait for the fireworks!!!!!

  2. themadcatter

    That would be @BoBounds. Maybe we need to introduce ourselves to the boy.

  3. ktelectricatfan

    In saying these things it just makes your team look worse dumbass! I hate when an untangled team is beating a highly ranked team then they chant overrated for the last ten minutes of the game. How stupid. All you’ve done is diminish your teams win. Why are people so damn dumb??

  4. CatsfaninFL

    Someone’s salty…

  5. ukkatzfan

    Ok, so UK and gators aren’t that good. That makes miss state that much worst. Now if UK and gators were under rated, then there might be room in to 15-25 for miss state

  6. bigblue98

    Maybe he should consult with the left offensive tackle who played for Miss St. He looked pretty scared of Josh Allen when he jumped offsides about six times. In all fairness, maybe this moron was in a coma during the game and hasn’t had an opportunity to watch it yet.

  7. Wade

    We could have scored on them again at the end but felt bad

    1. bluecrowe

      This is a good reason to have put the ball over the line one more time at the end. We had earned that right. UK should never feel bad about piling it on to other SEC schools…EVER. This crap we put up with for 35 years…

  8. ukjaybrat

    it would be one thing if they barely lost on the road in bad weather… but i was there. i witnessed the murder. RIP msu bulldogs

  9. cats646

    28-7! F**k Mississippi state

  10. 4everUKblue


  11. W1ldCats4Life

    Everyone tries to justify it in some way. Hell, I’ve heard UK fans downplay the win due to MSU & FL having new coaches.

    It’s all personal perspective for those that wanna talk.

    Bottom line, we got some KickAss Cats!!! And they just keep on “kicking in doors”.

  12. CombatMedic_98


  13. ClutchCargo

    I’m not going to waste my time listening, but it seems like he does more talking than watching football. Hell, that was two beatings ago, who cares what he has to say about it?

  14. Mathlete

    UK beat Mississippi State so badly they lost the next game too, soooooo… What’s that say about them?

  15. Jesus H. Chrysler

    He mad

  16. kydrummer


  17. Cincy Cayt

    If UK isn’t close to a top 15 team, then what does that make MSU? Lol