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23 responses to “Kentucky’s 2020 football schedule released”

  1. UKGrad79

    Hi hum!!

    1. KatFan48

      Has anyone checked this schedule??? The games are on THURSDAY if the dates are correct and I know the Tennessee game was in Knoxville in 2018. I froze in the stands and watched that fiasco in Knoxville…….

    2. hitman72

      This is for next year. Those dates will be on Saturday next year.

  2. bradinmississippi

    Geez we better gird our loins

  3. ukkatzfan

    Looks like about same as this year and last. 10+ wins. Over the hump and we play Bama for SEC.

  4. JTHinton

    Who schedules a bye week on Halloween … you’d think that could be a great date for a home game

    1. CatfaninCinci

      Someone who wants 2 weeks to prep to go pull out a win in Neyland.

    2. JASUN74

      Yes sir CataninCinci!! That’s exactly why!! 2020 will be the best season in the History of Kentucky Football.

  5. Twick39

    Would it kill the SEC to schedule Florida late in the season? Especially when we play them at home?

    1. John Capilari

      Yes, apparently it would.

    2. serdi

      Fla got that changed years ago. But with all the unbalanced scheduling after the league went to 14 teams, somehow, the league office allowed the Georgia game to slip til late November. Vince Dooley always made sure that that game in Lexington was played in October. While there have been a few times in recent years that that game was played the first Saturday of November, NEVER should the 1980 National Champions have to subject themselves to potentially a ver cold day. I hope it is selected for a night game and it’s just above freezing and sleeting.

  6. TennCat

    It looks like another patsy non-conference schedule. Come on, Stoops! Schedule a Power 5 game with a competitive opponent like a Washington State or Wisconsin.

    1. mashburnfan1

      Please. This is not the Big 10, or however many teams they have, where you basically have 1 or 2 games to care about on your schedule. SEC is enough and no need to play a tough non-conf game. I would be ok with an IU, USF or Rutgers type game to help get recruits from those areas but no reason to schedule Wash St or Wisc. I believe after this schedule in 2021 we get Bama at home.

    2. JASUN74

      Why yeah TennCat, why not play Oklahoma third game of the season and get about half our players hurt for the rest of the season!! . Man I know it may be a better game for the fans to watch, but another big time physical game like that, win or lose, does nothing more for us as far as getting to the playoffs.

      Our schedule as of now, is set up perfectly to go to the playoffs. All we have to do is win our games. Not trying to be a ass, just saying, if we win our game on our schedule, we’re one of the four playoff teams, and that’s the only goal we need to have. Thanks.

    3. krautdog

      We now play Florida third game. I’ll gladly sub OK!

    4. JASUN74

      He’s not talking about subbing for Florida. He’s talking about replacing Kent state or Eastern Michigan with another power Five team. It’s fine as is for now and being kinda young we need a couple games to get better and try some things out for later in the season.

      The bigger and better teams are the more likely you’ll have more injuries. That’s all I was trying to say. But even if we could switch Florida like you say I would be pissed!! We need to start beating them and can’t if we don’t play them.

  7. michaelb

    I thought Florida came to uk this year ?

    1. runningunnin.454

      They do; this is next year’s schedule.

  8. michaelb

    7 wins it looks , if we o we achieve a lil bit could get 8

    1. JASUN74

      I thought you had actually been watching Kentucky the last couple years. “If we over achieve, we may win 8”. REALLY??? Catch up bud! We could possibly just win 8 this year, although I think we will win ten. Next year and from now on we’re competing for the EAST TITLE

  9. Randall297

    Has anyone ever RV tailgated at Auburn? I am planning on going for the Oct 3rd game and haven’t been able to find much information on parking an RV and walking to the stadium.

    1. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      Randall, sorry I’m just seeing this. I don’t know details, but I live in Montgomery, and Auburn doesn’t give people as much freedom as they used to as far as where to park and tailgate. It’s been a sore spot amongst AU fans because before they tightened up, tailgating was HUGE because you could park and tailgate about anywhere on campus, fields, parking lots, whatever. Ppl still do it, but it’s just more restrictive. I’m sorry I couldn’t be more specific.

      I actually had the opportunity years ago to go to an Iron Bowl in Auburn with a friend and tailgate with him and his coworkers. It was great fun.

    2. Randall297

      Chris-thanks for information. I can’t imagine what an iron bowl tailgate must be like there. I went about 11 years ago with my wife and we had the best time, even though it was a non conference game. We didn’t have an RV, but we got to tailgate with some friends who are Auburn fans. I’m a huge Kentucky fan, but this is a must see tailgate for all football fans. I appreciate your help.