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Mark Stoops Addresses “Chaos” Kentucky Displayed vs. Louisville

Mark Stoops usually does not attend his final call-in show.  After Kentucky created chaos in the Governor’s Cup, Stoops set the recruiting aside for an extra day to reassure the Big Blue Nation that they will not see anything like that ever again.

“There’s really no excuse.  There was some things that had to be said.  There was no excuse for the way of the things played out.  I was not very proud of it.  Our team has represented this university by and large very good.  We have some guys doing some great things. The negative stuff and the way we played and the way we represented the university at times Saturday, I was not very proud of it.  That needed to be addressed.

“We had a good long meeting today.  I think we definitely hit home on some things that we needed to do.  I needed to have some individual meetings with some players yesterday and today, got a lot done and got some things back on track.  I don’t anticipate any lingering effects at all.”

Stoops did not elaborate on specifics from the team meeting other than, “that went as good as possible.”  He also met individually with Jordan Jones, Denzil Ware and other players.  They will be disciplined internally.  If the players meet the requirements set by Stoops, they’ll be eligible to return for the bowl game.

Jones and Ware were not alone.  Their actions coincided with Nick Haynes’ complaint about a young staffer, a grievance the senior team captain aired publicly on Twitter about 12 hours prior to kickoff.  From the outside, the Kentucky football team looked like a mess.  Mark Stoops shared a different perspective.

“You’d be silly to think that everything is peachy and perfect all the time and that everybody’s always happy.  You have 110 kids.  There’s a lot of egos in the room, but our team cares about each other.  Nick cares about his team.

“Sometimes there’s things that linger, sometimes kids handle it one way or the other, but to think that everybody in that locker room is completely and perfectly happy with the way the season went for them…I wouldn’t expect them to be.  But there’s absolutely zero issue.  There never has been.

Stoops has often been defensive when backed into a corner.  At the end of tonight’s show he deviated from the norm and tried to inspire the fan base with this three-minute monologue:

“We accept it all.  I know people get tired of it, but what else are you gonna do?  We own it and do the very best we can.  I’m proud of this team and so many good things they do off the field.  I’m not trying to cover that (bad) stuff up, but it’s like– Courtney Love and the stories and the people, Stephen Johnson and the things they’re doing are amazing.

“By and large we’ve represented the university the right way.  We’re gonna go back to work to do that because we care.  We care about this fan base.  We care about the way we represent the university.  I love this team.  I’m not proud of their actions at times, especially this past Saturday, but I’m proud of the growth they’ve made in so many areas. And I really appreciate doing this show with you, the callers, I appreciate the media and the fan base.  You want the expectations high.  You want to deliver.  More so than the expectations, you want to deliver.  I take great pride in that and we’re going to work extremely hard to get that done.

“We’ve knocked down some doors.  We’ve gained on some people.  We’ve improved in so many areas and we’re gonna keep on going.  There’s so much turmoil, there’s so much chaos, there’s so much bad stuff out there.  I’m proud of the good things we did.  The bad stuff and the areas we need to improve, we’re going to do it and we need everybody to do it.  I know I said that at the day one press conference and I say it now: it takes all of us to get this done, to win in the SEC

“…We need everybody.  We need this fan base. Don’t get discouraged and disgruntled.  I promise ya, we’ll get our arms around this.  The chaos that went on Saturday, we’ll get it straightened out.  This is a team that cares.  They’re fun and they’re passionate.  We’ll get back to our winning ways.  Where ever this bowl game is, we’re going to go there and represent you the right way and play hard and have some fun and win this football game.  I greatly appreciate ya and I can’t wait to  see ya at the bowl site.”

Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

50 responses to “Mark Stoops Addresses “Chaos” Kentucky Displayed vs. Louisville”

  1. 3 fan

    Year 5 dude. Same excuses. People don’t care as much anymore. You are one dumbass buyout from being down the road

  2. BigBlue4EverUK

    There is nothing that nothing to address. Just pack Eddie and you’re bags, and hit the road.

  3. BigBlue4EverUK

    *Edit* There is nothing to address. Just pack Eddie and you’re bags, and hit the road.

    1. stratblend

      Even with the edit you didn’t pass English 101

    2. david8577

      Seriously, how hard is it to figure out the difference between your and you’re? You should have to just stay in 5th grade until you understand it.

  4. maximumscott

    The problem is and always has been his inexperience as a Head Coach. PERIOD. He has gotten better but he isnt a polished product. Most of the issues can be chalked up to inexperience.

    1. inside info2

      The inability to develop talent can’t be addressed. Brooks did more with less talent. Stoops players aren’t improving on the defensive side of the ball. And they definitely aren’t playing as a unit.

    2. bailey000

      Brooks did not do more. Why does everyone think brooks was some championship coach? I remember scoring a bunch of points, while other teams scored more. Everyone loved having Kentucky boys at QB throwing touchdowns, Drew hasnt been it yet. Stoops deserves more time and a lot more support.

    3. Rembrandt

      Stoops inherited a 2-10 team. Back to back 7-5 seasons is a clear improvement. But there are people in this world who are incapable of every being happy or giving credit when it is due. Irrational lack of support for Stoops falls into two categories. One category is people who cannot accept Barnhart under any circumstances. When they attack Stoops, they are attacking Mitch. The other category is angry people who use UK football as an outlet to vent their misery without having to face their own chaos. We see both here, and it is a shame. Sports are meant to be a pastime, not primal therapy.

    4. ClutchCargo

      Rembrandt – I kind of fall in the category of not accepting Barney. But +1 for incorporating “primal therapy” in your response!

    5. inside info2

      Bailey — Brooks had much less talent on the rosters than Stoops does. He was able to “coach them up” much better than Stoops has been able to. We played a tougher schedule when Brooks was here and we went to and won several bowl games with Brooks. So yes, he did more with less.

      Rembrandt — Yes, there obviously has been clear improvement over Joker. No question. But Stoops is still leaving A LOT on the table due to his bad coaching and clock management. You are correct, I’m not a fan of Barnhart and think I have great reason to be. He kept Tubby for a year or two too long, really screwed up hiring his replacement, and then was forced to hire a person he absolutely didn’t want to hire. On the football side he begged Brooks to come here because he couldn’t get anyone else to come. Brooks was a good coach while he was here. But Barnhart hired a coach with zero Head Coaching experience as his replacement. That crippled the program. Then he hired another coach with zero HC experience. That lack of experience has cost us several wins over the last 5 years. And I couldn’t care less about how well we are doing in the non-revenue sports.

      I’m very happy in my home life. No chaos there. So there is a third option — I think UK football could and should be better than it is. I look at other programs — in and out of the SEC — that have improved and wonder why we can’t be like them. Football envy.

  5. timewilltell

    If the criteria for success or failure is Wins & Loses (especially this season with the schedule) then Stoops has failed. The decision is basically does Mitch endure another season or stop the bleeding now? Says here he is too deep with $$ coaching contracts. More pain in the near future for KY FOOTBALL

    1. Rembrandt

      Well, actually, if it’s about wins and losses, Stoops is succeeding. Get out your calculator and see if 7 is greater than 2.

      I have some concerns of my own about this season. I am concerned that we peaked in our wins against South Carolina and Missouri, then executed well in only one other game after that. I am concerned about the play of our defensive unit. But there is no question Stoops is succeeding. He may not be succeeding fast enough for some of you. But that is your problem. If it bothers you this much, then don’t watch. Simple.

    2. rickwhitetx

      Are we a championship team yet? No, of course not. Am I disappointed in the Mississippi State, Georgia, and Louisville games? Of course I am. Is the program in better shape today than it was 5 years ago? HELL YES!

      As things stand right now, we are almost always going to have problems winning the 2 games against the SEC West. Georgia is solid and will be for the near future. That’s, probably, 3 losses right there. If we can consistently get to 8 or 9 wins in the regular season I’ll be a happy as a pig in slop. 7 wins and a bowl games is a fine season for UK football. I’ve been around since the days of Stoll Field. I know where this program usually sits. Stop bitchin’ and enjoy what we have right now. If we lose Coach Stoops we might end up in worse shape than Tennessee.

    3. RUKidding

      It is amazing to me all this “but we’re 7-5” BS. Maybe one quality win the entire season, yet people like Rembrandt thinks everyone should dosey-doe down the middle of Kroger Field. Tell you what, Rembrandt, let’s talk this same time AFTER next year because Mark Stoops is going to take MANY butt-kickings next year and will be exposed for the coach he’s not.

  6. KYcats11


  7. unbridled

    Unfortunately we will have to endure at least one more season of amateur hour.

    1. Rembrandt

      Actually, the amateur hour is what we see in amateur analysis by some fans who are shopping for reasons to be unhappy.

    2. unbridled

      Did the U.K. Defense line up with 10 defenders, not once but twice, against Florida? Are you familiar with the game of football?

      Your irrational acceptance of mediocrity and diminished standards is the only psychological issue at play here.

  8. jaws2

    Please, who have we “gained” on? Do you really think the other teams in the east are going to be sitting still?

  9. tippytoe

    Mitch has made some good hires. Volleyball, baseball, basketball (one exception). But he continues to whiff on football. Joker and Stoops not hc material. Saban types are not coming to UK. Only hope is to take a chance on someone with some baggage, similar to Cal.
    The fan base is lost. Expect to see an empty Kroger next year.

  10. Cmart0907

    Still trying to figure out why the secondary always 10 yards off the receiver. Receivers wide open EVERY SINGLE GAME!!!!!!!

    1. jmcatt

      Agreed, our DB’S are huge and strong. I have no idea why we don’t play bump and run coverage and jam the receiver at the line to throw the timing off.

    2. Cmart0907

      It’s mind blowing that they won’t change their defense scheme. The secondary was supposed to be the cream of the crop. They will be better if hey play bump and run. But the DB’S always seem lost and out of position. Playing bump and run you will stay on your receiver the whole play.

    3. TWhite

      So you play bump and run and get beat deep over and over? The corners just aren’t great. Play man and you lose one on ones. Play zone and hope to get some pass rush and force bad throws. Dan Mullen exposed our secondary, and everybody else followed suit. Just got to get better players in there. This is the SEC.

  11. Rixter

    Let me get this straight: in 60 minutes, Mark Stoops said “yada yada yada, we gotta get back to work’?

    Must have been fascinating radio.

  12. marcusfurn

    Damn, y’all are brutal. Nick Saban is not walking thru that door. Back to back 7-5 seasons and 4-4 in conference is an improvement, especially over the train wreck Stoops inherited. Do I love him? No. But, this is UK football we are talking about folks. If we can get to 8 wins this year and 8 or 9 in the future, I am happy, especially with some talented, exciting players like Benny, Lynn Bowden, etc.

    1. Luether

      Honest post…

    2. BluKudzu

      Maybe you need to ask yourself why was it a train wreck prior to Stoops?
      Because the AD chose Joker and basically pushed Brooks out the door.
      When that move failed, and failed miserably, 5 years later, we still give up more yds and points than the previous “train wreck”, and it is being sold as progress.
      Joker had guys that were good guys in the community too.
      But at least our millionaire coach is going to get back to work and fix things so we will only lose to Louisville by Vegas lines this time instead of 3 times the Vegas lines.
      Same stuff, shinier helmets, different decade.

    3. jmcatt

      Brooks was never pushed out the door, he was ready to retire. If I’m not mistaken it was Brooks that pushed Joker to be the coach in waiting as to keep some continuity within the program.

    4. timewilltell

      You are correct!

  13. Jiminy Crickets

    Here’s the thing. I do not think he’s the right fit, but we are obviously going to see Stoops 6.0, so I will wait and see what happens, and support this UK team, but I seriously doubt I make a home game next year. I may go to a few away games, the atmosphere is better and at least i get to see a decent football team play.

  14. inside info2

    Did anyone ask him what Mitch Barnhart said to him in their closed door meeting after the game? I would love to hear what Mitch’s thoughts were on the chaos.

  15. KYcats11

    Fire the defensive coordinator and I have optimism for next season. Heck I don’t care who you hire stoops, look at it this way, it’s almost impossible to be worse than what we have now.

    1. rickwhitetx

      Really? Impossible to be worse than 7-5? Apparently you were born yesterday.

  16. Angelo

    John Wooden (the crook) said it about Pistol Pete, “Basketball is a team sport.”
    Football is also a team sport…

  17. BluKudzu

    The only thing I see different with Stoops is different uniforms and shinier helmets.

    The product he has put on the field has averaged 7 losses per year, which is still an overly compensated, losing football coach, with a poor performing team.

  18. CMC

    Perfect response from Stoops. If the defense doesn’t improve to start next year we have a problem that I’m not sure how to address since Stoops himself is a defensive coach. That being said I’m of the opinion that it will be really really really hard for Kentucky to ever be more than a perennial 7-5 8-4 team with the occasional “great” 9 win team, so even if the defense doesn’t improve I’m ok with 7-5 and having a chance at 9 wins every few years. What sucks is this was our chance at 9 and we missed it

    1. inside info2

      If we couldn’t win 8 or 9 this season, with the diminished level of play in the SEC then Stoops will never win 9 games. Stoops can’t coach and can’t develop players. He’s had 5 years to learn and he hasn’t been able to. We have more talent due to recruiting but he can’t do anything with that talent.

    2. ClutchCargo

      I kind of have to agree with inside info2 on this. We have our own version of Ron Zook. Excellent recruiting and not much else.

  19. olejordy

    Cats were 7-5 for a second straight season; let’s break down the #’s a bit. Of our 7 wins, our average margin of victory was around 9 points per game, so a little over a touchdown. Our 2 quality wins were both on the road, @ 8-4 South Carolina and @ 5-7 Vandy. At home, our biggest margin of victory came against EKU at 11 points, 27-16. We finished the season losing 3 of our last 4, including blowouts at Miss. State and at Georgia and getting blown out at home by Louisville.

    7-5…yes. But we’re still not that great of a football team. No matter which way you turn it. Still a lot of growing to do. I’d give Stoops 2 more years before fans start calling for a change. 7-5 is eternally great if you expect to be eternally mediocre as a program.

  20. dismore

    I think we are missing the obvious. Yes I agree Stoops is not a good game coach and underdeveloped our players. But the fact is we still do not recruit top talent. All this “Yahtzee” crap has made everybody believe we have top talent. We don’t. Is the talent better than the Joker days? Yes. But we still rank at towards the bottom of the SEC every year and around 30th nationally most years.

    1. Howdy Doody

      KSR and Matt Jones are the biggest reasons for all this sunshine and lollipops BS . He asked Joker and Brooks some really hard questions, but kisses Stoops on the mouth every chance he gets.

    2. My Dixie Wrecked

      This. Howdy Doody hit the nail on the head.

  21. Howdy Doody

    “Wuda Cuda Shuda , Now where is my money ?”

  22. BigTimeOwen

    I don’t know if these other commenters know this, but we’re talking about a bowl eligible KENTUCKY football team here. Stoops has faults but I’ll be damned if we’re going to get many other people who can get us to bowl eligibility two years in a row and a pretty bright future ahead.

  23. STX2004Champs

    Stoops= unsuccessful arm tackles.
    Brooks= low man wins type tackles.
    … if our defense would learn the basic fundamentals of a tackle then I believe this team would have 2 more wins then thay have

  24. STX2004Champs

    Mike Glaser for Defense coordinator

  25. STX2004Champs

    Seriously why not hire Coach Glaser as defensive coordinator? The man is the best at bringing the best out of young men, and as St. X head coach his defense avg only 17.7 points from the 80’s- 2010. Trust the man has had a few teams that could have beat most college teams.

  26. STX2004Champs

    Not to mention a recruiting outlet from Louisville that can compete with the “Trinity 2 Louisville” plan.