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Javonte Richardson is UK’s Fourth Transfer This Week


One of the top-ranked players in Kentucky’s 2017 recruiting class is leaving UK.  Wide receiver Javonte Richardson is leaving Kentucky to join the junior college ranks.

Richardson is the fourth transfer of the week, joining Drew Barker, JaQuize Cross and fellow freshman Bryant Koback.  It was first reported by Justin Rowland and has been confirmed by a UK spokesperson.

A four-star wide receiver out of Maple Heights, Ohio, Kentucky had to initially fight off Ohio State to get the 6’4″ target to Lexington.  Ranked as the No. 4 player overall in the 2017 class, he was arguably the most talented wide receiver before he got to campus.  That changed once practice began.  Freshmen Lynn Bowden, Isaiah Epps, Josh Ali and Clevan Thomas all played as true freshmen, while Richardson wore a redshirt.

Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

32 responses to “Javonte Richardson is UK’s Fourth Transfer This Week”

  1. ArmyCatFan

    Wow this one surprises me. I guess with Baker coming back though, spots are going to be hard to come by.

    1. Rembrandt

      I don’t see Baker’s return for one season being the reason. It’s probably academics, weight control, or a combination. Just a guess though.

  2. kjd

    I’m not surprised by any transfers at this point.
    The way the season finished, blown out by UofL and the fight. The bowl game penalties , the mouthing by the defense despite giving up over 300 yds rushing. Embarrassing to watch Jordan Jones celebrate a tackle that went for a 5 yd gain. Just didn’t like the vibe of the team.

    1. shelby

      Came in with a handful of talented WRs; they all played, he didn’t; he sees the writing on the wall as far as playing time is concerned. He wants to play, I understand his transfer. What i don’t understand is how a so-called fan (you), can continually bash our team when we just went to back-to-back bowls.

    2. Bob Sacamano's Rat Hat

      Some people in this fan base amaze me. Watch Tony Robichaux’s “Work while you wait” presser for a different perspective on why kids quit or move on.

    3. cats646

      I’m just tired of people bashing jones. He cares. That’s why he celebrates. He actually came to play in the Louisville game and he didn’t start that fight. Go cheer for someone else until he is gone if you don’t like him because your not doin us any favors

    4. unbridled

      Kjd, you are spot on. Not to mention the embarrassing loss to Florida. I love the people who refuse to analyze the state of the football program and cry like children when people point out the obvious. Go find a safe space.

      Jordan jones is a joke. He 100% instigated the altercation with Lamar jackson….as Lamar embarrassed his defense. U.K. “fans” deserve much better. Why do people not see that? Regardless, it’s basketball season and they are relevant unlike football…so who cares?

    5. cats646

      Your the worst type of fan. “Only basketball matters” what a joke you are. Choose an nba team and stick with them. We don’t need you here. I wouldn’t have been bothered in the least bit if jones ripped Lamars helmet off and hit him with it. Fights happen sometimes. Especially in a rivalry game. Not in any way did he embarrass us. What’s embarrassing is fans that think if you show any emotion or talk any trash than you are an absolute barbarian. That’s pathetic. It’s football not the ballet. If you don’t like it, don’t watch

    6. unbridled

      Cats646, you didn’t play football did you?

    7. unbridled

      And yes lack luster football pales in comparison to the winningest basketball program in history.

    8. cats646

      I played football my whole life until I graduated actually. 😂 And if you are more interested in basketball then by all means, be a fan. But don’t talk bad about our football team on here. Just stick to suckin the basketball players off like most the other fair weather fans.

  3. callitlikeiseeit

    Rankings are not an exact science so could be he is not as good as many thought and we found we have better players at the position.
    Says he is going JUCO so may be a grade issue and once fixed he could be back. Who knows but either way this happens at most schools.

    1. Rembrandt

      Obviously he wasn’t as good, or as ready, as the receivers who played this year. That speaks for itself. The star rating system is not always accurate, and never has been. Some four stars fail. Some two stars and walkons go on to play on Sundays. That’s why coaching staffs do their own scouting.

  4. AdamN

    Is it possible this is normal for teams stacked with talent? That every year, players will transfer to get playing time, or whatever reason. That this is actually what is supposed to happen. Just a thought.

    1. Rembrandt

      Of course. A player gets to campus, and then has to compete for a job. Richardson got beaten out and decided to try again somewhere else.

  5. BobNWeaver

    Can UK give these player’s scholarships to new players (and therefore increase the possible size of this year’s signing class)?

    1. Rembrandt

      Short answer is yes.

  6. 2thepoint

    It could be he wants to return to UK after getting to play all game every game to gain experience he isn’t getting here, or needing grades or both. I think if he was leaving UK because of discontent he would pick another scholarship program when he leaves here.

  7. Kevin C

    The wheels on the bus are coming off, coming off, coming off….

    1. BigBlueJesus

      Nope. This is not a correct assessment of the 2018 team.

    2. THE William Hill

      Fake News

    3. Kevin C

      I hope you guys grabbed a snorkel before you buried your heads in the sand.

    4. Bob Sacamano's Rat Hat

      Yeah, you’re right, Kevin. The whole program is falling apart. Probably sure tear down the Nutter Center and join Idaho in reclassifying to FCS because 4 kids who never played quit.

    5. cats646

      Wheels coming off?😂😂. We’re better than we’ve been in modern history and lost 4 guys we never saw touch the field. Doesn’t sound bad at all to me

    6. unbridled

      Players transferring is not indicative of the program regressing….the 2017 football season as a whole is evidence that things are not going in the right direction.

  8. Bobbum Man

    Ranked as the #4 player overall in the 2017 class?

    1. fogt333

      #4 athlete

  9. notFromhere

    Let’s not bash the kid, and let’s not tear UK apart over his leaving. I want to see the kid back here if he can be. Not many 6’4″ WRs out there to be had

  10. G_Money

    You have to be concerned with strong talent goes elsewhere. But I have faith in Mark Stoops. We’re getting better every year

  11. unbiasedfan

    Bottom line, if he would have had the talent or had been ready, he would have played this year. Now we have Stoops has 4-5 more scholarships available for February. Our talent level has NEVER been at this level across the board and deep in my 40 years of unwavering commitment. Feels absolutely wonderful to be able to compete on Saturdays in the SEC. Haters or going to hate. REAL true blue fans don’t waiver regardless if 2-10 or 10-2.

  12. kydrummer

    Why is he giving to junior college? Could be play immediately and not have to redshirt?

  13. lribookend

    Not sure, but I don’t think players have to sit out when they transfer to or from D1 to JuCo. Also, their academic requirements are lower, so it allows a player to immediately play a lot, improve his academics, and then play again for a D1 school. Since he was a RS, I think he can play 2 years at a Juco, transfer to a D1 team, and play for 2 more years. Could be wrong about that, though.