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Josh Allen Confirms that All of UK’s Underclassmen are Back

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Kentucky’s most talented defenders will be back in 2018.

Following the 2017 season, we knew four or five underclassmen had to make a decision: NFL Draft, or one more year at UK.  Mike Edwards and Josh Allen made official announcements earlier this week to return for one final year, but we did not hear anything about Denzil Ware or Jordan Jones.  Today Allen provided some clarity.

While talking about the defense’s potential in 2018, Allen mentioned Ware as one of the top returners.

“We need senior leadership, leadership from people who’s been there, who’s been in the trenches, who’s been at Kentucky when they were bad…I feel like we have that now with me, Mike (Edwards), Denzil (Ware), (Derrick) Baity, Lonnie (Johnson).”

A few moments later, Allen said the defense’s potential for an exceptional season alongside his Blitz Bro played a big role in his decision to return.

“I feel like that played into it a lot, especially with Mike coming back, Denzil and Jordan, and Lonnie and Chris (Westry), Baity and Darius (West). It just, all around the board we’re going to be solid and I just want to be a part of that.”

With Jones and Ware in the fold, that means nine of Kentucky’s top ten tacklers and nine of 11 defensive starters will return for the 2018 season.

Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

19 responses to “Josh Allen Confirms that All of UK’s Underclassmen are Back”

  1. bbnboy2012

    YOU GUYS!! Ware may not be eligible!! Lets tread lightly!! Josh Allen saying hes back means next to nothing.

    1. Billy Bob

      Yeah, I’d suggest everybody keep it in their pants until we have confirmation.

    2. Cokely53


    3. Billy Bob

      ^ Nah. Been around a long time and have learned to wait these things out before getting too excited.

    4. AdamN

      All of my comments get stuck forever “awaiting moderation”. No curse word or anything that seems like it would cause it to be blocked.
      But I bet this one goes through no problem, just to make me look dumb.

  2. Cokely53

    This is great news seeing these guys all wanting to come back and do something special. To me this kind of puts the pressure on stoops. He isn’t going to have any excuses. He has talent and returning leadership on defense, he needs to make sure they have a great year no not continue to trend downwards at the end of the year like they have in the past. Winning the East is probably still a long shot with Georgia but we I don’t think going above .500 in the SEC should be out of the question.

  3. KTR2786

    This would be incredible if it all plays out this way. A lot of talent AND experience? We aren’t used to this.

  4. jimmer

    Listen I don’t want to be Debbie Downer but these are all the same guys on Def last year that led us to be terrible on D. I don’t get it. What gets you excited about that. Stats and the eye test show UK was pitiful. Is it really going to improve that much bc they’re returning?

    1. johnwall

      Yes. Would you rather have guys with less playing time experience? This is nothing but a positive for the program AND A CHANCE TO BE BETTER NEXT YEAR. Yall are the sorriest bunch of “fans” sometimes. Jump on, or get off

    2. tylerwoods22

      Preach it brother

  5. bigbluechesticles

    Please stop with the hype train already. The season just ended. And pretty sure we’ve went through this the past couple years and got burned. We’re not going to win 8-9 games and win the division so go ahead and shoot down that talk. Our defense couldn’t stop anyone last year, so not sure why people are getting so excited about the same group of players. Based on our schedule, we can hopefully get to 6 wins, but that will be pushing it.

    1. johnwall

      Go root for another team

  6. maximumscott

    Now lets get Ed Reed!

  7. notFromhere

    Lol. UPPERCLASSMEN… Juniors and Seniors are upperclassmen. Dorks

  8. nybrasky

    Hopefully Westry “regresses” back to how he played as a freshman.

  9. secrick

    Great news , some of you guys only want to hear bad news. 8 wins next year for sure. POSITIVE THINKING.

    1. Kernel Sanders

      In all seriousness, name the 8 wins on next year’s schedule, or if easier, the 4 losses you would project. I looked at next year’s schedule yesterday…I just can’t see past 6 wins. Hope I’m wrong.

    2. ukcamel

      CMU, Murray, USC, Vandy, MTSU, Missouri, Miss. St., UT. And maybe at Louisville for 9.

  10. dballrb

    10dash2 sounds about right for 2018-19 season,along with the beat down in the GOV Cup…🏈🏈🏈.Go🐺s