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Jalen Whitlow to start this Saturday

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Jalen Whitlow will return as Kentucky’s starting quarterback this Saturday for the Alabama State game, according the depth chart released by UK this morning. Have a look at the entire depth chart below:


Tight end
Jordan Aumiller
Anthony Kendrick
Steven Borden
Tyler Robinson
Patrick Ligon

Left tackle
Darrian Miller
Jordan Swindle

Left guard
Zach West
Max Godby or Teven Eatmon-Nared

Jon Toth
Zach Myers

Right guard
Kevin Mitchell
Jack Gruenschlaeger

Right tackle
Jordan Swindle
Shaquille Love

Wide receiver
Demarco Robinson
Jeff Badet

Wide receiver
Ryan Timmons
Daryl Collins
Ronnie Shields

Wide receiver
Javess Blue
Alexander Montgomery
A.J. Legree

Jalen Whitlow
Maxwell Smith

D.J. Warren
Cody Jones

Running back
Raymond Sanders or Jojo Kemp
Jonathan George
Dyshawn Mobley


Defensive end
Alvin Dupree
Jason Hatcher

Defensive tackle
Donte Rumph
Tristian Johnson

Defensive tackle
Mister Cobble
Mike Douglas
Christian Coleman

Defensive end
Za’Darius Smith
Farrington Huguenin
Alvin Davis

Strong-side linebacker
Josh Forrest
Kory Brown
Malcolm McDuffen

Middle linebacker
Avery Williamson
Miles Simpson

Weak-side linebacker
TraVaughn Paschal
Khalid Henderson

Blake McClain
Marcus McWilson

Nate Willis
Jaleel Hytchye

Ashely Lowery
Glenn Faulkner

Eric Dixon
Daron Blaylock

Fred Tiller
Cody Quinn
Eric Simmons

Special teams

Kelly Mason
Matthew Adolph
Tyler Robinson

Jared Leet
Landon Foster

Joe Mansour
Austin MacGinnis

Landon Foster
Joe Mansour

Kickoff returner
Demarco Robinson
Javess Blue
Raymond Sanders

Punt returner
Demarco Robinson
Javess Blue
Daryl Collins

Article written by Drew Franklin

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11 responses to “Jalen Whitlow to start this Saturday”

  1. Arnie

    2013 recruits play every down.
    2014 recruits promised to play every down. Told to just look at 2013 recruits playing time.
    These are our best guys the coaches say every week as they head into another 2-10 season of blunder after blunder and boring football.
    Mass transfer of Joker’s guys coming.
    Any smart season ticket holder should cancel their tickets. This isn’t about winning this year, it’s about showing next years recruits they will play.
    Joker’s guys see thru this garbage.

    Massive transfer in the making!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. WILDCATS #1

    If Neal Brown is doing the play calling it does not matter who the players are.

  3. bung

    so…we start the running QB with the hurt leg that can’t throw over the throwing QB with the hurt arm that can’t run…leaving 2 healthy QB redshirts that must be looking for a way to get a slight injury so they can play also…

  4. Max Smith

    Wouldn’t it be better to give Whitlow another week of rest so his ankle can heal?

  5. not the air raid yet

    bung!!!! you are exactly correct a game that would be a great start for Towels or Reese but instead they start qb that can only run with a bum ankle please no more whitlow or smith

  6. Mike In The Wood

    Good news. To those who think Jalen cant throw, you haven’t been watching. I would rather watch Jalen hit those underneath passes with zip than watch Max struggle to throw a spiral. No offense to Max but he’s either in pain or not playing with any confidence what so ever.

    Passing Statistics
    Maxwell Smith 69 126 870 54.8 6.91 6 1 126.9
    Jalen Whitlow 51 77 504 66.2 6.55 3 1 131.5

  7. niaps

    AGAIN WE HAVE NO QUARTERBACK! Cat fans it doesn’t matter who is at the position they cannot play it effectively enough to win a game there. I really fear that Alb. St. will be a hard game for this team to beat not a sure win at all. Brown is terrible at play calling anyway so that automatically makes this a close game. This game if won will be won by either Kemp, Blue, Timmons, or Badet. The joker rejects will do nothing to help. Sure hope the defense can get some turnovers. A few interceptions would be nice. If so the defense may outscore the offense.

  8. WyvernSeekingMissile

    Jalen won me over with what I saw at SC

    This season is a bit like Claiborne’s “lost” 1982 season where the Cats went 0-10-1 or something like that (albeit for different reasons)

    You really just have to make a mental ‘fast forward’ on this year and watch for how they develop under this staff for the next 2 years

    I believe they can be an 8 win team in 2 years

  9. The Other Two QBs

    The other two QBs must be just “gawd awful”.

  10. Georgia Blue

    Do you actually think the Defense will score a Touchdown. Kentucky Secondary for the last 4 years i don’t think they have a comblned 10 interception. I don’t think we have over 2 in 7 games this year.

  11. gogettem

    Yall cry like sissies. Let the kids play and get better. New coaches and player. Young in key positions. Whitlow ranked 10 in total QB ratings. He can only run the plays that’s called. I think this is garbage because he has more talent in his finger than Barker has in his body