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14 responses to “KY High School Football Experiencing Steady Decline in Participation”

  1. nocode96

    This isn’t just a Kentucky thing. Parents aren’t letting kids play. Even former nfl hall of gamers aren’t letting their kids play. Football is going to have to adapt, just like it has plenty in the past, or we are going to lose it.

  2. Han

    People who say kids aren’t tough nowadays are also the kind of people who say being bullied builds character and teaches you how the world is.

    1. Cousins Fake Tooth

      Kids are pussies these days. And the best coach I ever had was one that yelled and screamed at me.

    2. Skooms

      Is that you Coach Billy Clyde??

  3. DelrayCat

    Even if you quit playing after high school. The years of abuse on the body from pee-wee on takes its toll. And then from 45 on….most pay a big price for that time played with a life of arthritis in the back, neck, knees, and shoulders. I truly love the sport…but once you get old, it wasn’t worth it unless you made millions doing it.

  4. zoupman

    Another factor is the way the KHSAA allows the private schools to recruit. Fact certain schools don’t have to play by the rules has taken its toll.

    1. RICKSVD

      Yea like male doesn’t recruit. Fact is they do. I know players past and present that have no business going there education wise, but are good at football, so a gifted kid academically is at lesser academic school.

    2. bbn606

      I don’t believe there is a kid that has quit playing because a private school recruits. That is a another whole problem in itself.

  5. Big Bry 1

    If your son was legitimately brilliant at 10 years old, would you encourage him to play?

    I love football. I really love UK football. But, football is a dying sport. Not dead in 5 or 20 years but dying. In 50 years, football will be looked at like Boxing or Horse Racing, a great sport from a by gone era but one that society has outgrown

    1. RICKSVD

      Kids are wimps, and horse racing is from a by gone Era? That’s a stretch. Horse racing will be around till the end times.

    2. Skooms

      Totally agree Rick! Horse racing has been around for thousands of years. Plus it’s still huge in Europe and the Middle East.

  6. UKiyaoyas

    I played football all my life. Never at a high level and not past HS. I have some aches and pains still hanging around. Had a few concussions too. Not sure sure how those will end up in the long run but as of right now, I wouldn’t change a thing. I’d go back and play again. Probably try a little harder too. If I had a son instead of daughters I’d encourage him to play.

  7. Bill the Cat

    Would be interesting to see if they can determine WHERE the numbers are declining. My theory is they are not declining at schools that recruit but are in other communities. I coach and ref at different levels and what I see is the schools that recruit (and we know it goes on) have superior talent and often play against smaller or weaker schools. Those weaker schools may have a decent team every 4-5 years but still can’t compete with those that recruit and this causes the kids from the smaller schools away from the game. So, my theory is the declines are in those smaller communities throughout the state. Don’t tell me for one second that some schools in multi school counties don’t recruit kids within their county. (Watched one baseball game last year where a public school team had kids that lived in 4 different counties in their starting lineup vs a team that barely had enough to field a team) And we ALL know the CAL, Trinity and Lex Caths of the state recruit. The odd man out is the small county schools. Is this where the decline is?? Perhaps their kids are tired of losing to larger schools that recruit? Or, those multi-school counties whose districts have been raided are tired of their talent being taken? Inquiring minds want to know. Dig deeper KSR. prove my theory wrong. Otherwise, realign the KHSAA so all schools are on an equal playing field then you may see an increase.

  8. Yellowshirt618

    There are more for kids to do these days. Granted it’s a combination of other reasons too. Football is a difficult sport with little instant gratification from training. Our society is becoming more and more lazy…obesity is a serious issue. These are all generalities but still true.