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Article written by Jack Pilgrim

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10 responses to “Kentucky linebacker Chris Whittaker is in the NCAA Transfer Portal”

  1. ukkatzfan

    DC was talking today that he wants 11 going after the ball on the field. Transfer portal is the other extreme in majority of cases.

  2. weneedpitino

    Even if he does we will be fine, I wish him well if he does. My sources are not sure about next years class, but I can tell you that they are saying the following year we will have a top 3 class, maybe even possibly a #1 class. Things are only going to get better from here. Oh and one more thing my sources also told me is that mitch is thinking of writing stoops up a new contract signing him until the year 2037. Go cats!!

    1. Alex90

      Ok I get you’re a troll but why do you waste hours of your day reading and commenting on UK posts? I could understand 1-2 comments but you are literally commenting on every post. And you’re not even funny….it’s pretty sad

    2. meeksfor3

      @alex90 what do you mean he isn’t funny? He cracks himself up.

    3. 4everUKblue

      Alex, this is none other than BigolSlaterMedic, originally Slater, he has no life outside of trolling UK fans and is most definitely a UofLittleBro fan. I’d be bitter too if I were a Cards fan.

    4. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

      I didn’t believe it at first but now I see what their saying. This is a parody account of slater. Slater always does that stupid source thing to bash Kentucky, this guys doing it to the extreme opposite direction.

  3. weneedpitino

    Well, hmm mr. Alex sir I thought that’s what comment sections were for. Are you one of them liberals that only thinks free speech is for only the things you believe in. I’m a wildcat through and through, and because of people like timmeatwallet I knew I needed to step my game up, that’s why last night I stopped by Walgreens and picked up a pair of UK socks. Go cats!!

    1. truebluefootballfan

      How dare you…. those socks will clash horribly with your 90’s chin strap beard

    2. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

      If this was slater he’d never buy UK socks because he has 20 pairs of Loserville and Puke socks he uses as spanking it condoms.

  4. notFromhere

    Disappointed things didn’t work out for him. Hope he finds a place he fits in and gets to play. I had guessed he would be in the mix outside.

    That’s part of all of it with this game. You have to be patient and work hard to get better and either stick it out with Hope’s of earning time or transfer to where you’re needed more immediately and take advantage of that opportunity. Tough decision to make