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Jeff Badet is a Conference Champion

(Image via @OU_2XBadet)

While the Big Blue Nation was tuning in for the start of Kentucky vs Harvard on Saturday, Oklahoma was wrapping up the Big 12 Championship. As some of you may know, the Sooners high-powered offense features former Kentucky standout Jeff Badet. Badet transferred to Oklahoma during the offseason and he has helped the Sooners to victories in some of their biggest games this season.

In the Ohio State game earlier this season, he had 82 yards including this spectacular catch down the stretch to help put the nail in the coffin.

Against Oklahoma’s biggest rival, Texas, Badet finished with 59 yards and a touchdown. Although, his season stats don’t quite stack up to last year’s numbers at Kentucky, it’s safe to say it’s been a successful season for the former Wildcat.

In all likelihood Badet and the Sooners will be heading to the College Football Playoff for a chance to win their first title since Mark Stoops’ brother, Bob, did it in 2000. It’ll be nice to see a wildcat in the playoffs.

Also, he hit a pretty sweet backflip after the win.

Good luck to Jeff Badet.

Article written by Brent Wainscott

Twitter: @BrentW_KSR

23 responses to “Jeff Badet is a Conference Champion”

  1. tree_gardener

    He bailed

    1. Miller45

      He was given an opportunity to join one of the most prolific offenses in the country with a pedigree of successful receivers in the nfl, catch passes from the probable heisman winner, put into the national spotlight, all of this without having to sit out a year. He made the right decision and I am happy for him

  2. FunkyMonkey

    He just wanted to be with a team that would consistently throw the ball.

  3. student_4life

    This post is a fail. A Wildcat isn’t in the playoffs, a Sooner is. Good for him for finding a better place to play football, but that doesn’t concern UK football one bit.

  4. Cokely53

    He bailed on us. Imagine our team with a deep threat. Would’ve added another dimension to our offense instead of all the complaints grant got for being predictable

    1. Miller45

      We would have had another underutilized high quality skill player

  5. truebluefootballfan

    Well congratulations Jeff…. way to bail on our team and ride them coat tails. Thank goodness for the internet and google searches or it’d took you guys a week of watching game footage to find those weak stats. What were his stats from yesterday bc I never seen him on the field. He might as well be holding a participation trophy in that pic… Post something relevant.

  6. ukflyguy

    So is he dropping balls in the Big 12 now?
    Really wondering why we are seeing pictures on KSR of a guy that was nothing but a locker room problem and did nothing but drop passes in big games.

    Good riddance

  7. ClutchCargo

    Why would you think any real UK would give 2 shits about Badet. He left for greener pastures, end of story.

  8. huntcalvert

    He left. He’s not a wildcat.

    1. Miller45

      Neal Brown did too, is he not a wildcat either

    2. Brutal Hustler

      Randall Cobb left a year early. He’s obviously a traitor and we must all hate him now

  9. jqwalk20

    Who cares. Had crappy numbers for the season even after he bailed to go to a pass happy offense

  10. cats646

    Hope they get killed in the playoff. Why does KSR praise guys that turned there back on us?

  11. BUCats

    Let’s face it – Badet made the right move going to Oklahoma. He didn’t get paid to play here; he doesn’t owe us anything. Kudos

    1. truebluefootballfan

      You call going to a program to sit in the bench behind underclassmen his entire senior season so he can pose with a trophy he had nothing to do with helping win “the right move”. You gotta be of the participation trophy generation…. smh

    2. dballrb


    3. BUCats

      He piled up 396 yards receiving this year; only Juice had more than him this year on our squad. I wouldn’t call that a bench role.

    4. krautdog

      Best decision that young man ever made. He’s going to the championship playoffs and we’re going to a Toilet Bowl!

    5. Miller45

      ^^^^^^^^ I’m happy for him

    6. truebluefootballfan

      Lol piled up? They had a true freshman put up almost half that amount in ONE game yesterday… He would have put up much bigger numbers then that and played a much bigger role as a cat and possibly helped us pull off the 9-10 win season and had his name remembered and praised for yrs to come… Instead he will ride coat tails as he’s done all year and MAYBE get to SAY he won a championship but no one will remember him or what role he played in the season or playoff games. If they do win it all I hope he makes at least a catch in one of those games before he goes posing with the trophy.

  12. east-ky-boy

    He sure wouldn’t have been thrown too this year! I honestly thought Eddie was gonna bring a fast up tempo offense similar to Oklahoma’s. Instead, we got bill curry lol

  13. trevuk2k

    Congrats Jeff. I’m glad you got to play in a game like that. Now In the final four. I hated to see you go, and as you can see from the reaction from our fans on this page your missed and some are pissed about it. Chase your dreams kid. Thanks for the memories and we hope you find what you were looking for when you left. once a cat, always a cat. unless you’re pitino. Then that no longer stands. Go Cats!!!!!