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Glasgow four-star OT Tanner Bowles commits to Alabama

After the Kentucky Wildcats failed to sign a local talent in the class of 2018, it looks like they will be striking out on all the top prospects in the state yet again for 2019.

Tanner Bowles, a four-star offensive tackle out of Glasgow, KY, committed to Alabama this afternoon while on a visit to Tuscaloosa.

Bowles is considered the No. 17 offensive tackle and No. 139 overall recruit in the class of 2019. The 6-foot-5, 280-pound lineman is listed as the No. 4 prospect in the state of Kentucky, behind only Milton Wright, Jacob Lacey, and Stephen Herron Jr.

Wright remains uncommitted, though he has offers from Alabama, Ohio State, and Oregon, among others, and it seems as though he will be leaving the state for college. If he does stay in Kentucky, he will likely end up at Louisville. Lacey is committed to Notre Dame and Herron Jr. is committed to Michigan.

On April 10, Kentucky also lost Scott County four-star OL and major Wildcat target Bryan Hudson to Virginia Tech, who is considered the No. 5 overall player in the state.

Moore High School four-star DE JJ Weaver is the next-highest ranked prospect in the state, and he does have interest in the Cats, visiting just a few weeks ago.

Louisville has 100% of his Crystal Ball picks on 247 Sports, and though it’s not a flawless prediction system, Kentucky obviously has some ground to make up with him.

Mark Stoops said he was upset Kentucky was unable to sign any local talent in the class of 2018, and was going to hit the ground running on 2019 to ensure it didn’t happen again. With each of the top-five prospects in the state either committed or heavily favoring other schools, this certainly isn’t good news…

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51 responses to “Glasgow four-star OT Tanner Bowles commits to Alabama”

  1. drew_123

    In state recruiter is doing an absolute terrible job. The one year where the state had a good amount of talent and they whiff on all of them. Inexcusable.

    1. UoKFB PHAN

      Honest question… Is there one guy assigned to recruit KY or are all the coaches responsible for their specific area of coaching?

    2. drew_123

      I believe Schlarman heads up the in state recruiting but everyone should have been on these top guys. 5 guys ranked inside the top 300 and we miss on all of them.

    3. unbridled

      Is it really the coach’s fault? If you were a top prospect and could go anywhere….would you really choose Kentucky? Be honest.

  2. BPatte

    Not good news??? To strike out in our home state is pitiful!! Something is wrong…

    1. BBNDan7

      Would you turn down Alabama for Kentucky???

    2. BBN in H-Town

      @BPatte yes, because I have a pair, and who wants to be a small fish in a big pond when you can be the opposite?

    3. BBNDan7

      Or you could win a national title or two, play for the best college football coach of all time, and get drafted into the nfl. But go ahead and let your ego tell you otherwise lol

    4. BBNDan7

      Also, Damian Harris is a pretty large fish in that pond so that’s not even an accurate assumption

    5. BBN in H-Town



    6. KYcats11

      These kids weren’t raised right

    7. callitlikeiseeit

      We got Elam, how did that work out, wasted scholly.

    8. unbridled

      If you choose Kentucky over Alabama….Alabama didn’t want you.

  3. Catcasey1

    Stoops is wrong

    1. crazycatfan65

      Sounds like your name should be CardinalCasey1 not CatCasey1.

  4. kongcat

    Something is wrong? Lol, kids go to AL, it happens.

  5. ukwildcat1991

    Screw them and their betrayal. We don’t need them. We will get other 4* talents in other states

  6. christopherharrison26

    Who cares? – next man up. We can’t use players who don’t WANT to be at KY. The program is solid. Quit wasting our time with those who choose to NOT be part of BBN. Are you a masochist or what???

  7. Italy2013

    Until Stoop Poop can beat the big boys he’ll never recruit the big boys….

  8. BBNDan7

    So do y’all also say that kids betrayed their home state when they commit to UK for basketball from other states?

    1. ukwildcat1991

      O of course. It happens all the time in all sports but the thing is if they don’t want to be here why should we want them to be here

    2. unbridled

      Better question is WHY would they choose Kentucky?

  9. Rembrandt

    The level of ignorance on this thread is remarkable.

  10. UoKFB PHAN

    I could be wrong but I think the ‘newness’ of Stoops recruiting pitch about turning things around at UK has gotten old. Yes, there have been improvements to the program in a number of areas but there hasn’t been a big enough improvement in the number of wins each season and at the end of the season that is what matters most. I personally believe IF the Cats have a breakout season (9 or more wins) then a couple of these guys will come to UK.

  11. Danny44324

    Who cares. 4* are a dime a dozen at Alabama. He might play, he may not. So if you’re cool with winning a title possibly sitting the bench. Go for it, no ill will here, just not sweating over it like those at KSR. Move on.

  12. ukwildcat1991

    Just so everyone knows, rankings in college football don’t mean crap. Look at Matt Elam, Micah Johnson, Morgan newton. They all were 4*. Then you have Randall Cobb’s, Benny snell jr., Stephen Johnson as 3* players. For all we know they could be chumps and stoops could know of it. Just relax and breath BBN lol

    1. unbridled

      Yeah stoops know they suck but nick saban doesn’t. That’s rich.

  13. notFromhere

    No sense whining and crying. They either want to be here or they don’t. “Recruiting” these guys differently wouldnt have mattered. If you dont know that by now, you might never learn it. They were recruited. They chose elsewhere.

    Alabama is Alabama. Just won a national title with 4 and 5 stars top to bottom throughout their roster. Same reason basketball players come to UK. Wouldnt matter what Bama would do differently, they would still lose a basketball player to UK, and we haven’t won a title since 2012.

    You’re welcome.

  14. ronnie78

    You have to get past 7 wins if you want to have a chance with better players. Losing in-state player to Virginia Tech isn’t acceptable.

    1. Cmart0907

      Completely agree. Development is a key too. Matt Elam didn’t improve not one bit at Kentucky.

    2. unbridled

      Have you ever been to Blacksburg, Va for a game? Matt Elam was over rated and didn’t go to Alabama for a reason.

  15. Cmart0907

    What has they done with the instate talent they had? Landon Young has been awesome. But it’s been more misses than hits. Matt Elam didn’t produce really. Patrick Towles transferred , Drew Barker retired basically , Ryan Timmons was ok , Eli Brown transferred. I’m pretty sure i missed some. But These instate players are leaving to get better development from better coaches.

    1. Jiminy Crickets

      Can’t remember his name, but the linebacker from trinity that was kicked off team Jason something

    2. Cmart0907

      Yes him too. Now we have in state talent because Stoops and Co can’t develop them. And these future kids are seeing it.

    3. UoKFB PHAN

      Here are a few KY guys that are currently on the roster:

      DT Adrian Middleton is from Bowling Green had 25 tackles last year and has started 25 consecutive games. If he has another 20+ tackle season then he might make it to the NFL.

      Kash Daniel from Paintsville at LB has the attitude and enough size but I don’t know if he has enough speed. I hope he ends up having a huge year in the middle of the defense.

      Drake Jackson at center from Versailles. I think his best days are in front of him.

      OT Austin Dotson from Belfry. It will be interesting to see if he makes it into the rotation this year

  16. CoachCat

    Stoops is a mediocre coach at best. These in state kids want to win and honestly Stoops can’t get it done consistently

    1. Jiminy Crickets


  17. BTownUKFan

    Out of respect for Verne Troyer Sabin sent his mini-me to get the commitment.

  18. Jiminy Crickets

    Stoops had been here 5 years, has one player he recruited out of high school been drafted? Big Z was only one, and he was a juco that already had scouts looking at him

    1. BCO

      That’s about to change this year.

    2. UoKFB PHAN

      I think you are correct BCO. Jon Toth would have probably made an NFL in 2017 if it hadn’t been for the back injury. I’m hoping Cole Mosier will be able to make a team after his knee injury. Nick Haynes might have made an NFL roster if it hadn’t been for his health issues.

  19. RC

    UK doesn’t put many players (or any, really) in the NFL anymore. Papa Brooks could be counted on to recruit and develop legit NFL calibre talent. Who is Stoops’ biggest NFL success story?

  20. Bill3

    I don’t quite understand why there are so many Alabama fan boys on Ky blogs. Who really wants to live in Alabama? Ok, there’s Mobile. The geniuses are those in marketing that put together all those screen savers to bring in athletes.Let me put together 4 or 5 years of classes ranked in the top 5 and I would be the next “Greatest Coach.”

    1. unbridled

      Bill3, do you understand the game of football? It’s not about being an “Alabama fan boy”…’s about acknowledging reality. Try and imagine being an ultra elite football talent. Alabama is the apex of college football and it not close. I challenge you to disprove that. As a elite recruit, why wouldn’t you want to go there?

  21. notFromhere

    VaTech is a football school. Bama… Football school. Until UK games are at all like those at Bama, we’ll recruit like UK. It doesn’t happen overnight. It doesnt happen in 5 years in the top 5 conferences. Until UK fans understand that, and that they need to be more vocal in a positive way at games, and that they ARE getting better as a program (rather than tearing it down because they are basketball fans), it will get better here.

    They ran Brooks out of town. They’ve been negative nancies for the last 5 years regarding Stoops. So far, UK fans are our opponents’ 12th man. “Let’s make it harder and harder to coach and recruit here by saying the coach sucks, the players suck, and see if it helps the program…” < That is the UK mantra since 2001. Strange that it still doesn't work

    1. notFromhere

      Took FBeamer 9 years in the Big East to get a conf title. 9 years back when the Big East was between ok and good. That was back when Bama had trouble winning titles, too.

      UK is in the same conf as Bama, Georgia, LSU, UF, etc, and somehow UK fans think it is easier? Bama has won 5 titles in the past 9 seasons. Georgia played in the title game. The rosters are loaded with NFL potential. Where do you think 4-5 stars might go?

      These coaches are competing with SEC schools with top 30 classes. Not top 5. Not top 10. Not top 20. Top 30 on average. No where near as many 4 stars, much less 5 stars. Yet they are competing.

      Right where they said they’d be and 95% of UK fans stated as a goal for this football program. They “wanted to be competitive and go to a bowl game most years” and they would be “happy.” Well, the news is they’re never happy. Even when they get what they want.

    2. notFromhere

      Ignorance is bliss, unless you are a UK fan

    3. unbridled

      Yeah you are soooooo right. The football teams loses games because the fans aren’t cheering correctly. You can’t be serious?

    4. notFromhere

      If that’s the level of your absurd reasoning, then stupidity is clearly the reason.

  22. chris43

    We should be locking up the majority of the top talent in KY. If you can’t even own your home state…what’s that say about the program? KY kids should be dreaming of playing at UK but as we know that isn’t the case.

  23. notFromhere

    Compared to Bama? Have one for me while you’re drinking