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Florida cornerback will miss first half against Kentucky


During Saturday’s game against Tennessee (otherwise known as the worst football game in the history of the sport), Florida CB Brian Poole was ejected for targeting and leading with his helmet, and as a result, will miss the first half against Kentucky. If you look at the gif, it looks like the refs made the right call:


Every little bit helps, right? #BeatFlorida #BreaktheStreak

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9 responses to “Florida cornerback will miss first half against Kentucky”

  1. jengland

    definitely right call, especially when you headhunt a guy 7 feet in front of an official. take whatever we can get.

  2. joebob

    Should be for more than a half, that was a scumbag punkass play

  3. Mike

    It was the right call, I don’t think it was necessarily intentional. At least as far as malice and premeditation. I thought it was mostly reflexive.

  4. Chaz

    1) square off, facing opponent
    2) bend knees
    3) Drop head to attack position
    4) lunge forward and spear opponent under chin with no intention of making tackle
    5) mission accomplished

    For that he gets to sit down for a half?

  5. Jeff

    THUG. I am too polite to say what I really mean.

  6. schwing

    doesn’t matter.
    doesn’t matter.
    doesn’t, doesn’t, doesn’t matter.

  7. Old School

    In another 10 years college football and the NFL will be playing flag football. Used to be a real mans game. They’re taking something away every year now.

  8. 1_Cool_CAT

    No doubt the right call… Lowered his head and led with the helmet with the intent to lay a knockout blow!!!!!

  9. ZachMiles2

    That’s complete and utter bullsh*t. This is not a penalty in any way, shape or form.
    There is absolutely no such thing as a “defenseless player” in football, be it a WR, QB, Punter, Kicker, Manager…you get the idea.
    I know people who are reading this will disagree, but IMO, if you’re out there playing football, the goal should be to absolutely annihilate your opponent. If anything, the low hits (knees) are the ones that need to be monitored.