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Hiring Ed Reed would be a game changer for Kentucky


A few weeks ago, Mark Stoops said he wasn’t sure about any potential staff changes this offseason, whether it be who the new NCAA-allowed 10th assistant would be or if anyone would be let go from the current staff.

We’ve heard rumors about the 10th assistant, including some of Stoops’ old friends and familiar faces, but none would be bigger than the current rumored target.

Future Hall of Fame safety Ed Reed was on campus yesterday touring the facilities and meeting coaches, and Kentucky’s interest in bringing him in as an assistant is very real.

According to KSR sources, Reed was with the team today during meetings and film work, and talked to the players a good bit throughout the day.

Big Blue Banter’s Patrick Loney said the former Ravens safety major interest in becoming Kentucky’s DB coach a few years back, but the Buffalo Bills hired him in a bigger role.

Reed was even with the staff talking with recruits and parents, making it seem this move is a lot more likely than most realize.

After the visit, Reed tweeted about his experience in Lexington.

Lamar Thomas has been a “swaggy” hire for the Wildcats, but Ed Reed would be a complete game changer. Many of these top recruits grew up not only watching him, but modeling their game after him. As far as overall talent, technique, and passion for the game of football goes, Reed is easily one of the best of all time and an NFL legend for a reason. When he talks, people listen, and that will go a long way with recruits deciding whether or not they want to attend school.

Not only would recruiting improve, but overall technique and development would increase like no other under Reed. Promising prospects would get individual instruction from one of the best to ever play the game of football and know how to not only thrive in college, but find greatness at the next level. Kentucky already has guys in the secondary with massive potential, and they obviously need someone to help unlock that for them.

As far as we know it’s not a done deal, but Stoops needs to do whatever it takes to make it one.

Article written by Jack Pilgrim

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23 responses to “Hiring Ed Reed would be a game changer for Kentucky”

  1. KYcats11

    Defensive Coordinator??

  2. maximumscott

    That would be a great hire.

  3. brb_skywalking

    If this happens, this is better than any recruit we could ever snag

  4. 502CodeRed

    Stoops going to hire Buckwheat. This is why you guys are floundering. smh

    1. maximumscott

      Hahaha he does but, it would be a great hire for future recruits and develop of our current DBs

    2. b48750

      Nothing like a racist remark from a U6 fan!

    3. BBNDan7

      Yeah that wasn’t racist….

    4. 502CodeRed

      Nothing racist about it. He looks just like the character.

    5. Booby Petrino

      And what’s your excuse for Louisville floundering? Lol they’re going to the bowl game we went to last year.

    6. abobicesaevior

      Buckwheat was portrayed as a racist caricature. The remark is undoubtedly racist.

  5. maximumscott

    No DC. DB coach but idk if UK could pay him enough coming from the Bills as a DB coach. Could be an assist DC with primary DB reapomsibilities.

  6. b48750

    Seems like these kids would be too young to remember Ed Reed but still like the hire. Would bring toughness to our secondary!

  7. peaches76

    Seems like 502 has selective memory as it relates to hiring assistant coaches or he surely wouldn’t want to go there.

    1. Bobbum Man

      He only retired what, 2-3 years ago?

  8. davis2319

    What a hire that would be. I’m not going to get my hopes up until this becomes real, but this could be a program changer. Our secondary consists of some of the best talent in our recruiting classes. However, they get here and do not develop. I believe hiring Ed Reed could go a long way in player development. Not to mention it would help recruiting. What secondary player in the country would not want to learn from Ed Reed and work with him everyday?

  9. shelby

    This would be a great addition to the staff; the defense took a huge step back this year when ansley left for bama.

    1. BlueDew

      You want to perform like a big boy in SEC, then you are going to have to pay timewilltell. Top coaching staff doesn’t come cheap. You loose someone like Ansley they are hard to replace, and will most likely cost more. Most people didn’t even know we lost him, but just want to hate on the program.

  10. timewilltell

    Stoops will bring him on board and Mitch will give him a long term contract to add to the price tag. The 7 wins this year cuts a pretty penny! Price going up next season.

  11. BlueDew

    Agree with Shelby, Ansley leaving hurt. People get on sites and bash the defense and don’t realize we lost a great coach to Alabama. If you don’t agree, look at Ansley bio on Alabama football web site. It’s sort of impressive.

  12. inside info2

    Sorry guys, was told this is not happening. He was here with a family member.

  13. luke_emberton

    maybe our safeties would actually learn how to play the position correctly

  14. Samattox47

    Am i the only one who still does not believe the man in this picture is Stoops?

  15. UKfanforlife

    It was reported that he was almost hired as an assistant. before an NFL team hired him. It is not a reach to think that he will take the job. He has a history with Stoops. People are more likely to take a position, if they have a history with those they are working with. Ie. the Miss State Coach taking the Florida job.