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JoJo Kemp guarantees UK will score on Alabama

Photo by Clay Jackson/

Photo by Clay Jackson/

Aside from Texas A&M, Alabama has steamrolled opponents this season. The defending National Champs have the top scoring defense in the SEC and fourth nationally, allowing only 12.2 points per game. Most of the time when teams score on them, it’s against their second or third string.

None of that matters to JoJo Kemp, who guaranteed that Kentucky would score on Alabama when talking to reporters yesterday:

“When we go out there, we’re just gonna make our routine plays and they’re gonna get scored on this week.” [laugh]

Reporter: “You’re guaranteeing it?”

“Oh yeah, I’m guaranteeing it.”

One of the things we’ve come to love about UK’s freshmen class is their brazen optimism, and JoJo is the best example. He isn’t scared of anyone, even if they’re Big, Bad Alabama. However, JoJo should keep in mind that the last person to guarantee they’d score points against the Crimson Tide was Ole Miss QB Bo Wallace, and the Tide shut out the Rebel Black Bears 25-0.

Gotta love that confidence, though.

H/t to cn|2 for the quote

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26 responses to “JoJo Kemp guarantees UK will score on Alabama”

  1. Diehardcatfan

    Nothing wrong with confidence….Just back it up

  2. louisbille

    So a 49-7 drubbing is a success for UK2013 football? Stoops Nation.

  3. lol

    Hey “louisbille” at least UK has the guts to play them. Pretty sad when the team your running down is the toughest one on your schedule.

  4. huntin chickens

    get ’em JoJo. Love the dudes confidence. smash ’em the mouth.

  5. BillDozer

    To be fair to Wallace, Ole Miss could’ve scored, but chose to go for TDs in place of FGs. Could’ve had 9 points and should’ve gotten one TD. They had their chances.

  6. Jughead

    I know the intent of this statement, but it kinda makes me feel pathetic about UK football. Is scoring once the only goal?

    I hope in a couple of years there is a real conversation about having a shot to win.

  7. TG

    Has UL ever beat a #1 team in the nation? I seriously don’t know and very curious. Nice to know that UK beat the #1 team in the nation just a couple years ago.

  8. jcatron

    Jughead…Get off the kids nuts at least he is pumped up and ready to go…even if it is just about scoring a TD and not beating them.

  9. Professor of Hulk Studies

    Love JoJo and his confidence! We are lucky to have him.

  10. Trouser Tool

    Has uahkk ever not been a national embarrassment?

  11. YouPeopleAreCrazy

    I love the Louisville fan at the top. Call me when you beat a team with an NCAA Division one (FBS) win to their names. You haven’t done it yet. Lets hope Rutgers keeps that streak alive for you tonight.

  12. Stop looking at me SWAN

    I like the confidence too… but why give Saban & Co. any motivation at all, especially this is one of those games where it’s possible (albeit remotely) they may be overlooking the opponent just a bit. You know Saban will use anything to amp them up, because that’s what great coaches do.

  13. ACC bound

    Like a nail talking smack to a hammer. Really sad kittens.

  14. Real UK Fan

    I would prefer players with attitudes that they are going to win instead of just score.

  15. Al/in/Indy

    Love the optimism, I hope the whole team feels that way…..GO CATS!


    I like the attitude, but if this team gets past the 50 it will be a miracle

  17. RealCatsFan

    Love the bird fans coming on here talking smack. Bet their beaks will be shut next year when they face some real teams without Teddie. Reality is going to smack them in the face next year when they get to play a big boy schedule for once in the program’s history.

  18. Cardinal Sin

    Amazing how Cats fans ignore the truth. Cards have DUSTED the Cats recently and without ATM Wes.

  19. cardinal pen15

    @cardinal sin: What is this dusted you speak of?

  20. Gigum Dandy

    A wise old saying goes, “Never argue with an idiot (loserville trolls), they drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.”

  21. Cardinal Sin

    Hmmm….football rankings (year in and year out), 2013 hoops, and in a little nasty (according to Cats fans) University on the Ohio River without oodles of booster money from rich white folk.


  22. Gigum Dandy

    What’s with all this “recently” stuff from loserville trolls. Recently implies in the past, and as we all know the past means nothing to TROLLS, so in that regard their past experiences mean nothing as well. This shouldn’t be hard to understand, but then again not everyone is as “special” as jefferson commuter college trolls.

  23. Gigum Dandy

    Hey cardinal sin, we have boosters for the university of UK, perhaps if you-a-vel had any successful alumni you could have boosters as well, instead of at least three special tax districts to help fund your cafe-gym-atorium you like to call the chicken bucket. The serious question is… why do you even bother to exist? No one outside of Jefferson county knows you exist, or cares that you exist. Most people believe that u-a-smell is kind of like the Do-Do bird. Funny to talk about, but really pointless other then that.

  24. Dee Wade

    What’s wrong with Jo Jo’s right arm? Bet that hurts.

  25. Not the air raid yet

    Wow a post about football and ksr didn’t mention how great jalen whitlow is bet that was hard for them!

  26. catdaddyd

    Wouldn’t need to pay college athletes if they saved their tattoo money.