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95 responses to “Jared Lorenzen, a UK football icon, has passed away”

  1. Bruce Dickinson

    Horrible news. Prayers for his family especially his kids.

  2. opinpi

    Wow…so sad

  3. Swizzle

    Very sad.

  4. Catcasey1

    So sad

  5. CopenhagenCat

    Very sad.

  6. krautdog

    I don’t have words…..! Only sorry….and sad. Family prayers!

    1. mashburnfan1

      Agree, nothing else really matters today. Very sad day for UK, BBN, all of football and many more. Wishing the best to his family and friends.

  7. rasputin_UK4573

    I remember meeting him in college. Genuinely a good person. One of my all time favorite UK football players. RIP buddy.

  8. Moof41224

    Rest easy 22. Prayers for the family.

  9. beauleonard

    Truly saddened by this news. May God rest his soul and bless his family, friends and loved ones. Sad day in the bluegrass.

  10. bigb

    Sometimes life sucks, this is one such time. RIP Jared

  11. sincitycat

    Tears in Colorado.

  12. bmcdonaldii

    Heartbroken. Tweeted him last year and he replied, I wanted to see him win. Thoughts and prayers for Jared and family.

  13. dgtuk

    Prayers for Jared’s family and bbn family. We love you jared..extra special place in heaven…

  14. TOMCATS1990

    So Sad prayers for the hefty lefty and his family

  15. gacat123

    That’s horrible. So sad. Thanks for all of the memories Jared! You will be missed. May you Rest In Peace

  16. kykats

    Such a shame. May the lord be with his family.

  17. PillsburyThrowboy

    This is a very sad day for BBN. He was my favorite football player of all time and I’m sure that I am not the only one who feels that way. I remember playing peewee football while he was QB at UK. When my coach was asking all my teammates what number they wanted, I said #22. Coach thought I picked it because of Emmitt Smith, but I actually chose it because of Jared.

    This is the first comment I have made on KSR in a long time and it will be the last one I make with this Username.

    R.I.P. Jared, you will be deeply missed.

    1. trevuk2k

      All I have done is cried. I don’t really know what to say other than that man was my hero. Thank you j for being such a great role model for me. I even started losing weight because of you Jared. You will always be my hero.

  18. TheAssman


    1. just a guy

      Rest In Peace Jared

  19. 8generationsblue

    So sad and so sorry.

  20. Larkin123


  21. Papaw

    Jareds BBN family mourns with his immediate family the passing of a good man at such a young age

  22. J-Dub421

    This is horrible.

  23. MacAssassin123

    Just Wow is all I can say. I know what his kids are going through I went through it at their age also and it was the hardest things I have had to overcome. Just a sad day to be a member of the BBN

  24. UKfanman01

    Oh my God….. I’m so saddened and shocked by this. May God rest his soul and be with his family. Rest easy Jared ?

  25. 4everUKblue

    This is horribly sad news. RIP Jared.

  26. sportsbird66

    Beyond crushing. I’m so sorry

  27. TPACAT

    OMG… Godspeed, Double-Deuce…

  28. RealCatsFan

    I’m just heartbroken at the news. I was really encouraged that he might pull through. Sad, sad day in the commonwealth.

  29. Realme

    Damn it. This is awful.

  30. Headhurts

    Jared, you are forever true blue, RIP in the blue heavens pal.

  31. Jesus H. Chrysler

    GODSPEED Double Deuce

  32. rasputin_UK4573

    Is his jersey retired at U.K.? If not let’s get that going.

  33. Big Bry 1

    I hope UK football does something special to recognize 22. I number on the helmet is great but more would be appropriate. This man loved Kentucky and UK sports. He not just a legendary player, but stories of seeing him drag UGA defenders and throw a pass from behind his head will live forever- He was the Babe Ruth for UK football

  34. TheBigjMan55

    Gonna miss the hefty leftie

  35. travbub

    Heart breaking. He fought so hard. You will forever be missed Jared. Love and prayers to his family.

  36. k3ntucky_jer

    Hefty Lefty will always be great no matter where he is now. ?

  37. Jelleyjr

    Condolences and prayers for the family. He will be missed. Loved watching him play. R.I.P. Jared.

  38. cslang2

    Rest in peace Jared, you will be greatly missed.

  39. Optional Facts

    This is super sad ? we all mourn with his family today.

  40. BigKYDan

    We never will again see an athlete at his size with an absolute rocket of an arm like he had. Completely unique and a true Kentucky Wildcat. Above all, what an awesome person. This is a sad day for bbn. Prayers for his loved ones.

  41. sprtphan

    You will be missed and never forgotten. Thanks for all the memories.

  42. JTHinton

    Oh my goodness … praying for his family. Horrible news. Never met him but he seemed like a wonderful person!

  43. catfan838

    So sad and #22 will never be forgotten. Prayers for his family and kids!

    1. DirtyDave

      With tears and a heavy heart…..RIP 22

  44. Stinky Pete


  45. Kelkat

    Horrible news. I am really in shock. I knew he was in the hospital and I guess I just kind of expected him to pull on through and be OK. I am shocked that he has passed away and so very sad… Prayers for his family…

  46. BobbyBlue

    Dayumm- RIP Big guy

  47. CATandMONKEY

    Best to Jared’s family.
    A true UK legend; You will be missed.

  48. TPACAT

    You’d think KSR would at least turn off the f’ing auto-play ads for this post, but noooooo…

  49. Wr4u.Rich

    Drew I cant imagine how hard that was to write. Jared would be proud. RIP 22.

  50. mashman 93

    no no no This can’t be. I am sad beyond belief. Heck of a football player but he was a better man. Always approachable in any setting. Our hearts will be heavy this holiday weekend. Damn

  51. panicpat

    Brutal brutal news. Jared was as great a
    Person as football player. Prayers for his family.

  52. stevemotley

    Unbelievably sad. Prayers for his family

  53. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

    Here’s to play football in the sky big dude.

  54. Bluebloodtoo


  55. Bluehender

    Terribly sad. RIP Jared. Prayers for the family..

  56. UKCatAttack

    I’ve been afraid to click on KSR for the past several days in fear that I’d see this headline. The Jared Lorenzen era at UK holds some of my fondest UK football memories. I really appreciate KSR allowing us to get to know Jared Lorenzen the person over the past several years. He was so awesome to listen to on the football Pregame show. I didn’t know Jared personally but I truly feel like I lost a friend today. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and the crew at KSR.

    1. Bluehender

      Well said UKCatAttack…

    2. CoachKcursesAlot

      Well said and I feel exactly the same and even respected him more when he said some games he just wanted to go home and watch game by himself when he could have had best seats in the house!

  57. Bleedblueky

    R.I.P. Jared ?

    1. Bleedblueky

      Sorry that I put a sad face but turned out to be a ?
      God Bless his family!

  58. SuperTroy18

    Absolutely heartbreaking.

  59. KyCats8x

    RIP. Too soon.

  60. CoachKcursesAlot

    Beautiful post Drew… brought tears to my eyes. I am a big guy myself and always supported Jared on the field and especially off.

    I love when you guys to the pregame from the stadium with Jared.

    I live in Georgia and could not wait to hear you .. Matt and the crew.

    Jared seemed like such a great person and my heart breaks for him and his family

    Especially, his young children.

    I am dealing with similar issues as Jared and have children myself and I will always respect him for his love of U.K. but even more for his love of his family and children.

  61. Kentuckiana

    I am sad.
    Always enjoyed listening to him on the football shows.

  62. BallDontLie

    This news hurt my heart.

  63. truebluefootballfan

    For the fans that stayed up watching the cats get blown out by 56 in games shown delayed at 1am on a weekly basis this guy was a football god who gave us a long awaited taste a of victory. One of the most exciting players to ever play on the gridiron and it was truly a pleasure to observe such an athletic anomaly and even bigger pleasure to have been able to call him a CAT. Rest easy big man and may god help the family find comfort in some way.

  64. tdub

    RIP big fella, enjoyed your time with us watching you play and listening to you on the radio. Praying for your family.

  65. Racerr11

    It was like you knew him but I was never close to him or ever spoke to him. Very entertaining player and was great on KSR. Thoughts and prayers with the entire family. Very sad day.

  66. runningunnin.454

    God needed a good QB, and he drafted a great one. Need a big play, I suggest the bootleg.
    Prayers for strength for his family.

  67. Ridge Runner

    Just terrible news. My goodness.

  68. Racerr11

    The Hefty Lefty left us way too soon. They say only the good die Young. ? Jared

  69. slangterm

    Matt, yall need to go live tomorrow. We are all sad. #22 left it all on the field for us. I feel so bad for his family.

  70. lexslamman

    Never mind only the good die young. The best are dying young now.

  71. lexslamman

    Also, JLo was a really nice dude and will be missed.

  72. bluetide

    Messed up man. Too messed up. This stuff shouldn’t happen. So sorry for the family and for BBN as well.

    1. Dark Soul

      i just knew he would make it. this sucks

  73. Racerr11


  74. Racerr11


  75. Johnny C

    While attending school and playing b-ball in Northern Ky I remember watching Jared along with Derek Smith play for Highlands. Two of the best athletes that I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching. God bless you Jared and thanks for the great memories.

  76. BLUEsky

    The KSR group doesn’t know me from Adam so to speak, and I’ve never been able to get through on the call-in shows. However, I have followed KSR since basically the beginning when the episodes became available online. I don’t think I’ve missed one episode going back several years–including the football podcasts.

    All this being said, I feel your pain folks. I loved watching Jared play at Kentucky. I attended several games during his time as QB. I also loved listening to Jared on the shows, and am very saddened to hear of his passing. May friends and family find peace and comfort in one another during this difficult time. Condolences to all affected by this tragedy. RIP Jared.

  77. nocode96

    He represented Kentucky as well as anyone, more importantly, he represented goodness, andcwhen Drew said he could light up any room he entered, it could not have been more accurate. He and I are the same age, all I can think of are his kids. Hold your loved ones tight tonight BBN, every moment is special. Rest in power Jared.

  78. louahvullCatFan

    Jared’s a man I wish I could have had some time to sit down and talk to, especially about his struggle with weight (something I can relate to). We’ve lost him far, far too soon. One thing to be thankful for is the number of interviews that KSR did with Jared on the main show and on the podcasts, and all of the stories about him on the blog. Those will be one way to help keep his memory alive, and they might even inspire others in their own personal journeys through life. RIP #22

  79. ghilbert77

    The Double Deuce Moose.
    Mighty young.

  80. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

    Horrible. Prayers for the family.

  81. FloydWildcat

    I’ve never met him in person, but the news rattled me today. I feel like it came out of left field and am very saddened. He was far too young. May God be with his family!

  82. BrassowFan

    It’s a sad day! Condolences to his children & family!

  83. WildcatCam

    Him and Tim made me UK fans! Jared made me think I could be a qb ? I will miss him! God bless his soul!

  84. The Big Lebowski

    Awww….MAN! That totally sucks.

    Rest In Peace, Jared.

  85. itsfootballtimeinthebluegrass

    The first jersey I had as a kid was 22 in blue. He was my childhood hero. Jared is probably one of the biggest reasons I’m such a huge UK fan. It’s hard to believe this is real. I pray that the Good Lord will welcome Jared into His Heavenly Kingdom. Rest easy Jared. We all love you and miss you. Until we meet again brother.

  86. Kerosenerag

    So sad to hear this….he was a good man and a great dad. A great representative of the the Kentucky Wildcats. A great friend to all BBN…he will be missed. Prayers to his family!

  87. BBNJustin