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Article written by Nick Roush

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25 responses to “Kirk Herbstreit Believes Mark Stoops is the ‘Obvious’ Top Candidate for Florida State”

  1. maximumscott

    Cant be Stoops. He has literally said him and Marrow were calming recruits about everything. Means he would have been lying directly to everyones face.

  2. maximumscott

    Stoops isnt going anywhere. He has worked 7 years through Hell. Next year could be a culmination of those efforts. He is gonna wanna see at least next season through.

    If he somehow gets to the SEC championship game then i feel he stays for a long time bc it becomes obvious to him that he can compete at a championship level.

    Plus u get to the SEC ship game and have a good showing then recruiting hits another level.

    1. codeblue270

      Agree 100% – worked to hard to turn your back on reaching success- don’t stop now when we are so close to going to the next level, besides Florida State is a dumpster fire

    2. catdaddyd

      Remember when milk dud head left Louisville for Texas, same thing would happen to Stoops.

    3. WKY Cat

      I agree but don’t see us getting to the SEC championship anytime soon. FL and GA have very good coaches, better recruiting and are blue bloods. Stoops is aware of this and could play into him considering other opportunities.

  3. UKantstopus

    Someone tell Kirk to zip it!!

  4. maximumscott

    Cmon Kirk helping Stoops get a raise at UK

  5. MtnCat

    UK’s football coach is in the news because he’s good. This is news, yell it from the mountain top! The UK football culture is changing, no, has changed.
    Now go kick Tennessee’s ass…

    1. cats646

      Hell you got me pumped up man! Now I wanna go kick Tennessee’s ass!!

  6. UKFaninCO

    Why on earth would you go to FSU? We are on path to get that level of recruit and any progress is seen as genius vs. the bar for success only being a NC?


    If he goes we should call Hugh Freeze. He is making a comeback and has owned his mistakes unlike Petrino the maggot. ATLEAST Freeze was a man took it like a man showed humility. He would be a great fit at UK.

  8. VMI1957

    Tennessee 27 Kentucky 14

    1. Bluehender

      Look, it’s one of the turds in the punch bowl…

    2. catsarerunnin

      VMI=Very Minuscule Intellect.

  9. gasman01

    If we come out totally flat Saturday, how much will be blamed on FSU job.

  10. BBN1982

    I truly believe that Stoops is going to stay in Lexington. Remember folks, he came to us. He begged us to hire him when UK fired Joker. He literally brought a photo of a empty commonwealth stadium and said he could fill this stadium and bring the program to national prominence. He did just that. He has got the fan base and administration and boosters on board. Everything he says he backed it up. He has out recruited every coach in UK history. Got the facilities he wanted. And he won 10 games last season. This class coming in is by far the best he’s had. I believe Stoops is determined to get to Atlanta and WIN IT, and prove the doubters wrong.

    1. RAGE

      I love the confidence in our program… Heck I love football and our team has improved leaps and bounds… But do you guys really feel like we are going to be favored to go to the SEC championship game next year??? No offense but as long as Kirby Smart is in Georgia the East is going to run through them… if Fromm does come back like most think he probably will they will def be favored to win the East… Plus even though we play Florida tough every year Mullins is building the Gators back to what they use to be… I can see us maybe being the 3rd best team in the East but I don’t think we are going to Atlanta for the SEC championship quite yet…

    2. WKY Cat

      Rage… hit the nail on the head

    3. dbcline1

      Maybe u should find a new team?!!! Do u not realize that we played UGA to go to the SEC CHAMPIONSHIP JUST LAST YEAR?!!! Did u watch this years games against FLA. and UGA? Well we obviously had a shot and should have beaten UF and if not for injuries we would have. Did I watch the UGA game? U realize it was 0-0 at half and it was literally like 4 plays that beat us. U can’t just watch sports center and expect to know what’s going on. We can very likely win out this year and that could get us a great bowl game again! And next year we will most likely be much better. So I certainly disagree with how far away u think we are. Stoops has done an amazing job and we need to make sure he and Marrow stay at all cost. GO CATS!!!!!

  11. livingood4UK

    Stoops stays. That is all

  12. JASUN74

    I may just cry for a week if Mark Stoops leaves Kentucky. Lol. I love his whole plan here and have been 100% behind him since day one. If something happens though and he does leave, I definitely want Norvell. He’s been doing a great job at Memphis and he could do it here also. I hate to even talk about Stoops leaving, but it’s a business and it could happen I guess.

    1. RAGE

      I remember feeling that way when Ole Rick left us to take the Celtics job

  13. Miller45

    Who replaces stoops if he does make the move?

    1. dbcline1

      Exactly!!!! We need to hold to Stoops no matter what!

  14. syrin23

    Can we just send them Eddie Gran instead?