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Louisville will reportedly hire Appalachian State’s Scott Satterfield

USA Today

The Big Blue Nation has a new public enemy.

The Courier-Journal reports Appalachian State’s Scott Satterfield will be named the Cardinals’ next head coach tomorrow.  A press conference introducing Satterfield will follow a host of board meetings that will confirm the contract around 4:30 p.m.

Vince Tyra turned to Satterfield after Jeff Brohm left Louisville hanging last Wednesday.  Satterfield waited to meet with the UofL athletic director until after his team locked up the Sun Belt Championship and a 10-2 season.

Aside from his alliterative name, I do not know much about Bobby Petrino’s successor.  What’s good to know is that it was not Brohm or Neal Brown.  Their Kentucky ties would have been quite a threat on the recruiting front.

Instead, the Cards went with Plan B.  It’s going to take Scott “The Sensible Salad” Satterfield some time to revamp the recruiting scene and reinvigorate the Louisville football program.

Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

30 responses to “Louisville will reportedly hire Appalachian State’s Scott Satterfield”

  1. Parker_UKFanNC

    This kinda sucks. I’m from NC so I liked this guy and what he did at app St. Shame he had to go to Loserville.

  2. N-UR-i

    Looks like he could be Eddie Gran’s long lost son. Here to hoping he has the same amount of success following Petrino as Kragthorpe did

  3. Jiminy Crickets

    Not sexy by any stretch and I’m not so sure UL fans will like his style of play, but he’s reportedly a good guy. That’s something that program needs more than anything.

  4. JASUN74

    Lmao. Scccc, and Saaaa. Would not be alliteration !! They must have the same sound and as you can’t hear if you say them, these do not. Thanks.

    1. ibescootch

      Alliteration isn’t necessarily a sound, it can just be a letter, so yes, Scott Satterfield would be alliteration.

    2. ukkatzfan

      the occurrence of the same letter or sound at the beginning of adjacent or closely connected words.

  5. ukisgr8

    He’s better than brohm or petrino. I figured he’d wait to see what else opened up. Sadly, its a home run hire

    1. Skooms

      Lmao, he’s not better than Brohm. He’s got zero signature victories, and can’t get above 3rd place in recruiting in his own conference! He’s probably a good hire, but he’s definitely NOT Brohm!

    2. IndianaSucks

      Sounds like someone loves them some Brohm family.

    3. Skooms

      Wait and see what else opened up? Dude, he wanted the UNC job and they turned their heads for an old WAYYYYYYYYY past his prime Mack Brown. A big P5 school is going to wait for him to prove himself at a school like Memphis or Cincy, or even a lower P5 team like Rutgers, before considering him.

    4. kjd

      You didn’t include UofL in lower P5 list.

    5. Skooms

      I have no problem with Brohm and was extremely HAPPY he turned down UofL! No I don’t think he’s the next Nick Saban, but he would most certainly have broken up our in state class that’s currently committed. So when Brohm said no, it all but shored up this stellar class! Satterfield is NOT going to get our guys to flip.

    6. ukisgr8

      I live near app state and if unc turned him down like you claim they are idiots. I’m not gonna worry about proving it to anyone because he will prove it himself. The guy can flat out coach. He’s beaten some very good teams and taking some to the brink.

    7. ukkatzfan

      Brohm would have been scary recruiting from day one. In long run, I think u6 did better with this hire.

    8. Rixter

      Yeah, ‘Bama really wanted this guy to follow Saban, but he spurned their offer to come to Da Ville

    9. ukisgr8

      Replacing saban? You can make that 5th grade joke about 99.9999% of college coaches. Yeah, brohm is waiting on the bama job to open too. See how insane that sounds. Uk and ul will never be in bamas class football wise, just like they will never be in uk or ul’s class basketball wise. Its no ones dream job, just a stepping stone.

  6. JASUN74

    Really good coach!! Good hire for Louisville if you ask me. He will have them competitive in a few years probably, an that’s about all they could ask for at this point. App St plays hard and has beaten, an stayed close to some really good teams in the past few years,

    1. SuperTroy18

      Hopefully he can get them mediocre and jump to a better job, if he’s as good as everyone is saying he is. I don’t think they’ll ever get back to those big seasons they had in the lesser conferences they were in, but mediocrity is the goal for them right now, I’d say. I don’t think we will have to worry about losing to UL for a long time. As long as Stoops continues to recruit well, and we worry more about SEC, then I think we get a pretty good streak going against them. We should absolutely OWN the state in recruiting too. We should not lose out on a kid to UL ever again. Ha.

    2. DennyC

      Appalation State has been ranked in the Top 25 more weeks in the past 5 years than UK has …

    3. JASUN74

      I agree with you Troy. He is a good coach though and just what their program need to get them stabilized. He will get them back to a bowl game in a couple years and probably keep them there. Yeah it’s timw we take over this state and quit letting anybody come and get our kids. We can win the East if we keep our big time guys guys and mix in some good ones like we’re doing. Great to be a KY fan!! I lost my voice a few times those 2 win seasons. Lol. They sure played hard as they could and I’m still proud of those guys. BUT. So much better experience when we win. Lol. Love when we are and where we’re going. Thanks

  7. BigTimeOwen

    Seems like a good football coach but I always wonder about how coaches without any Power 5 experience make the move to Power 5 schools with high expectations, especially in recruiting. He’s got a couple year window but I imagine this plays out just about the same way Butch Jones did at Tennessee.

  8. BigolBlue

    Good thing Brohm didnt go there. Woulda killed recruiting

    1. bigbluebanana

      This. This right here is a perfect example of you adding nothing to the conversation. You just show up to stir the pot. We are long past Brohm to LOUISVILLE talk, yet here you are showing up finding some way to throw shade at UK. Never change, we love watching you make a fool of yourself. I’ll just sit here and wait until your bodyguard combatmedic98 shows up to save his precious little man.

    2. BigolBlue

      Just stating the fact that he would have stolen players from Stoops. Wow you are sensitive. Ksr bodyguard.

    3. Booby Petrino

      Bigol is probably coderedturd. They always change accounts for whatever reason. Trollin is a hobby.

    4. ukisgr8

      This was the general consensus. Heck, even robinson said if brohm went to UL he would follow. Brohm would have atleast pulled the Louisville kids.

    5. bigbluebanana

      Key word in your reply ukisgr8 is “was”. It is a moot point at best and one that troll just couldn’t wait to work into any conversation to sh!t on UK, that’s what he does.

  9. cats646

    I hate him already!

  10. DennyC

    Appalation State has been ranked in the Top 25 more weeks in the past 5 years than UK has …

  11. UKfanforlife

    The guy has no ties to the city of Louisville or Kentucky. That is good news. Brohm doesn’t have a great won/loss record yet, but he will. He has deep ties to the city of Louisville. It is Louisville’s loss that they couldn’t get Brohm, on recruiting alone. I could care less about their new hire, as long as it wasn’t Brohm.