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I’m still mad about Saturday

Saturday was the first time I’ve ever been ashamed of a Kentucky team.

Over my thirty-or-so years as a fan, there have been times I’ve been angry, upset, or disappointed in teams, yes; but Jordan Jones, Denzil Ware, and, to some extent, Mark Stoops’ actions during Saturday’s game left me so disgusted I needed a cooling off period before writing about it. Even though the past 48 hours have included a feel-good basketball win and more drama in Knoxville than we could ever dream of, I’m still mad. Never before has a Kentucky team done something to make me say, ‘You know what? If this is what it’s going to be like, I don’t want any part of it.’ I can take being outmatched, I can take bad breaks or even bad luck, but I can’t take bad behavior.

Jones’ fight with Lamar Jackson wasn’t even the worst part of Saturday, although it was pretty bad. We can argue for hours over who started it — Jones butted Jackson’s shoulder, prompting the shove that really got it going — but Jones took it too far when he went for Lamar around the middle after being knocked down by Malik Williams; that turned what should have ended as a shove fest into an all-out on the ground brawl. The fact that Jones’ teammates rushed in sequester him, with Josh Allen going as far to pull Jackson out of the melee, tells you all you need to know: Jones cannot control his temper, and his teammates know it.

But again, this was not the worst part. While all of that was going on, Denzil Ware, a team leader, pushed Louisville offensive lineman Geron Christian with a trash can. An actual trash can.

Obviously, a plastic trash can wasn’t going to do any physical harm to a giant man dressed in pads and a helmet, but the act itself is, for lack of a better word, trashy, and the fact that Ware seemed to show no remorse afterwards, joking about it on Twitter, is telling. Simply put, as a Kentucky fan, it’s hard to swallow behavior we’re used to seeing from Louisville, and it’s impossible to defend it when we’ve spent hours mocking it from the other side. Keep in mind, Jones and Ware aren’t freshmen. They’re juniors and they should know better, and if they don’t, their coach definitely should, which brings me to my next point, the most egregious of all.

Both Lamar Jackson and Jordan Jones should have been ejected from the game for fighting. Instead, they were given unsportsmanlike conduct penalties. While Jackson held his composure throughout the rest of the game, Jones did not. Jones shoved Lamar Thomas for slapping hands and talking to Jackson after the fight, got back-to-back unnecessary roughness penalties in the third quarter, and was essentially a side show, pacing the sidelines and shouting at coaches in the huddle. Jones was a major distraction, but instead of putting an end to it and sending him to the locker room, Mark Stoops kept him in the game.

Afterwards, Stoops said Jones’ conduct bothered him “to the core” and he doesn’t want it to represent the university, but actions speak louder than words. Instead of setting an example to the rest of the team that this type of behavior wouldn’t be tolerated, Stoops showed them that it would. Even though he described Jones’ behavior as “selfish,” keeping Jones out there was the most selfish act of all. Maybe Nick Haynes was trying to tell us something on Friday night. Lack of discipline early on in a coach’s tenure is forgivable; in year five, it’s alarming.

I am far from an insider as to what’s going on with this program; however, as a fan, when the team I love starts acting like punks, I can’t just sit idly by. Losing to Louisville is bad enough, but losing like that? That’s just salt in the wound.

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

No, I will not make you a sandwich, but you can follow me on Twitter @MrsTylerKSR or email me.

107 responses to “I’m still mad about Saturday”

  1. DelrayCat

    What you don’t understand in your white privilege America is that this is how it is handled on and off the field for many of these young men where they come from.
    You should just cut to the chase and call them all “thugs” like I know so many in this fan base want to.

    1. inside info2

      I hope this is supposed to be sarcasm.

    2. unbridled

      What a meaningless and absurdly stupid idea.

    3. ClutchCargo

      So, in your first sentence you say this is how it is handled “where they come from,” but then you go on to accuse unspecified people of being racist for presumably thinking the very thing you said? Please explain how that makes any sense in YOUR white privilege America?


      @Delray… It’s called “class” and “sportsmanship”. I know many athletes, of all colors, that are afflicted with this privilege.

    5. Eazy

      Right on, Delray. I’ve been saying it for years. I even heard fans calling Snell a thug and he played his heart out for us. It’s sad.

    6. bailey000

      Racism is a myth. Especially, ideas of systemic racism or white privilege.if you haven’t seen whit poverty, then your not from Kentucky. I do believe that democrats have try keep minorities on the system in an attempt to use demographics for votes.

    7. bailey000

      Me no grammar me poor white guy

    8. dballrb

      DelrayCat…Sounds as though you may be in Florida.So sad…Another SJW.Go to eastern kentucky if you want to see the real white privilege,think you’d change your mind,maybe not,no,no, most certainly not..sorry Fl st. Sucks..Sorry the U lost..Gators were given the game against UK by refs 2 of the last 3 years…USF..Go Bulls!!!…

    9. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      So Delray & Eazy call those who are critical of the behavior racists, when all the while they’re saying, basically, that it’s normal behavior for black people and not white people? Wow. Just wow. And Eazy takes me to task for being conservative.

    10. Bluebros

      Well, that escalated quickly…

  2. Kernel Sanders

    Saturday was the first time you’ve been ashamed to be a UK football fan? wow, you ARE young then. I’m assuming you meant in the context of ridiculously bad behavior, but I’ve been ashamed of this team many times over the years. Incompetence, futility, ineptness, woeful talent, poor coaching, poor administration, poor facilities, lol even a crappy band…..those have all been sources of shame over the years.

  3. bluebew

    To me, this is where the next level up (paging Mitch Barnhart) has to do what apparently Mark Stoops could not or would not. First, he has to suspend Jordan Jones for the bowl game. This should be a no-brainer. Nick Haynes should also be a candidate for a similar suspension along with Denzil Ware – or they should perhaps be suspended for part of the bowl game (first half). But more importantly, Mark Stoops needs to be put on notice by Mitch or someone at UK who has the stones – this is NOT going to be tolerated. Stoops has proven himself to be incredibly questionable at running this program from a football standpoint in year 5 (I won’t rehash all of the coaching mistakes over the years) – this disciplinary failure should not and can not be tolerated, and I think a reprimand of Stoops – probably public – should be issued. Losing to your in state rival sucks. Like Mrs. T sort of said – if this is what it looks like to achieve 7 wins, I’ll just take 2 wins and some class instead.

    1. inside info2

      Barnhart had a one-one-one discussion with Stoops after the game. Barnhart can tolerate terrible coaching and mediocre results, but they better not publicly break his Christian values. It’s sad that THIS was what got Barnhart most upset.

    2. ClutchCargo

      Someone then needs to have a discussion with Barney that while success in the non-revenue sports is nice and all, the decades long benign neglect of the real money-maker (football) will no longer be tolerated.

  4. katsrock

    You can take your “shame” and stick it up your butt. I’ve never been more proud of Jordan Jones. He and Benny were the only players to show up Saturday. Go write for Cosmo.

    1. unbridled

      Proud of Jordan jones????? For what? Picking a fight and getting dominated by a quarter back? Hahahaha. For his nonexistent defensive prowess? For being a punk while getting whipped like a rented mule? Jordan jones was beyond embarrassing to himself and U.K. Benny and jones need not be mentioned in the same sentence. Benny is a ball player and deserves much more respect than to liken him to some no talent side show like jones.

    2. KYcats11

      Agreed katsrock

    3. MarkPoops

      katsrock…. your inbred, sexist logic… you must be the pride of deliverance country. you want jojo to make you squeal like a pig?

    4. Eazy

      Lol, deliverance country and Louisville have a lot in common. Both very low in education, income and high in crime. Lexington on the other hand has one of the highest rates of college graduates in the country. Lexington is by far the nicest city in KY. Income is way higher than Louisville. Girls are way hotter. Louisville is a shit hole.

    5. Eazy

      Deliverance country is Eastern KY, Eastern TN, West Va, GA, etc. At least they have some beautiful country there. Louisville has nothing. It consistently ranks as one of the worst cities over 250,000 in the country to live in. Lexington is one of the best over 250,000.

  5. acotky

    I usually like your posts, but this one was garbage. I am not sure if you all have a certain amount of posts that you have to do daily and this was just filler or what. First of all, this narrative is way overused and played out already. As far as the trash can, should he have done it? No, but it was like 3 on one and he was backed into the wall. Jones is a hothead and I will give you that, but like many people have already said if Jackson would have been thrown out and we would have won everyone would be praising him. If Jones and Ware embarrasses you and that’s all you have to worry about from Saturday then you have bigger issues. I bet you believe in participation trophies. Our team was horrible as a whole and was thoroughly embarrassed on the field by our rivals. That’s the bigger issue to me. Is 7-5 a better record than the last couple of years, yes absolutely, but if that is the ceiling for the Stoops era then maybe that needs to come to an end. I like Stoops, but I think he might be way over his head as a head coach, and might be better of as a defensive coordinator.

    1. University-6 aka Scandal U

      Totally agree with you in regard to Ware.

    2. timbo

      YOUR premise is “garbage” and the “if Jackson would have been thrown out and we had won” NARRATIVE “is way overused and played out already”! Most of us have a modicum of dignity and honor and aren’t “win at any cost” jerks. Character outlives wins, losses, and highlights in EVERY scenario. The ones that shun it, along with JJ, are evident in their arguments which are as selfish in nature as his behavior. You should value that man’s correction/discipline, character growth, and it’s (beyond a fleeting athletic career)lasting implications much more so than the satisfaction you derive from a “win” (that only involves you to the extent you watched it with several beers in hand in the first place!

    3. MarkPoops

      Your team sucks.

    4. Eazy

      Can’t wait crush Louisville in basketball. Oh, and U6 will suck next year. Say bye bye to Jackson and Petrino! Can’t believe anybody roots for that cheating cess pool in Louisville.

  6. unbridled

    I think stoops condoning Jones’ childish tantrum and overall inferior play on field speaks volumes as to how in over his head stoops actually is. Jones is just not a good football player and he became punchline. Why on earth did they allow him to finish the game? I don’t care how bad his back up is….it’s not like jones brought anything positive to the defense.

    1. Realme

      Last year’s SEC leader in tackles isn’t a good football player? Really?

    2. unbridled

      Have you watched him play this year? He can’t find the ball to save his life. He absorbs blocks. Louisville owned him and he knew it.

    3. Realme

      Taking out the chunk of the season where he was injured, he averaged more tackles than Josh Allen, and almost as many as Courtney Love. If you don’t think he brings anything positive, you’re biased because he is a crazy person (I mean that in an affectionate way).

    4. unbridled

      He has 55 tackles this season. His play has regressed tremendously. He has been a liability this year. He takes up space on an atrocious defense. Hey if you are cool with a mediocre linebacker that throws tantrums like a child and collects personal fouls like it’s a good thing….be my guest. I was hoping the football program would advance.

    5. KYcats11

      Like u said 55 tackles and he was out half the season:-)

    6. Mathlete

      Don’t bother citing facts, they have no place in internet arguments anymore

  7. Realme

    If I were to read / hear just the reactions of Tyler, Matt, Ryan, a couple callers, and other media members, I’d think that our guys had sucker punched their best player, cursed out some coaches, made obscene gestures to the officials, and flipped off their own fans. Did they handle their emotions about the rivalry well Saturday? No, but I think being so mortally ashamed is an overreaction.
    I’m more bothered by Senior captain Nick Richards behavior this weekend then Jones or Ware, but I respect the coaches for not pulling him from the game, since it would be his last ever in Commonwealth. I’m also more bothered by how poorly the defense played and how the team got completely owned by the rival than I am that they got too chippy.

    1. Realme


    2. KYcats11

      Agree with almost everything you said.

    3. Eazy

      Agree totally. It wasn’t great behavior by any means but clearly Louisville started it and they celebrate that crap up there.

    4. RUKidding

      Excuses, excuses, excuses. He knew it was his last game. Did he do ANYTHING to not put himself in harm’s way? No. When the second half started, was he content with getting ONE personal foul called on himself? Two? No, Mr. Jones was not satisfied until he had gotten THREE personal fouls called. I love how the Neanderthals show up because they feel their boy has “stones.” His behavior and your def

    5. KYcats11

      I think Jones is a junior. Maybe your talking about Haynes.

    6. KYcats11

      Yep, pretty sure he’s talking about Haynes not Jones.

  8. bdmnky81

    Is it me or does it seem the same troll has 4+ accounts?

    1. Realme

      They like to set up six so they can like their own comments enough to get them bolded.

  9. inside info2

    I’m extremely surprised that Jones has not yet been suspended from the upcoming participation bowl game we get to play in. Especially considering Barnhart had a heart to heart meeting with Stoops to express his displeasure at the poor sportsmanship displayed during the UL game.

    The lack of discipline in Stoops tenure (remember the fight at the EKU dorm and the airsoft gun on campus debacle, among others) has allowed the inmates to run the asylum. Your team identity and discipline is a direct reflection of your head coach. We have the talent to enforce rules and suspend players and if that doesn’t work, then get them off the team.

    1. ClutchCargo

      While I’m not happy about how we behaved during that game, I’m much more disturbed that in year 5 we are getting our asses handed to us be teams that are mediocre at best. We were overmatched vs UGA, but it shouldn’t have been as lopsided as it was.

    2. Bobbum Man

      Lol can you imagine college football if every time players got into it they were suspended? It’s friggin football people, these things happen. He could have been tossed out but he wasn’t, and I don’t know what he said to the coaches. Maybe there’s something he said that could warrant a suspension, I didn’t even mind him shoving our coach who was laughing it up and shaking hands with Lamar immediately after the fight, was a poor poor look from our coach in a rivalry game like that. His emotions got the best of him for sure, that’s the risk you run with those types of players. It was a risk having DeMarcus cousins on the floor just about every night too and sometimes it got the better of him as well.

    3. inside info2


      It wasn’t just one instance, it was several. When you add them all up, I think you need to suspend him. Coach Stoops needs to get tougher in these situations.

  10. University-6 aka Scandal U

    Was Jones out of control? Yes. But I’m not going to be so quick to condemn Ware for using a plastic trash can to separate himself from UL players who had him by the neck. In one of the videos, you can plainly see three UL players had Ware pinned against a wall and it looked like two of them were grabbing at his neck. I can’t say I really blame Ware for doing anything he could to separate himself from them. I wasn’t there to see everything, so Ware may have been in the wrong there. But I don’t think it is plain to see in the video. Stoops should definitely discipline Jones, but I don’t see how what he did was any worse than Boom quitting the team. It certainly seems like a lot of people are really quick to condemn others, which is a shame.

    1. MarkPoops

      UL had UK by the neck the entire game! hahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Booby Petrino

    We played a trashy team (bc Louisville athletics is mostly trash), and we played like a trashy team. I’m not going to be mad about it days later, it’s football…entertainment…not important enough for me to sit around stewing on.

    1. MarkPoops

      no….. people like you who live in trailers are trash.

    2. Eazy

      Louisville is full of trailers and wanna be crackers. Lexington is better by every statistic. Gtfoh. We will destroy your garbage basketball team.

    3. runningunnin.454

      There are some people, like MarkPoops, that can not bring forth an intelligent argument; a single lucid thought escapes them, and they regress to insults and personal attacks.
      A slight variation on the Napoleon complex, they become overtly aggressive and the blusterous diatribe is a facade, an overcompensation for ignorance.

  12. dhard

    The whole performance; playing and coaching was awful. They looked totally unprepared, again.

  13. KYcats11

    We got a buck of idiots out here on the Internet today. No, I don’t encourage fighting, but nor do I necessarily condemn it. Jones acted like he cared. His passion and competitiveness is what makes him one of the best in the SEC. I have no idea in the world how/why this is so embarrassing to you guys. It’s a rivalry game, tempers will flare up as for Ware, how do you figure it is worse to pick up a trash can than to shove/punch?

    1. truebluethroughandthrough

      100%. Exactly Right. That’s why everybody is so “upset” they’re not used to seeing winners on the field and are keyboard warriors that never seen what it was like to have that passion and will to win. There’s going to be some high emotions when you have high caliber football players on the field. Do your thing Jones.

    2. unbridled

      Jones looked like a winner to you? Are you familiar with the game of football?

    3. KYcats11


  14. RealCatsFan

    Hell, I’m still mad about the Florida game, not to mention this one!

  15. bbndarthvader

    This is so disingenuous. KSR going the moralist route? Our guys had passion and were frustrated, no one even got kicked out. Sure Stoops should have taken a greater effort to rein it in, but he has alot of issues he has to work out, those issue are what should be written about today, not this click bait.

    Was Tyler even at the game? As a season ticket holder KSR is so disappointing in regards to football. This is the same site that talks about sex jokes in regards to Louisville 24/7 and then wants to play the moralist card? This is supposed to be fun.

    Looks like we are gonna end up in the Music City bowl, I can’t wait for the 10 page article describing the all of the reasons Nashville TN is the greatest city on earth by Tyler. Woof

    1. Mathlete

      There’s a difference between picking on our rival’s self-inflicted wounds and being embarrassed by our own team’s actions.

      Saturday was a showcase in classless behavior by our players that we would endlessly rip Louisville for if the shoe were on the other foot. It can’t be condoned, even tacitly, by KSR or anyone else in BBN without incredible hypocrisy.

  16. J-Dub421

    Why were three U of L linemen all the way over on our sideline???

    1. KYcats11


  17. BobKYCats

    To be fair, trying to goad Lamar Jackson into another fight may have been the best option for stopping him.

    1. krautdog

      I think that was the plan-aka Pitino Procedure as in his first encounter with Cal as UK head coach!

  18. secrick

    Tyler stop acting like such a wimp.You don’t know what was said and it is a Man’s game. Sorry for saying that but you have no idea what happen out there.

    1. KYcats11


    2. MarkPoops

      Sexist prick

  19. bcat

    I guess turning off Kentucky football isn’t an option? What a waste of time and energy. 30 years.

    1. Mathlete

      It was for me, I stuck around until about 10 minutes left into the third quarter and switched the channel to some watchable football

  20. timewilltell

    In order to save space and time in this reply I will simply say it is time for KY to look for another coach.

    1. Mathlete

      Go look around, who’s coming here? Right now there are jobs open at Texas A&M, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Tennessee, and Arkansas, and that’s just the SEC. There are also jobs at Arizona State, Oregon State, and Nebraska, and more Power 5 jobs will definitely be opening up soon as the carousel spins up.

      Who’s conceivably coming here that would be worth Stoops’ 8-figure buyout, plus the rest of the coaching staff’s buyouts, plus a sizable salary of their own?

    2. KYcats11

      And back to back 7 win seasons is uncommon ground in this program, and we are only going to get better.

  21. Catlogic15

    Maybe you’d feel better if during the bowl game our guys dress in tuxedo’s and hand out roses to the opposing backs as they speed by.

    1. KYcats11

      Definitely. God forbid our players showing some passion, and that they actually care about the rivalry. Roses would do the trick, as she said she would rather lose, if it meant we loved our opponent and were ready to get down on one knee to them.

    2. KYcats11

      Then again she doesn’t necessarily understand the rivalry. As it is she acts like us Kentuckians give a shit about Nashville, this is a Kentucky site. Lexington is a much better city to live in than Nashville in my opinion, and I don’t even live in Lexington.

  22. ukrain

    I get where you are going with this post but I think there is a little hyperbole here. I have a more fundamental problem with Jones behavior than picking a fight and guys acting like idiots on the sidelines. That problem is: that junk takes energy and focus off of the point of the game. Jones should have made “football” plays within the whistles.There is plenty of legal ways to communicate your feelings, unless you do not have the ability to do that within the rules of the game so you become what we saw on Saturday- thus we looked like them. Somehow we allowed the most classless school in the state, and arguably the nation, to look …classier.

    The lack of discipline made itself most apparent where it most often does, the scoreboard.

    We have a very good coach and the program is going in the right direction. It was a horrible day- I would bet Coach Stoops knows that and will get it under control.

  23. big cat

    I’ve been concerned for a long time, yet remained hopeful we would steer the ship in the right direction…and eventually get “something” going….with consistency by the end of the season. I was wrong, and I’m just disappointed. Most folks supporting the Cats are to be commended. HOWEVER, for those who have been waiting…and waiting….and waiting…well, it’s just about as frustrating as finding a hair in your biscuit. It gets old hearing the same old story…over and over….and all the fans hoping for something different each year….and yet, Mitch has given Stoops a very lucrative contract….and we are STUCK with this for several more years. Why can’t we find a quality coach? Mitch is likely a very good guy. He’s a great guy….and this has nothing to do with his personal values or beliefs. With that said, can it be possible that he made a mistake in hiring the HC? Yes, it is possible because IF we had a quality coach, then 5 years would have been plenty of time to have turned this around already. It’s even more frustrating when we see the coaching carousel….realizing that we are stuck…and once we realize after spending tens of millions of cash on what we have now, we could have made smarter investments. I’d love to see us climb to the top of the SEC east and earn some respect in football in my lifetime.

    1. TheSpaniard

      You do realize that when Mark Stoops took over we were a TWO win football team with talent that could not compete in the Ohio Valley Conference don’t you? Let’s get some perspective here. Our football program is MUCH better than in was when he walked in the door. Am I pissed about Saturday? You bet I am. Does Stoops need to grow as a head coach? YES. Should we demand that as a fan base? ABSOLUTELY!! Stoops is a quality coach but he HAS to take a look in the mirror and realize that there are some things about himself and the way he is running the program that are going to need to change if we are going to continue to climb the SEC latter (and we have climbed a few rungs since he has been here). Discipline is one of then. What you let kids get away with off the field carries over on the field.

    2. timbo

      All valid. And I’ve been a steady defender of coach. I think he’s done good and bad, but the aggregate is completely acceptable and worth praising. Then he does the radio show today and tells us, the fans who pay his salary, a big fat untruth. That’s an example of a lack of character in my book. Own a mistake, that’s what brings about change for good. “Not my fault/I’m not wrong” leads to players who hold the same views. Heck, listen to Pitino. Take ownership. Be a leader.

  24. dwildslex

    Tyler, I completely agree with everything you say. I don’t know why we had to act that way. Sure, players get into fights. Stoops has now lost control of the team and himself. He can’t put 11 players on the field, he can’t manage the clock and now can’t manage the team. He has got to go. He is so defensive and it is the same nonsense week after week. He is one of the most annoying post game coaches I have ever heard. He’s said the same thing for five years now. He has to go.

  25. playmorezeppelin

    Do we really need a third article bashing our players for getting into a fight with our in-state rival? God forbid they show a little passion for the rivalry. It sucks we got beat, but if we had won I’m sure we wouldn’t be seeing these article picking on the players. Maybe Jordan Jones wasn’t the reason we got embarrassed. Maybe it was poor coaching, like not giving Benny the ball in the red zone after he just carried us all the way down the field.

    1. KYcats11

      100% right with the first 75% of your comment. I could be wrong but it looked like benny got hurt , maybe a cramp, once he got us down there.

  26. BluKudzu

    The players are fighting and the fans are mad.

    What are the coaches doing? and the AD? Laughing all the way to the bank baby.

  27. 502CodeRed

    “it’s hard to swallow behavior we’re used to seeing from Louisville,”
    Like 3 yrs ago when the injured UK players dressed in street clothes tried to start a fight with UofL starters to get them ejected. Remember, even the coaches almost fought over that BS tactic. Does your selective memory recall that, Tyler? UK is no daisy. No daisy at all. #44-17

    1. KYcats11

      Why are you even on a Kentucky site. Go back to your university 6 sites, and cry over Jackson and Petrino leaving. And realize the bowl game is your last Louisville game to watch for the year as your basketball program is a dumpster fire.

  28. MarkPoops

    uk showed its true colors— a crap program with no class. Only trashy teams resort to using trash cans. I laughed myself silly all afternoon watching uk get b-slapped by a UL team not even in the top 20. And no you hicks I am not a UL fan. And Jackoff Jones, what a man… trying to beat up a quarterback….lol I guess Coach poops is scared of him though since he let him stay in the game and further embarrass your university on national tv. And katsrock is “proud” of ol jackoff…. speaks volumes about how your inbred mind operates.

    1. Eazy

      You are a piece of shit. Why resort to name calling. Like I keep saying UK never claimed to be a dominant football program but at least we are decent unlike Kansas and most basketball schools. And we are a top 10 program overall. Number 1 in basketball. Louisville isn’t even a top 25 overall program while cheating.

    2. Eazy

      Oh, and of the cities in this area. Lexington, Louisville, Cincinnati, Indy, Knoxville, Nashville. Louisville is by far the worst in every category. Lexington and Nashville are the best. Funny that you are mocking UK when it’s in a very populated region in the Midwest/South and it’s far more educated and safer than all the other cities around. Oh, and it’s a beautiful area with some of the best looking women in the country. Have fun living your miserable life in Louisville or whatever cess pool city you live in. I’ve lived all over the US and love Lexington.

    3. KYcats11

      What I don’t get is why Louisville fans bother coming over here on our site. I guess I should take it as a compliment as they would rather spend their time on our site than on their own. Go back to your University 6 sites, and cry over your football team leaving, and your basketball team being a dumpster fire.

  29. kampus korner

    Tyler, I think you, Matt and a few others are overreacting to Saturday’s fight by calling our players punks. First, it ought to be clear to any reasonably observant person that Lamar Jackson started the fight by shoving Jones. After Jones shoves back, he gets blindsided by a UL player. While he is on the ground, Jackson walks over to Jones while he is still on the ground in a manner which suggests, “you still want some of me?”, Jones tackles Jackson to the ground and then they are broken apart. I have played college football and this stuff sometimes happens particularly in rivalry games.

    As the players are going back to the field of play, Lamar Thomas decides he wants to show favoritism to Jackson, a member of the opposing team who started the fight. If I had been Jones, I would have been upset as well. I would be wondering why didn’t one of my coaches have my back? Instead, in the aftermath of the dust up, Jones witnesses a UK coach sucking up to the originator of the fracas. I would have been outraged.

    To be sure, Jones deserved being benched but I think you judge to harshly and fail to appreciate the context of what actually took place on the field.

    1. MarkPoops

      you should be outraged by your pathetic football team. instead you try to justify thug-ish behavior that if another team displayed you would have excoriated them. oh wait, you’re from ky there’s no way in hell you’d know what that word means. roughly translated into redneck it means “you would have got yer shotgun and headded to the holler and blowed daisy mae’s head clean off.”

    2. Eazy

      Where are you from you ignorant piece of shit. Lexington is one of the most educated cities in the country. You must be from some shit hole like Indiana since you lack basic understanding.

  30. MegatonRange

    Ah, the worn out, tired, hack journalism way of saying the same thing you said yesterday, again today. It’s “Larry Vaught” type reporting at its best. And we get it, you don’t like UK football & you don’t like Mark Stoops…..unless he wins of course.

    1. MarkPoops

      I don’t see anyone publishing your stories Goober.

  31. shep227

    It begins and ends with the coach.

    1. BluKudzu

      Wrong. The AD. He put Joker there, now he has put Stoops there.

  32. dballrb

    7dash5 doesn’t do it for me.Should of been 9dash3..We earned 3 ass whippings,.not 5..But you are what your record says you are, but this team is better than 7dash5 2 years in a row..He’ll Couch and lefty never got 8 regular season wins.Whats it gonna take?.. Bring in big brother as Co-head coach,let Lil brother work the D and Rob the O..

  33. miggy911

    If Mr Potato Head can’t determine that the opposing wide receivers are totally alone how would he have a clue that his players are off fighting. UK fan for 45 years but it’s finally lost its hold on me. We tolerate mediocrity better than any fan base in any sport in the country. The $6 million dollar man and we still bleed blue? We equal the Bengals suddenly

  34. Carr54

    Tyler, I usually enjoy your articles but not this one. This has been rehashed ad nauseam and is basically yesterday’s news. Maybe journaling might help you on this subject, but most KSR readers and listeners are ready to move on and let the coaches handle it.

  35. BigBlueFan18

    I don’t know what I’m more shocked at: the number of overtly sexist comments here (“Go write for Cosmo”…. “it is a Man’s game”…..seriously?) or the number of grown adults who consider fighting someone, literally wrestling and rolling around on the ground, a mere act of “passion.”‘

    I get 100% that these guys are gonna shove their fiercest opponents. No one is arguing against that. But that was clearly more than a heated interaction between to rivals. That was a brawl. One that looked way too similar to a bar fight than a ballfield tussle.

    And to you people condoning it, even PRAISING it because “at least he was showing passion!” Are you kidding me? Do you praise your five year old for getting into it with others because they’re passionate about an issue? No. Not even close. You know why? Because that’s not how you act. Especially when you’re A) on television for millions to see and B) representing an entire fan base beyond yourself.

    Jordan Jones in no way, shape, or form showed “passion.” Passion is what Benny Snell exemplified during his play. You didn’t see him getting into it MULTIPLE TIMES. You saw him step up like an adult and channel his anger and passion in his play.

    When the guys step on that field with “Kentucky” across their chest and act like that (that being beyond some exchanging of words that happen in all rivalry games) then you’re damn right I’m outraged. Because the university I graduated from doesn’t back actions like that. I’d rather be a losing team with class than a powerhouse that can’t even control their emotions enough to pay attention to a freaking football game.

    1. KYcats11

      Wow! Idiots like you taking things out of context is rather amusing. My five year old kid getting in a fight over an issue is A LOT different than what Jordan Jones did. Football is a competition, you are constantly hitting each other, and competing to come out on top. While getting in a fight over an issue is not considered a competition. CONTEXT IS KEY.

    2. Kernel Sanders

      Good points BBfan18.

    3. BigBlueFan18

      Last time I checked, rolling around on the ground in a fight in between whistles wasn’t a part football, but that’s just me.

    4. timbo

      That’s “out of context”! You’ve got to look at the FIGHT “in context”! Preferably the “context” of “passion”!
      It’s no surprise the state of humanity. We can’t even condemn poor behavior simply because it’s from our team. Yuck.

  36. tfordstyle

    Worst post I’ve seen from ms. Tyler. Bumping shoulders as you call it happens after every other play in football. How can you write about football and not know the difference between that and a full fledged shove. As if there wasn’t enough drama already without you feigning outrage.
    Behavior wasn’t great but if Jones doesn’t react after taking a blind cheap shot after a full chest shove, I’d be calling him a sissy. Lay off the kid ffs.

  37. BlueDew

    The reason Jones was not ejected; the ACC officiating crew was not going to eject Jackson even though he started the worst of the scuffle. TV and the ACC front office would have thrown a fit. That crew would have been toast. If you watched the R, U and HL their body language said it all. I don’t blame Stoops. If they don’t eject Jackson he shouldn’t take Jones out. What happened later is a different story. This is a hate game and players become emotional in ways some people don’t understand. But, it must be handled with class by players, coaches, officials and school administrators.

  38. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

    Tyler, you may not remember, but I believe it was Stoops’ 2nd year when we were playing at UL and our players moved toward their sideline before the game, talked trash, and started a scuffle. Matt & Ryan praised our players for doing that because they thought it helped us almost pull off the upset.

    I’m not defending it, just explaining what happened on KSR.