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Article written by Adam Luckett

23 responses to “Jarrett Guarantano and Missed Scoring Opportunities Plague Kentucky in Heartbreaker”

  1. Bluebloodtoo

    I feel like the lack of passing game really hurt us in this one.

    1. 4everUKBlue

      Yes it did, we were no threat in the air and they knew it.

  2. Bluebloodtoo

    Also, if we could score points, we would not be complaining about a defense that holds opponents under 20 points for most of the season.

    1. cats646

      That’s what I’m saying. I was impressed with our defense overall. They’ve stepped up the past few weeks.

  3. Smyrna_Cat

    Time to let this game go.

    1. 4everUKBlue

      Agreed, let’s move on to Vandy and hope we can get a win there.

    2. UKPROF

      Even if we do win the Vandy game, it won’t help. This loss to TN should have never happened.

  4. 3 fan

    I’m a Stoops fan but God Almighty he SUCKS as an in game coach

    1. RAGE

      AGREED!!! He doesn’t learn from past mistakes… Or basically anything at all… Still doing the same things he did in year 1…

    2. zoupman

      No adjustments on offense is what cost the game. Put in a QB

  5. JPGott2

    If having no passing game, along with no kicking is the way to win, than I need to stop watching.

    Teams are just loading the box. Heck, they were able to run it when they went trips or more out wide, and thinned up the box, but for some reason Gran loaded the box quite a bit where our line folded (ex: final drive)

    This option is not working for a full game playbook. Sawyer Smith needs to be brought back, along with drives of the option style.

    Problem is, this staff will not change. Gran calls 40 yard bombs on 4th and 3 w a WR at QB that has no accuracy.

    UK has now lost to 3 TERRIBLE teams this year, yet the staff will try and validate it. It will be interesting to see how we keep the recruiting class together.

  6. TimLH

    Missed extra point came up big. If he had made it they could have kicked a field goal and went to OT.. kicking game is horrible

    1. mashburnfan1

      it was blocked, we score so little our blocking has not had many reps to get better.

    2. catsarerunnin


    3. Rise

      Chance Poore would have missed it anyway

  7. BlueBanker18

    “And the coaching staff decided to not be aggressive” perfectly sums up our main issue. It doesn’t matter who we bring in, who we lose, who we play, etc. Our coaching staff has ZERO killer instinct. Look no further than the Arkansas game. On a night we honor a fallen player who fought seven overtimes only to fall short, we come up within five yards of the end zone and take a knee. Put the team’s collective foot on the neck of the opponent and crush their windpipe. Our coaching staff is weak. Everybody knows it.

    1. mashburnfan1

      Bingo….all good staffs are aggressive at least in one phase, O or D, and often in both. While this staff does recruit well, develop well, they stink in game and do not let the kids play. Is actually amazing how we get recruits although I wonder how many will stay watching this. If I were with Gatewood or any WR I left at half last night….running. UT started a FR three star guy. We have a FR three star guy in Gilmore that the staff has had 5-6 weeks now to prepare. I get it early after the injury that he was not ready but you had 5-6 weeks to get him ready. At worst we have the same record but we got a guy tons of experience. What we have done is hurt this team for next year in all aspects of the game as nothing we have done since the 4th quarter of the UF game will carry over to next season.

    2. mashburnfan1

      Our Oline is getting no experience in pass blocking, our wr’s are getting no experience in routes and catches, same with TE’s who was supposed to be unstoppable {well Gran stopped them}. Is a wasted season for gaining valuable experience for next year. They all praised the Ark win and I said Ark was one of the worst teams in football, well we see that is true and we struggled to beat them at home. No excuses from this staff for not having Smith in there {if healthy} or having Gilmore ready. NONE.

    3. catsarerunnin


    4. RAGE

      Talking about the Arkansas win… We barely beat them at home and Western Kentucky just went to Arkansas yesterday and beat them way worse that what we did.. Really starts to put it in perspective

  8. CombatMedic_98

    302 rushing <50 passing = Zero Balance=Predictable=LOSS to UT!

    1. catsarerunnin

      You pissy?

  9. UKBaker24

    We need to stop talking about backup qbs.. at this point we’re speaking it into existence