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Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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16 responses to “Kash Daniel is the folk hero Kentucky Football needs”

  1. TheAssman

    Great stuff Tyler

    Kash $

  2. east-ky-boy

    I’m from Pikeville. Us mountain people Really are proud to see a east ky kid doing well. Proud of Kash. Watched him n high school. He was a qb. Dead serious. He ran over a lot of people lol

    1. friendsofcoal

      I was standing on the rail behind the end zone when he ran the 2-pt conversion in without any time in the clock to beat Pikeville 22-21. Awesome games in high school and an awesome kid…or man now!

    2. friendsofcoal

      He was actually a pretty damn good QB as well!

    3. friendsofcoal

      YouTube “Kash Daniel against Pikeville”

  3. Tom Bombadil

    This is a fabulous article! … and that’s the bottom line! Go CATS!

  4. zoupman

    Winning makes everything fun.

  5. az1006

    I said it a few times before the season started…This team has an edge that other Kentucky teams in the past just didn’t have. They take the national disrespect personally, and it is spearheaded by guys like Kash and Benny. And it isn’t just in their heads…It truly is jersey bias. If this same team had a different uniform, they’d probably be ranked in the top 20. And I think they’ve gotten over that hump, where instead of playing with the Kentucky yoke around their neck, their playing with a sense of pride to go out and prove they belong. The win Saturday night was the first step towards it. Still a long way to go, but as I said before, this year feels different. Gonna be special.

  6. Luether

    Nice post, Mrs TT! We’re all proud of Kash…

  7. ClutchCargo

    Ha! This needs to be part of the pre-game video montage from now on.

  8. katmandue2you

    Props to you Ms. Tyler! Appreciate ya! Helluva lot better than an update on our roundballers in the nba…or even what the future 2019 juggernaut of a basketball team is up to. We got time for all that later. Right now its….FOOTBALL TIME IN THE BLUUUUEEEEEEGRRRRRAAAAASSSSS!

  9. Greatcatfan

    I’m from Hazard, a small coal town that went to hell when the mines shut down so my family had to move to London but I never forgot how hard it was living in there. I still take pride in people like Kash. Almost the same feeling you got with Couch, who could have honestly been a great NFL qb if he went somewhere with an o-line. Any way a got work in a SW Indiana town and you’d be surprised how many UK fans magically started rerepresenting up here after that win. I see more UK shirts then I see IU.

  10. derricktwells

    How do I download this gif?


    Love Kash! Love all of our players and I have all the confidence in the world in their abilities… Our coaching on the other hand…. I’m excited about our win over Florida, but I also find myself pessimistic about the rest of our season. One win does not make a season. Remember when Stoops started the season 5-0? I also remember what followed. We have won ONE game this year that we weren’t supposed to win – now let’s win the ones we’re supposed to and I might buy into Stoops! Until then I will keep cheering our players.

  12. shaun

    I want a T-shirt of the three sec. mark on the Kash video

  13. Kat4Life

    So proud of Kash. He is a fan favorite for sure, but dammit he is also leading the nations best conference in tackles !! Whoooooooi !!!