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Article written by Brent Wainscott

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15 responses to “How did Benny Snell’s Performance Stack Up with other Heisman Contenders?”

  1. zoupman

    Good gosh man, get a clue. No one is a Heisman candidate on Labor Day weekend.
    Act like you have. crossed the road before.

  2. ukcats1776.90

    unless kentucky wins 10 or 11 games or benny Snell runs for 3000 yards, hes not gonna get close to the Heisman. Ky will be luck to win 6 and benny wont even get 1200 yards this year (BC terrible terry cant throw the ball so teams only have to worry about the run). Heisman? lol

    1. cats646

      You are a moron.

    2. (Aixelsyd)0505

      Why is He a moron? Cause He tells it like it is!? Maybe cats646 is the moron here.

    3. Goose

      I think ukcats is dead on accurate.

    4. cats646

      He’s right except for the part where terry can’t throw the ball. That’s what makes him a moron.

  3. TheAssman

    You may want to add Tua Tagovailoa to that list….just a suggestion.

    1. jsuge20

      yep, and heres a long shot for ya, Oregon’s Justin Herbert, accounted for 6 TD’s. He’s reason Terry isnt in Oregon anymore

  4. Tony the Liger

    What do you mean by “other” contenders? You actually believe Snell’s going to be a Heisman candidate? He’s good, but A.) we’re going 5-7, and no player on a 5-7 team will get a look for that reward, and B.) Benny talks too damn much and is going to get burned as a result.

  5. (Aixelsyd)0505

    Smell will NOT be a Heisman candidate.

  6. bailey000

    We are not going 5-7. U bunch of idiots. It was game 1. The offense could not have played worst and we won the football game. When have u seen a Kentucky football team have 4 turnovers and win by 15??? There are definitely some great parts to this football team. We need to improve at QB and we will. The worst thing about Kentucky football is the f****** fanbase. Get behind your damn team. At least quit being miserable and go get laid or do something productive.

    1. Corder

      Preach! It’s sad that a part of Kentucky’s fan base that only wanted to go back to bowl games when Stoops first got here are now saying that back to back 7 regular season wins is nothing and that Stoops will never get it together. Thank god these people have no say in the hiring and firing of coaches. People didn’t want joker around after a 2 win season yet now they don’t want a coach who has done just about everything to get this program moving in the right direction. Got to love stupidity.

    2. Patrick_David

      Speaking too much truth mine Big Blue Brethren…. There is a ugly cloud that hangs over many in the fan base: they snitches, they low down, and they rarely put on deodorant.

  7. Tony the Liger

    We’ll beat Murray, MTSU, Vandy, and hopefully Mizzou. No matter how bad UT is, I’ll never pick that game as a win @ Neyland until they’ve proven they can do it. SoCar’s the better team this year and are ready to stomp us after our recent streak.

    Point being, find a sixth win.

    1. bailey000

      Louisville, tenn, Florida