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Major Transfer Possibility for Kentucky Emerges

Some post-Christmas news to get you excited…KSR has learned that former 4 star Linebacker/Defensive End and ESPN Top 150 recruit Xavier Peters has put his name into the College Football transfer portal. You may remember that Peters is from Ohio and picked Florida State over Kentucky last year. KSR has learned he is now seeking a transfer and Kentucky, along with two Big Ten schools, are his top choices.

I suspect Kentucky has a VERY good chance of getting Peters, and for those of you who listen to KSR, he was my #2 transfer possibility I have been talking about for the past 2 weeks.

Article written by Matt Jones

29 responses to “Major Transfer Possibility for Kentucky Emerges”

  1. ukkatzfan

    Hoping we can get him.

  2. BCO

    Not suprising. Florida State is a dumpster fire. He retweets UK stuff all the time, especially regarding Josh Allen. Hopefully he comes, hes got the tools to be a stud. Man what a backer crew well have coming with him, JJ and Jared.

  3. zoupman

    Would love to have this guy.

    1. jlkirk

      Who was your # 1?

    2. Bobbum Man

      Jarren Williams lol

  4. Grazilla


  5. Logic_Prevails

    Called it

  6. UKInsider

    Jarren Williams was Matt’s #1.

  7. eyebleedblue

    Kentucky getting peters. Ha

  8. beauleonard

    That would be awesome!

  9. Nickerbocker05

    I hear Brandon wimbush from ND is high on UK atm

  10. J. Did

    It is up to him. Linebackers have had outstanding opportunities with/at KENTUCKY. Good luck to the young man. May he land in LEXINGTON and may his future be brightest there.

  11. a21CATSfan

    Is Jarren Williams on campus yet? When will Peters arrive? CATS

  12. the ghost of Bill Hicks

    Who does Marc Maggard think we’ll get?

  13. Irish son

    Greg Hoover said you guys are FOS

    1. John Henry

      What happened to Greg Hoover

    2. cats646

      Who is Greg Hoover?

  14. StuckinLville

    Yes i understand he’s a big time prospect, but he burned the Cats once. Only player that didn’t sign in December and went somewhere else where he thought the grass was greener as his stock raised. We have a lot of good players already on the team and coming in so not like we need him. Who what have thought we could ever say that about players of his caliber?

    1. Irish son

      Exactly! Screw this guy. He played us once. Let him go home and play for Cincinnati

    2. ibescootch

      We’re not saying that, you’re saying it. No one else besides you and Irish Son think we’d be better off without him. What a dumb argument- “Let’s try to get less good players because we have had some success!” How dumb.

    3. Irish son

      Screw that. You need to have integrity in your program. Seems like you want us to be transfer university, like Louisville

    4. abobicesaevior

      You are, obviously, “challenged” in many ways. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.

    5. satcheluk

      You have rejection syndrome. Get counseling. The rest of us look forward to the young man coming home where he belongs. People make mistakes and we’re still here with open arms.

    6. Irish son

      Keep your thoughts and prayers you dumb hick. They don’t work and never have

    7. Baize

      This is such a dumb argument. Obviously FSU had a terrible year, but they’ve been a powerhouse program. Can’t be mad if you lose a player to that place. Have to be pumped if he decides he made the wrong decision.

    8. abobicesaevior

      Stereotyping and assuming says more about you than me. Take care.

    9. ClutchCargo

      Sorry, but it’s just silly and petty to say we don’t want a player of his caliber just because he chose another school last time around. It doesn’t make us UofL or reflect badly on the integrity of the program if he does come here.

    10. Wade

      It was for FSU. A bigger program you should be pumped kids are making errors not picking us now and regretting going to fsu and other big programs! We are trending! Pretty cool!

  15. N-UR-i

    Ignore the angry little fools and come on down Mr Peters!