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Listen to Mark Stoops’ interview with KSR

In case you missed this morning’s interview with Kentucky Sports Radio, the hardworking people behind the scenes (Shannon The Dude and Maria) uploaded the first hour of today’s podcast for your football-loving ears. Stoops gave a great interview, as he always does with KSR, giving us an in-depth update on how everything stands through six spring practices, including how the quarterback race is shaping up.

Excellent stuff from Stoops below to kick off the first hour:

Article written by Drew Franklin

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24 responses to “Listen to Mark Stoops’ interview with KSR”

  1. Tru Blu Fan

    Stoops is one hell of a recruiter/salesman, but I think it’s becoming evident that he is in over his head when it comes to being a head coach.

    1. jaws2

      Unless Whitlow improves dramatically, we’re doomed this year, again. The guy could not throw the football accurately.

    2. DB11

      WTF are you talking about?? Completely false buddy.

    3. JBCat

      You cant be serious.
      Please tell me that you are joking…

      Let’s just pretend for a second you aren’t. You are gonna throw Stoops under the bus after 1 freakin year inheriting what Joker P left after 3 ?

      We are still in the INFANT stages of what Stoops is gonna do for this program.

      Don’t even think about judging until after 3 full seasons. If you do, you are part of the problem. If you are serious about judging him after 15-16 months, then you are a COMPLETE IDIOT!!!!

  2. Carmine

    I hate to say it but if he thinks Jalen Whitlow is the answer , he may be over his head!! Kudos to his recruiting skills but im sick to my stomach even hearing Whitlow is an option!!

    1. jaws2

      Unless Whitlow improves dramatically, we’re doomed this year, again. The guy could not throw the football accurately.

  3. Duuuuuude

    Comments by fans (such as the ones above) who are not there to watch practice and evaluate players day to day like Stoops is lends a lot of credence to the things people like Wilbon says.

    1. Cayuts


    2. Carmine

      So watching Whitlow for 2 years gives the fans no right to an opinion on him.. I hate to tell u but i watched every game the last 2 years 4-20!! As far as im concerned Ive more then earned the right to my opinion on WHitlows lack of QB skills..If u think these comments are bad then u should not go to any message board.. No one is attacking Whitlow personally!! They are attacking his QB skills , Many even said they think he could play a slot receiver role!! And dont be so damn dramatic no one said anything even remotely harsh!! Plus Wilbon is an idiot he is a bad writer he never basis any thing he says on facts just emotion.. ..

    3. Duuuuuude

      Carmine, Stoops’s career hinges on his ability to put the players on the field that give the team the best opportunity to win. If he believes that Whitlow does that, then I believe him. He is betting more money with his pay check every year than you or I could possibly ever hope to earn. He has a proven offensive coordinator. I don’t like what I saw last year either, but if he says that is the best he has, I take him at his word.

  4. linebeard

    These are the same people who routinely jump on and off the basketball bandwagon.

    1. Carmine

      LOL Oh yeah u are right they are real similar.. We watched a football team go 2-10 last year and Whitlow could not throw the ball at all.. So we dont want him named as starter!! What does this have to do with the basketball team or bandwagon? Plus does UK football even have a bandwagon?

  5. robbie

    if he says were better, then why not believe it? brutal schedule last year did them no favors. Should be more competitive this year and that’s all i expect. withing 3 years we should be a 5-6 win team IMO. he’s a hell of a coach and I don’t see why he cant get it done.

    1. Carmine

      Its tough to believe that better will be a big difference from last year if we have Whitlow as a QB.. Even a back-up .. They should have changed his position he is very athletic but cant throw a lick..

  6. Chicago Chris

    Maybe it’s just me, but talking football so soon after Monday’s game is like going to the pound to get a new kitten the day after your long-time cat dies. Just not ready for it. Still in mourning.

  7. Biff Switters

    Sounds great Coach!!! Can’t wait to see the boys get it on in the Fall!!! I like that new uniforms and helmets will be juggled around as well. Keep’em excited and looking sharp!!!

    I can’t wait to see AJ Stamps put his stamp on some SEC receivers and running backs!!! He sounds like the perfect bit of aggressiveness that will rub off onto all of these young guys. I like HUNGRY DEFENSE! That more than anything is what I want to see: A Defense that gets after and tackles well!

    Thanks Coach!! GO CATS!!!


  8. 2020

    Just a quote to motivate the whole QB corps. Nothing more.

  9. Stoops

    Stoops: “We’re going to have our celebration when we win a bowl game.” That made me go “HA” out loud. I won’t hold my breath.

  10. Worst Part

    The worst part about being a Kentucky fan is other dumbass Kentucky fans. Good grief some of you people are too stupid to live.

    I don seeened that Jalen Whitslow frow him a footbawl and he aint enny good. Faaar Stoops fer even menchenin Winslow on them thar radios.

    1. DoWhat

      I feel the same way. +1

  11. Pro Stoops

    Why are people getting so torn up about him saying as of right now Whitlow is the best one. It’s April 10th there is still quit a bit of time until the season starts, it could be the middle of June and all of a sudden Barker or Phillips are the best ones. Be patient it is not like he said Whitlow is going to be the starter.

  12. Pro Kentucky

    I wish the radio show would have concentrated more on the linebacker position. It was briefly touched on. I could care less about couch burnings and players on twitter or any other social network. I say as I have said before Hatcher or Dupree need to be moved to the middle linebacker position you need your best 11 out there and not one of the best 11 playing back up to two outstanding defensive ends.

    Whitlow may be alright if the offensive line gets better and protects him or whoever is quarterback. I look at how banged up Maxwell Smith got because our OL sucked. If Smith was healthy Whitlow would be at receiver where he needs to be. I was pulling for Reese Philips and playing Whitlow at receiver but at this point and time I do not care and hope whoever Coach decides to play wins.

    1. DoWhat

      Yeah put two guys with absolutely no cover skills at MLB. Not too smart are ya?

  13. Larry Pup

    Whitlow has not won it yet, but he could if he wins it on the practice field, and that’s the way it ought to be handled. Coach merely said if UK had to play a game right now, Whitlow would be the man. That makes sense because he has more playing time under his belt than the others. He had good things to say about the other three QB’s as well, and was most complimentary on Towles. If you listened he sort of said that they would need to narrow it down to one of them by the end of the spring. The guy that comes out of spring practice leading the pack should have a leg up come fall. I say the best man wins, but these coaches need to step up and make a decision and not let this thing drag on like it did last year, JMO.