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Mark Stoops says Clint Hurtt is “too easy of a target” for a response

UK Football Fan Day

U of L assistant coach and Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse rewards member Clint Hurtt recently took a jab at Kentucky football on his Facebook page when he wrote, “Alright I had some idiot Kentucky fan say to me we need to get ready for the Wildcats because their young players got better because they play in the SEC … I said correction you don’t play in the SEC you just participate. You only play when you actually WIN.”

It didn’t take long for Hurtt to delete the idiotic comment (via Bat-phone, I assume) but not before it made its way around the internet. On this morning’s radio show, Matt asked Mark Stoops about the message and his response, though very brief, was brilliant.

“Do you really want me to respond to Clint Hurtt?” Stoops asked. “That’s too easy of a target. Come on, Matt. I can’t respond to him.”

He said it one more time, just in case some of the listeners didn’t get the message.

“It’s too easy of a target,” he reiterated.


By saying he can’t response, Mark Stoops delivered a perfect response.

Listen to the Mark Stoops interview in the second hour of today’s podcast.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

39 responses to “Mark Stoops says Clint Hurtt is “too easy of a target” for a response”

  1. BlueRedNeck

    Too easy of a target, or too BIG a target. #BuffetKing

  2. steve

    Hurtt is presently coaching ie cheating at the ONLY school in the NCAA that would employ a coach with a “show cause penalty.” AMAZING

  3. JoeMoney333

    Awesome, just awesome. Love it!

  4. Kristen Geil's Abs

    Honestly, that Hurtt is one nasty man. Not Pitino nasty, but very nasty nonetheless.

  5. The Gambler

    Clint Hurtt versus Big Black in a sumo match. Perfect for those two fatties.

  6. good grammer

    “By saying he can’t response, Mark Stoops delivered a perfect response.”
    I could say something about drew’s sentence structure, but it would be too easy of a target. Really, just too easy, if you missed it the first time.

    1. theSkinny81

      Spell “grammar”.

    2. MoveAlong

      you see how many people ahead of you resisted the urge to be a know-it-all? We all saw it, but we knew what he meant. Pointing out grammAr mistakes is lame (see what I did there, I made my post lame by pointing out that you can’t spell grammar)

    3. JoeMoney333

      I’ll just leave this here:

      Irony: N. the expression of one’s meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect.

      See it’s ironic because you’re correcting someone’s grammar with poor grammar. That’s why it’s funny!

    4. UKinIndy

      Says the guy with a grammatical error in his username and didn’t learn to capitalize peoples first name in kindergarten. Can you point out the issue with my sentence as well???? See, no one would have even said something about your errors had you not tried to be a d-bag….

  7. Question

    What’s up with John Hood? How bad is this “head injury”?

    1. Mc

      I heard they had to amputate similar to Ronnie Lott, but that he’ll try to play through it.

    2. trey

      See, it’s not really an injury. Calipari told Jon to fake having headaches and concussion symptoms to get attention drawn towards Hood so all the pressure won’t be put on the freshmen. So far, we’re undefeated with Hood out. Cal’s brilliant plan seems to be working.

  8. ChicagoCat

    Clint Hurtt needs to worry more about whether or not he’s going to be employed next year if/when Charlie Strong takes an NFL job and the new coach hire cleans house.

  9. Pun-ter

    He didn’t want to Stoop to his level. Eh eh. Thank you all for coming out tonight, you’ve been great!

  10. Jim

    You have to be an idiot. 2-10 and bragging about how tough you are. Try winning a game against Div.1 schools and then hit on anyone you want. My 3-9 team can bet your 2-10 team any day of the week. Sounds as dumb as you are!

    1. Irony

      Irony is you calling someone an idiot when you clearly are one yourself. How did he brag about being tough? He simply stated the truth: it’s too easy to respond to a cheater. He could’ve said a lot about how dirty Hurtt is, but he kept it classy, unlike Hurtt. Do you not understand that Stoops had to play w Joker’s players, not many of his own? How did Strong do in his first year at UL, and their conference sucks.

    2. WellActually

      Strong didn’t do too bad his first year at UL. When KY is the hardest team on your schedule, you have a map to success. But UK did beat him his first year.

    3. RealCatsFan

      So UofL has that much to brag about in football? Yeah, they are 10-1 and beat UK, but sorry to inform you that that isn’t that much to brag about. Who have they beat this year? BTW, the Cards can be proud of their Sugar Bowl trophy all they want, but the implosion at Florida makes that victory somehow seem a little bit hollow. I think Florida has won something like 4 games since then. That sure wasn’t your father’s Steve Spurrier Florida! Not even the Urban Meyer version.

      Yes, UK sucks in football, and we are well aware of it. The difference is that we don’t puff our chests out and brag like we are a traditional top 10 (or even top 25) power.

    4. Also

      RealCats, the Fl team UofL beat in last year’s Sugar Bowl was a lot better than the FL team UK lost at home to this year. Sorry, just a fact.

    5. jpg

      Also, you do understand that UF brought back most of its team from last year, right? Florida under Muschamp is not even close to UF under Meyer or The Ol’ Ball Coach.

  11. 0-8

    Beat WKU and Louisville and Stoops’ is still 0-8 in the SEC. Sounds like the man has a valid point…

    1. Joker

      what did you expect him to do with my leftovers, genius?

  12. RICK

    A coach that cant win the AAC needs to keep his fat a*** mouth shut. That cheating son of a gun.The cards have some coaches to be proud of. I agree if you can’t beat louisville you are in bad shape .

  13. hooters

    that reply was class against a big fat ass!

  14. Elle Raiser

    HUGE game for Louisville tonight against (ANOTHER) un ranked opponent on a weeknight because not one major television network will give them any weekend air time on national TV. Even though they play tonight, they are still on a Kentucky website kicking us about our conference schedule. May I remind all UL fans that Kentucky AND Louisville are both WINLESS against ranked opponents this season. For all you not so good readers, that’s a win percentage of .000. vs ranked teams. #L1C4 Go Cards! #2013CloroxToiletBowlChamps

    1. bob

      ESPN lands more Thursday night SEC games, including season-opening doubleheader

  15. Coaches Poll

    UC is ranked 23rd genius

  16. CasualGamerReed

    We will all be calling for Stoops to be fired after next years 2-10 season. Then we will blame the next 2-10 season on Stoops leftovers.


    1. UKinIndy

      You do realize you made a clever hashtag about “last year” yet every UofL fan is stuck on that sugar bowl win and NCAAB title right?? I mean, we will have to hear about that for another 30 years till you guys win your 4th NCAAB title… Surprised you didnt make a NIT hashtag.. Don’t worry. Maybe we’re just tying to catch UofL’s 5-6 NIT appearances since 1990………. FYI, winning 1 title every 30 years (not to mention getting big brothers sloppy seconds) and having a decent football team for the first in forever doesn’t make you a powerhouse….

  17. bigblue091812

    Loserville is ranked somewhere around 20th with only 1 loss, teddy touchdown looked awful against 2-10 UK. OSU or (Overrated State U) has to blow out Michigan St. and also hope that Missouri can beat or only lose to Auburn by single digits to get into national championship game because they both don’t schedule anyone, they should play each other in the WON’T PLAY ANYONE BOWL. 6 of the teams OSU played this year have a losing record and they cry for respect. Loserville is still the only team in top 25 not to play a top 25 team and they think they could compete in the SEC, that’s the only reason they still have Strong, he didn’t go to the Vols because he knew he couldn’t compete with coaches at BAMA, AUBURN, GEORGIA, SOUTH CAROLINA, MISSOURI, LSU AND TEXAS A&M, and soon to be Kentucky. Myer left Florida for health and family reasons, no he left because he was getting his ass kicked by the SEC so he went to the weak ass B10 and his out of conference schedule was 4 teams UK could beat this year, chicken shit left the big leagues for the minors.

  18. bigblue091812

    BBN, less than 12 months to go before we don’t have to deal with LOSERVILLE trolls, dumb ass fans and coaches who think they’re great in BB and FB by playing a couple teams a year. Starting next year they will have teams like FSU, Miami, UNC, DUKE and Clemson beating them in both sports and won’t have anything to hide behind, then all we’ll hear is if UK was in the ACC. LMAO. What’s going to be even worse is Strong leaves for the NFL or maybe Florida (still think they get rid of Muschamp, and if he’s not a chicken shit again) and SLIME BAG SLICK RICK retires and SLICK RICK JR. takes over the BB program. They will go from being on top of the world last year to a lower tier team in FB and to a LOW TO MID TIER team in BB. I’ve haven’t figure out after all the years of acting like they’re so special the ACC would want all the ghetto rats players and the headlines they bring with them, maybe that’s why SLICK RICK will retire this year, with his ego unlike the Big East he will be considered the slimebag coach of the conference. The little city school with their half city full of fans and slime bag coaches will be the laughing stock of the ACC, serves the all mighty right, will take a lot of the pressure and headlines off Miami, FSU and UNC.

  19. bigblue091812

    How many BBN fans are with me tonight when I say GO BEARCATS.

    1. Stoops troops

      Right here!

    2. Wild Blue

      Me too!!

    3. Wilbur

      Always in pulling for a “L” and a lump of coal from Santa delivered to City College.

  20. Looserville idiot

    Go Bearcats! He’ll UK would have a decent record if we had Louisvilles wimpy schedule.

  21. bob

    and you could beat Western too…..

  22. BarCat

    What about those Bearcats? T