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Article written by Brent Wainscott

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10 responses to “Josh Allen and Mike Edwards plan to Bring back the Blitz Bros”

  1. cats646

    Beat Tennessee!!

  2. Nickerbocker05

    I don’t get why KSR is on Kash Daniels nutz so much more then anyone else on this team?

    1. Nickerbocker05

      Or maybe I do know y but just don’t want it to be true…

    2. Bobbum Man

      I would guess because he’s by far the most outspoken person on the team, most energetic person on the team, leader of the defense, and a Kentucky kid on top of it

    3. Bobbum Man

      But by all means, don’t let that stop you from playing the race card

    4. cats646

      He’s from eastern Kentucky and did a stone cold impersonation when we beat Florida. Shall I say more?

    5. JASUN74

      Nickelback lovers, or whatever your name is !! You do see why he’s so popular as everyone has stated but you want soo bad for it to be about race!! A highly ranked Kentucky boy that’s gave his everything to his home state!!! Black or white, I’d like to have ten more like him. Lol. Ohh and Josh Allen, wow! What a great role model for young guys. So humble and hungry, he’s what true college athletics should be all about. Going to be long time until we see another one like him.

  3. zoupman

    Love Kash, but he should have played less snaps last two games. Not as incredible with hand in a club.

    1. Papaw

      Here’s a thought: if you think Kash should sit until his hand is healed how about you tell him that, face to face.

    2. JASUN74

      Papaw, there was nothing wrong with what he said. I think oats should’ve got a few more snaps myself. Say if to his face or anyone else’s. You think he would get all roid rage and try to pull his head off or something? Lmao. Be careful guys! Cash is going to get us. Hahaha. Just having fun with you papaw.