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Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

53 responses to “Injuries and Controversial Targeting Penalties Leave Kentucky’s Defense Shorthanded”

  1. lexattorney

    I really hate to be the bearer of bad news but the old saying does still apply—“That is SOOOOOO Kentucky football!”

    1. The Wildcat

      Dude seriously F you. Fans like you hold this program back.

    2. Miller45

      Doesnt hold the program back as much as losing games with a 2 score lead in the fourth quarter to a backup quarterback

    3. Kat 308

      You suck

    4. 4everUKblue

      Oh and eat sh!t. Only thing worse than a used car salesman is a fuking lawyer.

    5. blubarbarian

      Terrible clock management and ridiculously conservative play calling at the end of the first half Was largely responsible. The targeting rules or preposterous, the call against Florida was just as bad. I have seen so many bad targeting calls it is ridiculous. More often than not they are a bad call. It Has to change. Apparently incidental head contact Qualifies. If the offensive player and defensive player Duck simultaneously it is apparently the defensive players responsibility to ensure there is no incidental contact.

    6. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      Careful you guys. Matt is a Lexington attorney. 😉

    7. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      blubarbarian, that is probably the most apt word, “incidental”, I have heard used. The TJ Carter “targeting” just seemed to be incidental contact. He sheds a blocker and just goes for the tackle and in no way (IMO) was he targeting the guy’s head.

  2. UKfanman01

    Title should be: Bad Play Calling Cost UK the Game

  3. Righteous1

    Superior coaching by Florida. Eerily similar to UK basketball!

    1. TPACAT

      Yep. Calipari also gets that “take the air out of the ball/play not to lose” mentality when we get a big lead in basketball also. Pisses me off every single time.

    2. 4everUKblue

      That is you isn’t it Slater…I’d know that hatred anywhere, new handle every season but still the same old childish attitude.

  4. Truth_Hurts

    The games have become unwatchable with the amount of penalties. Stoops is right something needs to be done about the targeting rule. With that said, there was multiple reasons they lost.

  5. chadman3_25

    No one has said anything about the fumble in the first quarter. The interceptions that were threw all i hear is stoops this stoops that. We should have won but also I think Sawyers wrist was hurt. Still hurts but I saw a lot of upside and gonna be a really pissed off Kentucky football team next weekend.

    1. UKfanman01

      And Miss St isnt? They lost to a trash Kansas St team, and it’s in Starkville. It’ll be UK dominates 48 minutes and runs the fking ball up the middle on 1st and fifteens

    2. BluKudzu

      Problem is the team we will be playing on their home turf, will be pissed off too.


    I knew it would come to this when they came up with the “concussion protocol”. You can’t hit ‘em low, you can’t hit ‘em high. Might as well just go ahead and transition it to flag football. That’s where it’s headed anyway. Or, better yet, just put everybody in skirts and play soccer.

    1. UKfanman01

      Yeah, so sick of this rule. The QB lowered his head and created the helmet to helmet contact. Sure a player had this leg wrapped but if the defender doesnt hit him then he could get free and pick up major yardage. Lose lose

  7. michaelb

    Lol people will say anything to get the light off the real reason we lost … cuz we stopped playing football and decided to let our kicker try to win the game . We were flowing down the field and the guys with clip boards pump the brakes on everything . That was 2013 stoops not 2019 gtfo

  8. Larkin123

    Are we to the point where someone is playing a different position needs to be moved back to secondary I hope we don’t do that three or four weeks from now. Go ahead and do it.

  9. kydrummer

    And poor play calling at times!

  10. Righteous1

    Stoops to FSU!

    1. 4everUKblue

      STFU Slater!

  11. mashman 93

    The targeting calls are killing us and when you go to hit a guy and he puts his head down what are you supposed to do. Carter was going for his chest and he ducked his head smh

  12. mashman 93

    We all put so much on this game and losing just sucks the life out of you if that makes sense.

    1. Miller45

      There will never be hype over a UK v Florida game again after the last 2

  13. The Professor

    How many times must we see Eddie Gran blow leads with his conservative play calling?

  14. Righteous1

    10 million per year and a lifetime contract are in order here for the football coach! They have the same amount of championships in the last 4 yrs. Let’s do this!

    1. RealCatsFan

      Go to bed. You are drunk.

    2. 4everUKblue

      Yep this is Slater’s new handle. ^^^

  15. Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert

    Franks is a horrible qb. I figured we would lose when he got hurt.

    1. johnnycat

      What did VMI do in 1957? That the last time they went to a bowl game??? Or have they went to a bowl game? Who cares….

  16. VMI1957

    UK lost!!! Hahaha….told ya that they’re not much better than 3-9 or 4-8 at best. You all are saying 10-2….ain’t that a crock of bull donkey. Let’s face it…UK sucks, plain and simple.

    1. RealCatsFan

      Gargle my nutz.

    2. johnnycat

      What did VMI do in 1957? That the last time they went to a bowl game??? Or have they went to a bowl game??? Who cares….

    3. cats646

      UK outplayed the FUK out of a top ten team all game only to have the ref absolutely fuk us in the end. Also a missed fuking field goal. We were the better team, by far!!
      Fuk Florida.
      Fuk refs.
      Fuk anyone else who wants to doubt us!!
      Mississippi state, you’re up. #bringit!!!!!!!

  17. Kenny29730

    Targeting penalties are part of the game. I agree it sucks. We make the field goal, this is a non issue.

    1. bluecrowe

      These were bad. It felt as though the refs were trying to keep Florida in the game to be honest.

  18. drew_123

    Coaching in the 4th quarter is what lost the game.

  19. Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert

    Chance Poore had a deer in headlights look walking onto the field. Reminded me of the scene Fromm waterboy where the kicker for the Mudsdogs said Where’s my [email protected]

  20. trujustin

    The targeting calls made tonight could be called twenty times a game. Both completely changed the dynamic of the game. Kentucky made plays and not only were penalized, but lost key players. I don’t view this as Kentucky losing (like so many games in the past), I view it as having the game taken away from them.

  21. BBNDMV

    Handle MSU and all is well

  22. johnnycat

    Make the field goal, kick off for touch back, long field plus short clock, totally different game

    1. truetotheblue

      I’m really worried about the game of football itself.all these years you are taught and teach to lower your head and wrap up and take down ball do you teach to arm tackle?the game is changing.for years the quaterback has been protected and that’s fine but when he tucks ball and lowers his head he gives up his protection.that was worst call i have ever seen.that kid did exactly what he was suppose to do and he gets punished.unbelievable. even with bad play calling in 2nd half we still had game till that play and it changed everything.I hate it for these kids they all played great ball tonight only to have coaches and zebras give it away.I hope they keep there head up and play on like they did tonight.and hope coaches take blame in lockeroom.

    2. TPACAT

      See my comment above…

  23. makeitstop

    I knew we lost when Franks went out. Felt worse when we lined up in the freakin’ wildcat w our 3rd best back – doomed for failure – and then to have the referees take over the game with horrid calls was more than I could watch. I hope everyone feels like sh#+ bc they should. They outplayed Florida – 3rd year in a row – and still p!$$#d away.. again. And that’s a wrap on the myth of the “special season” let alone challenging UGa for anything.

  24. truetotheblue

    I agree this game will haunt us for rest of season we may be looking back at start of Georgia game at 9-1 and saying only if they hadn’t gave that game to flordia we could be playing in sec championship.not happening now unless couple miracles happen alone the way.

  25. My Dixie Wrecked

    Name 1 call, that affected the outcome of the game, that wasn’t a legitimate penalty. Stoops is a moron.

    1. makeitstop

      Starts w 2 targeting calls but there were bad ones before and after, no calls on holds – KSR got a great picture of one right in the referees’ face – no call on Smith’s first slide more egregious than either targeting, missed grounding call on Franks, time not started after a 3rd down run tackled in bounds until the punt was kicked at the 7 minute mark.. I could go on. And do they effect the outcome? Probably. Who knows – maybe we clonk an easy field goal or snap one off our chest bf the QB is ready but yea, that yardage and those snaps and that field position and those seconds matter. It’s not a 10 point swing like like the INT in the red zone but it’s a problem worth fixing. If it happened to AL heads would roll.

  26. blueblood80

    Good Gracious Nick,
    Losing this game had nothing to do with injury or controversial targeting pentalty. We lost because we can’t convert fourth and a yard. Not converting from the Florida 39 yd. line was the turning point in the game. Also,we have no Austin McGinnis, what, the field goal miss was from THE 18 yd. line. The targeting calls were spot on by the definition of the rule. What could have been a magical season can still be special, the next two weeks will determine that….

    1. kjd

      Agree with targeting assessment.
      Fourth and one on the coach. Wrong RB. Smoke or Rodriguez are your tough yard backs. Rose should have been on the sideline. Best 11 play.

  27. jim tom

    It’s really pretty simple. The lost because they missed a chip shot field goal.

  28. truebluefootballfan

    Let’s get it over with already and give them flag belts. Keep the pads and helmets though just in case someone gets pulled the ground violently due to faulty Velcro or something. My money is on Louisville to stitch their flags first.
    Everyone knows football is a dangerous sport but guys still sign up. Many ppl voluntarily subject themselves to danger on a daily, whether it’s to make a living or just chasing an adrenaline rush. I think the solution is quite simple… Offensive player stays up he’s safe, duck that head and you’re forfeiting your protection from “incidental” contact. And for Christ sakes make the more dangerous horse collar tackles at least an equal penalty to targeting.