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Mark Stoops Explains Why Jordan Jones Re-entered the Louisville Game

Jordan Jones drew the ire of Kentucky fans for his actions in Saturday’s Governor’s Cup.

The Kentucky linebacker started a sideline skirmish in the first quarter with Lamar Jackson that got dozens of players involved.  Then in the second half, Jones committed unnecessary roughness penalties on consecutive plays for late hits.  Jones was sent to the sideline immediately after, but returned to action later in the game.

Mark Stoops explained on tonight’s call-in show that Jones returned because his replacement, Eli Brown, was injured.  The only other option at that time was to pull a redshirt on freshman Jamin Davis.  “There wasn’t really a lot of options at that point,” he said.

“At that point you really feel like you’re letting other people down.  Honestly the easy thing to do is keep him on the sidelines when the game is out of hand at that point…I didn’t want to pull a redshirt off another guy that had been rapping with us.  That’s not fair to the redshirt kid, obviously.”

In Stoops’ eyes, going back into the game after he was publicly disciplined was more shameful than staying on the sideline.

“For him, it’s actually more painful for him to go in after he’s been disciplined like that and talked to and embarrassed, to go back and play than it is to sit on the bench.

“The good things you do and the bad things you do, they’re going to be visible. You own them. There’s no excuse for what he did and the way he acted.  He’s embarrassed by it and doesn’t like it.  He’s worked hard to do a lot of good things, but putting him back in would’ve penalized more people if I left him on the bench.”

Earlier this year at South Carolina, Jones was injured and unavailable to play.  When Eli Brown went down with an injury, Boogie Watson played one snap at the goal line and made a tackle.  When Jones was able to return to action a few weeks later, Watson returned to his original position at outside linebacker where he’s remained since.

Stoops said Jones will not be suspended for any portion of the bowl game, unless Jones fails to complete the requirements set forth by the head coach at today’s one-on-one meeting.

“It would be easy for me to dismiss him and move on,” he said. “But that’s not the business we’re in.  That’s the easy way to go.  The hard thing is for me to continue to develop and grind and have him be accountable and make him the person and the player that he can be.  That’s what you struggle with as a coach. Sometimes in this day and age, we want to just move on and dismiss people too easy. I can’t do that. I’ve gotta just keep on working.”

Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

29 responses to “Mark Stoops Explains Why Jordan Jones Re-entered the Louisville Game”

  1. unbridled

    Mark stoops is a joke. Can we please begin the process of loading up the money truck for a new coach that actually understands the game of football and how to advance?

  2. DennyC

    TOTAL COP-OUT by Stoops!!! He’s just as much of an embarrassment as Jones! I’ve never heard a more “scripted” interview in my life. Lost a lot of respect for Tom Leach, whom I admire, for playing along. Clearly was told not to take camera asking about lack of discipline for Jones AND Ware. Total Joke!! Smh….

    1. unbridled

      Obviously no one is going to come this year. There are far better jobs to be had. Doesn’t change the fact that the process to replace stoops should begin now. Stoops has taken the football program back to the rich brooks era. That’s a positive but someone competent is needed to take U.K. football to the next level. Mark stoops is not that person. He’s a really good assistant coach.

    2. KYcats11

      No life.

    3. J-Dub421

      So when are Lamar Jackson and Malik Williams being disciplined? They were involved in the fight. Or how about your three linemen that tried to gang up on Denzil Ware? What discipline are they getting??

    4. mcp157

      A little tap on the helmet is hardly starting a fight. Lamar started it with his shove. I think Jones reacted correctly and put the punk in his place. That being said he has responded badly in other situations and needs to play better defense like the rest of defensive team.

  3. BlueDew

    Who? Tell me what coach is going to come here and fight all the negativity, and lack of a solid recruiting base. This team beat an eight win team and two seven win teams. They defeated South Carolina that finished second in the east and had a 5-3 SEC record. They lost in the last minute in two ball games where there were questionable calls by the officials on the last play and next to last play of the game. Don’t just throw name out, come up with some legitimate names.

    1. DennyC

      Beat an 0-7 SEC UT team, beat a 1-6 SEC team, came from behind to beat FCS EKU, had struggles with C-USA S. Miss and E. Mich and BLOWN OUT by Miss St, GA and UL. Last years 7-5 team was better. This season was Smoke and mirrors. 6-6 if lucky next year. Mitch is paying this guy $4 MILLION???? Get real…

    2. runningunnin.454

      How many teams with a winning record did UL beat?


      E. MICH is MAC buddy

    4. ukjaybrat

      i see you conveniently left off our best win from that list… @ south carolina… but i guess that goes against your narative. also ignoring that our offensive line struggled a the beginning of the year because of injuries and STILL managed to beat all those teams. context helps

    5. DennyC

      Also left out LOSING to two non-bowl eligible (losing) teams (Florida and Ole Miss). Just sayin….

  4. Jesus H. Chrysler

    That’s coach speak. Weak as circus lemonade. Besides if he doesn’t have the necessary talent ready to step in at the SEC level, that’s another one on him.

  5. KYcats11

    Coach stoops did the right thing here.

    1. Luether

      You are correct. The last thing we need is to run off an SEC caliber linebacker…

  6. timewilltell

    Stoops lays an egg on this excuse. He’s on the downhill slide out of Lexington. Mitch can can him now or wade through another season of excuses. Either way his days are numbered.

    1. Rembrandt

      Moron post.

  7. DennyC

    Did he REALLY come off the recruiting trail for THIS interview?? And to address WHAT? He’s pathetic. Good luck with this dude UK fans…you’ve reached the pinnacle of The Stoops Era…. smh

  8. UkJarhead

    BlueDrew, perfectly said. Pay attention dum dums..

  9. timbo

    Nonsense. What a bunch of bologna! You put in any able body. That’s the biggest untruth I’ve ever heard from a coach at UK (or most universities for that matter). You’d have put some random in if he had gotten hurt. It had NOTHING to do with a redshirt, he didn’t play when Jones was hurt before. Why you pretending and lying Stoops? Say you screwed up, I can take that, I do too. Say you’re handling it and he’s on the bench regardless. DONT tell me “but a redshirt!” And don’t paint turds green and try to tell us they’re pickles. Ridiculous. Lying to a bunch of adults in front of the kids you’re in charge of. What a let down. I had your back until this… 100%.

  10. hillbilly cat


  11. runningunnin.454

    This is all BS; I’ve never seen so much made of nothing. Did he embarrass me…did he draw my ire? Hell No. I’v read this crap on here all day.
    Many of you have never been in a hot LZ; I can tell you, if you were…you would want Jordan Jones with you.
    And, as far as I’m concerned, when Lamar Jackson heads to the NFL, he can take Lamar Thomas with him. Back in the day, we called his actions…treason.

  12. Natureboy42

    Although I agree that was a weak excuse on Jones and Stoops should have sat him down after the two penaltys and played anyone else I love all our fans with short term memory loss. When we hired Joker I thought we made the right move but it didn’t take long to find out he was in over his head and the program suffered immensely. Have we forgotten those 2-10 seasons? How we quit trying to recruit? Did you ppl think we were a program any top level head coach would wanted to have come here at that time. The fan base was ecstatic at his hire and I for one still think he is the man for the job. Is he still learning to be a head coach, yes. Do there need to be changed made to some of the staff, yes. I still believe he’s the right man for the job. Rome wasn’t built in a day and fixing a program that was as badly broken as ours was takes time. So as the poster above said for all the Stoops haters when your done whining please tell us all how you plan to get Nick Saben or Dabo Sweeny or any other top 5 coaches to leave those programs. If you choose to be part of the problem then please be part of the solution too.

  13. ukkatzfan

    Why is KSR on a witch hunt with Stoops ? Did Coach Stoops hurt Matt’s feelings somewhere along the line?

    1. ukkatzfan

      Even though Matt probably did not see my apology on periscope 5 minutes ago, I did apologize. And I do now. I have no idea why these articles BUT I am now comfortable with them. Guessing I will learn more at 9am CT in the morning when KSR is on my iphone iHeart app. Thank you.

  14. StuckinLville

    What about Kash Daniels? Look I’m behind Stoops, but he’s gotta get this team together and put together a solid bowl game to keep me.


    You fans calling for his job are crazy. Is he a perfect coach? No, if he was he wouldnt be at UK.You have to realize the caliber of school you cheer for. Stoops is at the right place. He took over a C- USA caliber team and made them into a middle of the road SEC team. That is improvement. The next step up is where we all want to be.

  16. Howdy Doody

    The player you are all defending SPIT on opposing fans….

  17. Paw

    I’d be willing to bet that if We had won that game and we could have if everyone played with all their heart and soul and emotion like Jordan Jones you cry babies would be beating a different drum, No one gets as angry as I do when I think they should be running plays different from what’s not working like when they kept running the ball and all of a sudden Benny busts through a concrete wall breaking tackles gaining yards even when it seemed like he had no where to go he kept grinding he didn’t quit like you guys do every week! Put on your big boy pants ! It’s College Football and it’s getting better jump ship if you need to it’s the easy thing to do! Yes Jordan lacks some discipline and he runs every inch of the field to win every play and if we were winning you all would be cheering him on instead of wanting to burn Stoops at the stake He dumbed it down for you idiots you have no idea what his conversations with Jordan contained! Bleed Blue or go away.