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Former Clemson QB Kelly Bryant will transfer to Mizzou

Former Clemson QB Kelly Bryant announced he intends to transfer to Mizzou for his final season of college football.

Bryant was 16-2 as a starter at Clemson but when the Tigers announced highly-touted recruit Trevor Lawrence as the starter Bryant almost instantly announced he would transfer.

He picked Mizzou over Arkansas, Auburn, Mississippi State and UNC and actually visited Columbia when the Cats knocked off Mizzou back in October.

So, this means UK will face Bryant next season when the Cats host Missouri. UK will also host Arkansas and Travel to Mississippi State, so unless he picked Auburn or UNC the odds were that he would play against Kentucky.

Kentucky has won four straight against Missouri and should be favored for next season’s game, although Bryant at QB will certainly change the season outlook for Missouri.

It was also announced that former Arkansas wide receiver Jonathan Nance will transfer to Mizzou, joining Bryant. He will be eligible for next season. He finished with 37 catches for 539 yards and five touchdowns.

It’ll be more of the same against another high-potent Mizzou offense.

Bring it on.

Article written by TJ Walker

16 responses to “Former Clemson QB Kelly Bryant will transfer to Mizzou”

  1. CoachCat

    Kentucky should have taken a hard look at this kid. He’s the real deal

    1. zoupman

      They can have him. I wouldn’t want a guy who quit on his team midsession.

    2. michaelb

      Nice point zou

    3. cats646

      Terry is my QB!

    4. ClutchCargo

      We don’t need a guy who is going to be here for one year, we just need to keep developing Wilson.

    5. CombatMedic_98

      We have Terry Wilson why should we…

    6. CombatMedic_98

      And Gunner Too

  2. shelby

    Wasn’t Locke a sure pro? Not afraid of mizzoo!

  3. binarysolo

    What’s the allure of Mizzou though? A guarantee to start at an SEC school?

    1. Bourbon and Blue

      That and they have better weapons that Arkansas. It’s his best chance of starting right away and padding stats for the pros.

  4. michaelb

    I really hoped this was the mystery transfer we would receive . Rats foiled again ! Aarrg!

  5. cats646

    Mizzous offense is always good. Their defense however I’m not worried at all about.

    1. njCat

      They held our vaunted offense to 7 points. Hope they don’t get any better!

    2. mashburnfan1

      Mizzou did not hold us to anything, Gran did. In fact Gran was able to be the lowest scoring team vs several teams we played.

    3. cats646

      Yea our offense couldn’t move the ball on anyone those few games. It wasn’t mizzou stopping us.

  6. mashburnfan1

    A 4 star safety from Florida just announced he would not go to Ohio State because of Liar stepping down, 1 down and more to follow. Vince better get ready to work some OT and get these kids in Blue.