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Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

29 responses to “Matt House will Reportedly take job with Kansas City Chiefs”

  1. Cmart0907

    Yeah it hurts. But you really can’t blame the dude. Anybody would take the job too.

  2. Trueblue44

    Well shit….

  3. LongTimeReader

    Wouldn’t be surprised if Dean Hood got shot if the position is kept in house.

    1. ClutchCargo

      That would be terrible. Maybe Hood should be taken into protective custody? 😉

    2. satcheluk

      Shooting him seems excessive.

  4. Fake JT

    This stinks, but happy for him. Matt House #LaFamilia

  5. Duuuuuude

    Thankful for his time in Lexington!

  6. AirForceOne

    SEC OC vs NFL Position Coach. I wonder what the pay difference is?

    1. foamfinger

      I always wonder if the fact that you no longer have to recruit has a hand in it as well. My hypothesis is that Bob Stoops took the HC job for one of the new leagues partially because of that.

  7. KYjellyRoll

    Much appreciated. Who is likely to replace him? Can’t blame him a bit.

  8. bluetide

    The emperor has no clothes!!!!

    1. KYCat4EVER

      SPOT ON! Does this really hurt!

  9. AirForceOne

    ^DC, not OC

  10. JDizzle14

    Wow……big-time loss for the program there…..

  11. Logic_Prevails

    It’s bittersweet. On the one hand you want your coaches to be good enough that other teams want them. On the other you just want them to stay and continue to build on the success they helped make. I feel good that we have at least two in-house options that can step in immediately in Dean Hood AND Brad White. Also don’t forget that Coach Stoops can fill the gap if he has to in a short-term situation but we will be fine.

    1. notFromhere


  12. Kentuckybbnfan01

    He wouldn’t take that job thx for your services

  13. ghost of whackamo

    So here is a dream scenario. Promote Dean Hood to DC, let someone else on the staff take over special teams or hire a special teams coordinator and bring in Ed Reed to coach DB’s. I know he wasn’t interested a few years ago, but maybe he is ready now.

  14. RackEmWillie

    Shew, I was worried it was going to be Gran that left.

    1. JDizzle14


  15. mothandras

    Oh no! We suck again!

  16. bbn606

    I don’t this is as big of a loss as you think. Stoops had to take over the defense from him during the previous season.

  17. RealCatsFan

    Never thought I would say this a few years ago, but in Stoops we trust.

  18. gasman01

    Wonder if this costs us any defensive recruits…

  19. DWBluetoo

    Hope he stays for continuity sake. But if he goes, I think we will be aight.

  20. Jiminy Crickets

    Notice how this news broke after signing day?

    1. gasman01

      I thought the same thing….

    2. notFromhere

      Notice how ignorant people look commenting on something when the head coach addressed these things yesterday. He was pretty specific that keeping everyone among the staff in house was not done.

  21. notFromhere

    When you write that everything “stings” and everything “hurts,” it no longer means sht when something comes along that really does.

    This was the most feared thing that could have come from this season. This sucks.