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I really like this bowl projection

With Kentucky still one win away from bowl eligibility, it’s a wee bit too early to focus on bowl projections, but this one from Brett McMurphy got me so excited I just had to share. McMurphy is projecting Kentucky to play Michigan in the Outback Bowl on January 1 in Tampa, Florida.

With Alabama presumably headed to the playoffs, McMurphy predicts Georgia will be the only other SEC team going to the “New Year’s Six” bowls (Cotton Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, Orange Bowl, Peach Bowl, Rose Bowl, Sugar Bowl). From there, here are his SEC projections:

Rose Bowl Jan 1 Alabama
Orange Bowl Dec 30 Georgia
Citrus Bowl Jan 1 Auburn
Outback Bowl Jan 1 Kentucky
Liberty Bowl Dec 30 Tennessee
TaxSlayer Bowl Dec 30 Florida
Belk Bowl Dec 29 Texas A&M
Music City Bowl Dec 29 Mississippi State
Independence Bowl Dec 27 South Carolina
Texas Bowl Dec 27 LSU
Birmingham Bowl Dec 23 Vanderbilt

ESPN’s projections have Kentucky in the Belk Bowl on December 29 at 1 p.m., but it’s important to note that the basketball team plays Louisville at the exact same time that day. That may also rule out the Music City Bowl, which kicks off that afternoon at 4:30 p.m. I doubt the TaxSlayer Bowl would want Kentucky two years in a row, which leaves the Liberty Bowl as another popular option, albeit a less appealing one.

First things first: let’s get to six. And then do our best to get to Tampa, because I wouldn’t mind another trip to Clearwater and a blooming onion.


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16 responses to “I really like this bowl projection”

  1. DrSayre

    Texas Bowl wouldnt be bad, but I have a feeling they would prefer a West team

  2. VinDatuk

    I wonder if the athletic department has ever conducted a survey on the impact of the UK/UL basketball game has on the amount of people attending a bowl game. Obviously the television impacts in KY would be impacted, but how many really aren’t going to attend because of the basketball game? The bowl game revenue would likely outweigh any loss in bowl ticket sales. The rivalry basketball game would sell out even if UK was playing for a national championship in football so there will be no loss there. My personal opinion, which isn’t worth a ton, is that this gets overblown. There are far more football fans than we are given credit for.

  3. maximumscott

    It is also worth noting that the same ESPN projections have South Carolina as an Outback Bowl rep. I believe it was an analyst predicting that. I cant see how you can predict that considering we beat them, but still no respect.

  4. Hona

    You said it best, let’s get to six first

  5. TBW3011

    Way to much emphasis being put on when the basketball game is. That will matter very little. Likely, not at all.

  6. TonyMontana

    I’ve seen the projections on how we can end up at 9-1, but I wouldnt be surprised to see us sitting at 5-5. But I’m hoping we can pull it off and that Florida loss is still haunting me, Geez… we could have been 6-0 right now… that would’ve been surreal.

  7. jaws2

    As usual, we get WAAAAAAYY ahead of ourselves. We could easily be 7-5. I pray we’re at least 9-3. Please, let’s do this one at time, the rest will take care of itself.

  8. CB3UK

    Meh, you DVR the basketball game if there is one at the same time as the bowl game we go to. Allowing a meaningless in season basketball game dictate which bowl game invite you accept is extremely unsound judgment.

    1. TonyMontana

      I would DVR the football game and watch the basketball game live.

    2. satcheluk

      Yep! I will go to the football game and dvr the basketball game. I would much rather watch football.

  9. AGSlater

    6-6 everyone. Only win left is Tenn. Lets be honest. We havent beat 1 decent team. Barely beat Missou

    1. KYcats11

      I guess North Carolina was a really big win for y’all…

    2. runningunnin.454

      Don’t forget Kent State and Murray State.

    3. KYcats11

      How could I forget???

    4. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      So you think Ole Miss, Miss St and Vandy are quality teams? 😂

    5. bailey000

      Louisville fans are pathetic. See if adidas will pay for a hooker’s daughter to strip for some minors on your way to papa johns