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Kentucky vs. Missouri Halftime Stats, presented by Liquor Barn

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Kentucky trails Missouri 14-3 at halftime in Columbia and your Wildcats are not looking good. Questionable playcalling, dumb penalties, and missed catches haunted Kentucky in the first half, letting the Tigers have their way on both sides of the ball.

Benny Snell only has 23 yards on 10 carries. Terry Wilson is 9-13 for 109 yards and would have more if not for a pair of brutal drops by Dorian Baker. Kentucky went for it twice on fourth down and failed, maybe because they called a timeout and ran the exact same play coming out of it.

Bizarrely, the staff decided to put Danny Clark in on 2nd and 1 and he nearly fumbled the ball. He got a first down, but still, with Terry playing well and an All-SEC running back in Snell, why put in the third string QB there?

So many questions. Hopefully we’ll get some answers in the second half.

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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71 responses to “Kentucky vs. Missouri Halftime Stats, presented by Liquor Barn”

  1. Matty Arbuckle

    Gran couldn’t coach his way out of a nutsack. Random people from off the street would have better success with this offense.

    1. CombatMedic_98


    2. davis2319

      Sad but true. Baker can’t catch his way out of a nutsack either

    3. michaelb

      I mean why put Clark in to run the ball for 1 yard ????? Why ? What’s the reason ? There’s no good reason for that nonsense .

  2. Papaw

    Answers? Ha. It’s almost like Stoops has a season plan. Play good to get 6 wins then go for it on 4th and 1 and run Snell right at 10 defenders in the bix with NO wideouts.

    1. Wade

      Yea that’s supposed to be a sweep by terry with a te over the top of him for the first down just Incase he can’t stretch it out. You even had 2 looks at it. It’s crazy .. we know have a major problem at qb bc you know terry can’t bring us back.

  3. Parker_UKFanNC

    Gran sucks as normal but o-line has been atrocious today

  4. Shively1978

    I agree just let it rip. There pass defense is terrible. Go to Conrad and Bouvier more. Your already loosing. Sometimes you have to have the balls to gamble a little bit.

  5. Bobbum Man

    To be fair last time they called a timeout and came out in a different formation everyone also complained about that… I agree the play should have changed when they saw 11 in the box but though gotta be smarter than that

  6. pappageorgio

    Kash Daniels is way to slow to cover pass plays. He can make plays between the tackles, but gets burned every time when they pass. 4 times in the first half with a holding call in the end zone.

  7. Paw

    Can we tackle please

  8. gasman01

    This is so sad. They are giving our wide receivers 10 yards. I would throw it on every down.

  9. Paw

    Thank You!!

  10. Paw

    Thank You

  11. Paw

    Time to change while we still have a chance

  12. timtim1960

    Mark stoops passed on hiring Lincoln Riley . Enough said . Just as dumb as running Benny in the wildcat up the middle every Time . I can coach better than stoops and I have never coached before

  13. UKFootballYall

    This sucks! Why the crap do we keep passing, ALL the time! Nice game game Stoopid!

  14. Shively1978

    Yep Hoak sure was the answer. Why don’t we try recruiting a QB that can actually throw the ball and make sure wide receivers can catch before signing them.

  15. Shively1978

    I feel bad for this defense they play so hard and we can’t score points for them.

  16. Shively1978

    One reason cause they all came back on the D to win the East and have upheld there end

  17. big cat

    Peer evaluation on Stoops from other SEC coaches. 1. Can’t finish. 2. Repeat item 1. 3. Repeat item 2

  18. Shively1978

    Hoak is not the answer. He’s been here the longest and dosent even know the offense

  19. Wade

    Why did we not go for it on 4th down or kick a fg. We have no time. To come back from 2 poss down!

  20. big cat

    Eventually this horse dung falls on the coaching staff. I believe they cannot make adjustment on offense….ahum ahum Gran. Get rid of Gran….FAST

  21. Wade

    We just conceded to missouri. What wtf coaches

  22. Paw

    Do we have any receivers besides Benny

    1. 4everUKblue

      Yes we have Bowden, our best receiver.

  23. big cat

    We will NEVER get respected until we earn it….you know….like Brad….it’s earned not given

  24. UKFootballYall

    Stoops blows ASS!!! So does Mitch! Get rid of both those dumbasses!!

  25. Shively1978

    This is why we get no respect. We can’t score against anybody right now.

  26. J-Dub421

    Hoak is terrible, please go back to Terry. He’s 9/13 today, and would be 11/13 if Baker hadn’t dropped two.

  27. big cat

    Well, I’m back to no stress now that I know how good we really…..aren’t. It’s hard to love it when it won’t love you back

  28. big cat

    We are trending so far down we might drop out of the top 20…rightfully

  29. Trueblue44

    The play design is amazing with Gran. First off, screens on 1st down when no one on the planet expects a blitz are godawful, but to design a screen with 1 single outside blocker is simply fireable. He’s terrible and has taken a once in 20 year team and reduced us to average. Thanks Gran, job well done. Maybe go up in the box so you MIGHT at least be able to see something bigger

  30. Wade

    I think we just need a heavy dose of terry Benny and Lynn to end this game. I hate all our receivers. Let cj block we can’t hit him and I feel bad. I only like tavin. That’s the only guy and Lynn to throw too.

  31. Shively1978

    But it’s becoming apparent it dosent matter who the QB is when our receivers can’t get seperation against the worst pass def in the leauge

    1. 4everUKblue

      Exactly, that and poor play calling.

  32. ScottGreene22


  33. gasman01

    Kick the damn field goal. You needed the points!!!!

  34. J-Dub421

    Our offense needs to be Benny heavy and TW to Bowden heavy.

  35. ScottGreene22

    Last week Wilson can’t throw period he plays whole game this week he plays pretty good and they take him out

  36. Shively1978

    I have always supported stoops but he should have to pay back 250000 if they loose a game like this and Eddie should be fired. You’ve maybe lost two games because you don’t go to Benny

  37. Wade

    The 2 point conversion can’t even get that right typical gran. I’d hate to move on from him bc we’ve had enough oc’s and he recruits fl well,but damn he makes it hard to keep his ass.

  38. UKFootballYall

    Holy crap! Let’s find a new coaching STAFF! The game of football isn’t very difficult, for people with average intelligence (which Stoops and Gran do not possess obviously.(

  39. ScottGreene22

    Outside of Bowden our receivers are bad very bad they get no separation what so ever if they can hold on to it. Where is our Gronk

  40. big cat


  41. ScottGreene22

    Defense is ELITE offense is broken

  42. big cat

    How can you call this season any kind of success when you underachieve and underperform with Gran

    1. MyFriendsBrotherInLawKnowsMattJones

      Probably should wait until the game is over to draw conclusions.

  43. J-Dub421

    Come on Cats!

  44. 4everUKblue

    I like my quarterback!

    1. ScottGreene22


  45. ScottGreene22


  46. ScottGreene22

    What a call stoops

  47. 4everUKblue


  48. ScottGreene22

    Stoops for president

  49. big cat

    I ate crow baby…great win…lol

    1. MyFriendsBrotherInLawKnowsMattJones

      All good man, my apologies for the above comment.

  50. J-Dub421

    OH!!! CATS WIN!!!

  51. 4everUKblue

    So we suck and we’re 7-1???

  52. ScottGreene22

    Gronk won the game Wilson is our QB

  53. J-Dub421

    Terry Wilson for the win!!! Take that haters!!! Eat it Medic you loser!

  54. 4everUKblue

    Where are you medic, hope you left the country!

  55. CATandMONKEY

    Medic,. SUCK IT

  56. bankerbh

    Great win. Coaches need to figure out how to improve the offense in the next 7 days or it will be ugly against Georgia.

  57. bigbluebanana

    Where’s combatmedic98? Lol. Go Cats!!!!

    1. 4everUKblue

      He was last seen holding hands with Hoak….LMAO!

  58. BluKudzu

    Touchdown Terry.
    STFU everyone of you complaining losers.
    Playing for the championship next Saturday.
    7-1, all you doubters of your team…..
    Get on board with the best defense we have ever had at UK.
    They won this game.
    Two great defenses next week. UK is number 1.

  59. Shively1978

    I had to rewind my DVR and watch again to make sure that really happened

  60. 4everUKblue

    I NEED A MEDIC! But not just any old medic, I NEED A COMBAT MEDIC! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

  61. Shively1978

    That last drive was awesome. Hopefully now Wilson’s confidence to throw down field will grow and how about Lynn Bowden what a game. I still think Stoops called the offense on the last drive. If that last play dosent work it’s Am all over again think goodness for CJ