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Four-year-old boy fighting for his life after being hit outside of Kroger Field today

Horrible, horrible news out of Lexington this afternoon.

A four-year-old boy is currently at the UK Chandler Hospital fighting for his life after he was struck by a car on Cooper Drive near Kroger Field at the end of Kentucky’s victory today.

According to the Lexington Herald-Leader, Lexington police Sgt. Stephen Yoder confirmed the child was hit by 18-year old Jacob R. Heil, who has been arrested for driving under the influence.

The report claims the child was hit while he and his family were waiting at a crosswalk on Cooper. Yoder  said the car might have “veered off the road a little bit” to make impact, a hit that has resulted in life-threatening injuries for the young boy.

No one else was injured in the tragic accident. We will keep you updated as the story develops.


Article written by Jack Pilgrim

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62 responses to “Four-year-old boy fighting for his life after being hit outside of Kroger Field today”

  1. east-ky-boy

    Prayers for this boy

  2. A_Blue_Wildcat

    Every football game I go to there are hundreds of underage college kids drinking while tailgating. Most aren’t stupid enough to drive, but as we saw today this is the outcome of this behavior and unfortunately no one cares enough to actually stop it.

    1. CombatMedic_98

      Shouldn’t be allowed…zero tolerance in my AO…! Society seems to look away nowadays…! Sad and true.

  3. 82wildcatgolf

    Keep us posted Jack. Prayers up.

    1. zoupman

      Didn’t take you long to have an agenda.

    2. 82wildcatgolf

      Praying for you too zoupman… and whatever weird point you’re trying to make.

    3. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door


    4. zoupman

      My bad 82, my reply was meant for 71

  4. bhb71

    I guarantee you this was a frat pledge.

    1. (Aixelsyd)0505

      You’re an idiot… this is a seriously tragic matter that YOU try and poke fun of… otherwise you are simply an idiot.

    2. bhb71

      I wasn’t poking fun, I’m sick over this, and I know for a fact that pledges get ordered to drive around their frat brothers when they have no business doing so. My roommate freshman year drove guys around while drunk and while concussed from hazing and I told him he was going to get someone killed.

    3. bhb71

      To clarify, the hazing involved being hit in the head as punishment for answering a question wrong.

      Obviously it’s very likely it wasn’t a pledge and was just your average dumb freshman that either had a major lapse in judgment or didn’t think of people other than himself, but personally the first thing I thought of when I saw the details of the accident was my roommate passing out after driving a car full of guys.

    4. zoupman

      You don’t know shit

  5. bhb71

    I’m physically sick about this. I can’t imagine how that poor family is holding it together.

    1. JTHinton

      I can’t even begin to say how much this angers me; somebody needs to convince people that alcohol isn’t necessary to enjoy a sporting event, because this, and other alcohol-related deaths, happen way to often.

      Needless to say that I am praying for the child and for the teenager, that if he may become a changed man if he ever gets out of prison…

    2. USMC5150

      I agree! I drink but I don’t need to be intoxicated to have fun at a football game.

    3. (Aixelsyd)0505

      I don’t think anyone said the guy NEEDED to drink to have fun..?

  6. Kat4Life

    Prayers for him

  7. The Real LindaS

    I don’t know if this young man was at the game or not. BUT there is a reason UK banned alcohol many years ago…I believe there was a fatal accident after another game involving some UK students.

    1. UK Fan In Nashville

      If they allowed drinking at the games people wouldn’t binge drink as much before the game to try to keep a buzz on for the whole game. Also, banning alcohol from a game has nothing to do with this. An 18 year-old wouldn’t be able to buy alcohol at a game anyway.

  8. Walter White

    Unfortunately he has passed away. I hope they throw the book at the 18 yr old

    1. blueblue

      Walter White. Thanks for the update even though it’s sad news. Just wondering. Just wondering. It’s now the morning after this tragic event and none of the news outlets have reported an update on the boy’s condition. Do you know the family?

    2. Batsell

      A day has passed and still no word, wondering myself about where WW got the info? I’m hoping like hell he doesn’t know what he’s talking about and the child is hanging on! Nothing against WW, just hope he’s wrong.

    3. (Aixelsyd)0505

      Why the F would you say that you POS!?

    4. (Aixelsyd)0505

      WW aka POS is completely making it up #BBN

  9. bigbluebanana

    My god, I’d honestly trade my own life for this boy to come back. Any parent knows there is no pain like this, there is no coming back. This 18 yo made a stupid mistake that not only forever altered the lives of those close to the 4 yo, but his own as well. I’m crying in my office. Prayers for this young boy…if you believe in heaven, it just gained an angel.

    1. mashburnfan1

      feel the same, wish it would have been me hit instead of a 4 year old if someone had to be hit today. Disagree with you on the mistake part, he could have planned ahead. Don’t know if the guy was at the game, probably not, but anyone who goes to over drink and not prepare ahead of time is a fool. Make the punishment tougher, is almost a premditated act. I know he did not intend to kill but making no plans means he intended to put all at risk.

  10. BluKudzu

    This is as bad as it gets.

    I hope for a full recovery, and the book thrown at the immature, under age, self centered 18 year old, as well as everybody involved, in providing the alcohol and not stepping up, to stop him from from driving.

    Just hate this and feel so bad for the parents of the child.

  11. Jiminy Crickets

    Both families lost a child today. The 18yo with college dreams and ambitions with spend majority of productive years in jail, and the 4yo never got a chance

    1. DelrayCat

      Someone convicted of DUI manslaughter in KY typically spends 6-8 years in prison…more if he’s black or indigent. If this kid’s parents have money…he may spend no more than 4.

    2. Dragon

      Ur an idiot

    3. TPACAT

      “More if he’s black”… Yeah, keep propagating the myth, there Delray.

    4. satcheluk

      He’s right. My senior thesis was on criminal justice reform and income, social status and race all were significant factors on sentencing.

  12. CombatMedic_98

    Whoever or however he had access to alcohol should be charged as well!

    1. blueblue

      I’m sure that will be a very integral part of the investigation. If they can determine who’s responsible, then that person should, and likely will, face some serious charges as well!!

  13. KYcats11


  14. ukcats1776.90

    probably a pledge who was forced to drive after being forced to go to a tailgate

    1. DoronLambisthebestSGinUKhistory

      Pleges aren’t forced to drink, or to drive, especially not forced to drink and drive

    2. Walter White

      Oh how naive you are

    3. Harveyww

      Pledges aren’t typically allowed to drink at football games

    4. (Aixelsyd)0505

      Another IDIOT…ukcats!!

  15. ukcats1776.90

    pledges are both forced to drink and drive unless they want to get balled. u obviously were never a pledge

    1. Harveyww

      Pledges don’t get to drink at football games nowadays

    2. ukcats1776.90

      must be a new rule and u pledged at a frat who actually follows the rules. most dont

    3. (Aixelsyd)0505


    4. DoronLambisthebestSGinUKhistory

      I literally go to UK

    5. playmorezeppelin

      DoronLamb old guys who graduated in the 70’s like to get on here and act like they know what’s goin on and talk down on the younger gens

    6. ukcats1776.90

      I graduated in 2015

  16. walden

    Why can’t people just drink one or two and be done? Will never understand…

  17. philbo

    No words are adequate. Heartbreaking.

  18. (Aixelsyd)0505

    Praying for this horrible situation. Bad luck on both sides, very stupid on driver side tho and deserves what he gets

  19. playmorezeppelin

    People wake up in the morning and suspect to have nothing but a normal day, only to suffer the worst day of their life. Nothing can erase this day for the child’s family, but a full recovery will be enough to make up for it.

  20. Alleykat16

    I pray for this family of this young boy, and I pray that the police find out how this 18 year old got intoxicated and bring charges against them also. Please let’s come together and send our prayers to this family

    1. mashburnfan1

      Would like to see UK have something next week so we can donate to this childs family. Place should be packed so would be a good night and good way for BBN to help its own members through this tough situation. Maybe even have a huge card for BBN to sign

  21. Paw

    Why do you Drama Queens do this? I’m praying for both families and the young man who made a terrible mistake.

    1. Shively1978

      A mistake is misspelling a word or dropping a pass in a football game. Drinking and driving is not a mistake. If this soft country where harder on people like they should be it be 25 to life without parole.

  22. DerBaron

    Any word on the child’s condition?

  23. CombatMedic_98

    So, anyone agree it’s a good idea to make Kroger Stadium a place to buy n sell alcohol…?! I thought there was enough of that in the parking lots!

    1. satcheluk

      Studies show that stadiums that serve alcohol have less alcohol related crimes, due to less binge drinking.

  24. BeastAtom

    As of now he’s still fighting for his life (according to WKYT). Hoping and praying the little guy pulls through.

  25. (Aixelsyd)0505

    Any updates???

  26. (Aixelsyd)0505

    *as of Monday night I’ve heard nothing