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Article written by Nick Roush

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10 responses to “Josh Allen’s Decisions Set Examples for Players across the Country”

  1. BluejayK

    It has been an honor and a privilege to get to watch this young man grow and achieve things that no one thought possible. I would have thought no less of him had he decided to sit out . I wish some of the basketball players would follow his lead. Staying an extra year or two is nothing to be ashamed of. Put in the work and go take what you think you deserve, just like Mr. Allen did.

  2. Parker_UKFanNC

    A great performance could solidify a shot as a top 5 pick. Can’t wait to watch him ball out one more time for UK and hopefully being back the W.

  3. Alleykat16

    I have so much respect for that man. When others leave programs early to get paid, but not him. His love for the program and his brothers that played along side him. I thank him very much for allowing us the watch him this year do what he did. And I hope he gets everything he wants and tries to achieve for him and his family.

  4. ukcamel

    Right there with Randall Cobb as two of the greatest Cats both in terms of on the field and setting a good example in how they did things. And both were 2-star recruits.

  5. BigBlueFever

    I hope he’s going to get some insurance in case something crazy were to happen. Just like the basketball players that come back for another season when they’re projected in the late 1st round to try and work up to the lottery. I think P Patterson did it.

    I kind of wish he wasn’t playing in the bowl because i’ll literally cry if something were to happen to him.

    1. zoupman

      He is a teammate. You owe it to teammates and.cosches to play. You are obviously a

  6. 4everUKblue

    Can’t say enough good things about Josh, he is a great role model for all of us and the world needs more like him. So proud he chose to be a wildcat.

  7. Tom Bombadil

    Josh Allen you are the man! God speed sir. That is love right there…heart and soul…He wants to ball one last time with his brothers, who all together elevated this program and each other. A rising tide lifts all boats. One last ride with the one who brought ya. Go Big Blue!

  8. gasman01

    Thank you big fella. We will never forget you!!

  9. JASUN74

    The draft is pretty simple for me if I’m an owner. No matter who’s left or who you need to fill your team , you pick him if his name is there when it your turn. First or not, would’nt matter to me. You just can’t pass on him. Every team that does will regret it, and like the bears this year had to pay up for Mack, he’s in that same type of difference making players that are coveted. Anyway, good luck finding someone with his fire. I can’t wait till the game.