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Five Takeaways From Kentucky’s Win At Vanderbilt

Five takeaways from the win.

One for each touchdown…


It was a shut-up game for Mark Stoops.

Mark Stoops and his staff took a lot of criticism over the past week after dropping a game they should’ve won against Ole Miss. Their response was the 44-21 beating against Vanderbilt in a must-win game to keep the excitement alive in the regular season.

Earlier in the week I wrote in length about the importance of this game, which you can read here; if you saw it the same way, you must be thrilled by how the team came out and dominated on the road with the season on the line.

It feels good to smile again after the Ole Miss disappointment. Enjoy it.

Kentucky is 7-3.

BRING ON GEOR… Just kidding.

Vanderbilt played Grove St. Party.

The in-game stadium music included not one, not two, but three plays of Grove St. Party, and Kentucky took advantage of the playing of its own theme song. The first time we heard it, Kentucky intercepted a pass on the very next play. Vandy didn’t learn and then played it again, only to see Lynn Bowden return a kick 93 yards.

Do your homework, Vandy. And fire your DJ.

The rushing attack was phenomenal.

Benny Snell, 116 yards and three touchdowns. Sihiem King, 69 yards and two touchdowns. Stephen Johnson, 44 yards and some big third down runs. As a team, 232 yards and all five Kentucky scores.

What a game by the rushing attack, and let’s not praise it without giving love to the offensive line. The O-line opened up the gaps for the backs to make plays, and while we celebrate Benny Snell’s new record, we’d be remiss to not commend the guys who blocked for him. Drake Jackson, you’re the man. Things have been much better since the staff went to him midway through the season. He has been a silent MVP.

The defense forced Kyle Shurmur into four interceptions.

The safest hand in the SEC matched his season total in interceptions in the game and then some, throwing four picks against the Wildcat defense. Shurmur had only thrown three all year coming into the game, which tells you how big it was to get the takeaways.

For Kentucky, the secondary snapped its four-game draught without an interception, so that’s awesome.

Blue GOT IN.

The city of Nashville calls it the Big Blue Mist, and it took over the city and the stadium on Saturday. The attendance was announced at 27,345, and about 27,325 of those people were Kentucky fans.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

21 responses to “Five Takeaways From Kentucky’s Win At Vanderbilt”

  1. 4everUKblue

    More Lynn Bowden!!!!

    1. My Dixie Wrecked

      I’m glad Ohio State passed him up, because of his gang affiliations. More for us!

    2. Sarahvah

      yeah, big name programs pass up kids who may have gang ties all the time

    3. Eazy

      He had offers from almost every big 10 school including Penn State.

  2. JTHinton


  3. maximumscott

    Why do I have a feeling Stoops called more of the Defense today? Id say Matt House will be reevaluated after this season.

    1. UoKFB PHAN

      I get the same feeling about Stoops being more involved with the defense. As for reevaluation, I think Stoops needs to look at Clinkscale first and then maybe House.

  4. rem392

    Good job by the coaches and players today. I defended Stoops on here this week you would have thought that I nominated Castro for president. I was attacked like crazy. Anyway, enough about the crazies. 7-3 sounds damn good to me! Great job by Stoops and players! Enjoy the big win!

    1. My Dixie Wrecked

      Stoops! He finally out-coached someone. It doesn’t matter Vandy was 0-6 in the SEC, at least we finally won! Next stop PLAYOFFS!

    2. notFromhere

      Perfect illustration of how people choose to be incessantly negative. Now go kick your dog

    3. My Dixie Wrecked

      I’ll kick your mom.

    4. Eazy

      SC is 7-2 and they lost to UK. Missouri has one of the best offenses in the country and UK beat them, too.

    5. Miller45

      Thankfully we got to play mizzou when we did because they are rolling

    6. UoKFB PHAN

      Yes, 7 and 3 is good but you know we should be at least 8 and 2 and more like 9 and 1. We’ve seen some good development of very young players but we’ve also seen a loss to UF because we didn’t have all 11 players on the field. You said ‘today’ and I’ll agree with you that we looked good today but Vandy might be the worst team in the league this year. I really think Stoops needs to look at his defensive staff during the off-season and make some difficult but crucial decisions. The UL game will probably give us the final say as to what kind of team the Cats are this year.

    7. haroldhanson

      Woulda Shoulda Coulda. Enjoy the win. We aren’t a superstar program yet but we are getting better and we are sniffing 8-4 this year. This is awesome. I’m happy to be here. It’s been 10 years since that was our regular season record!

    8. UK Big Board Update

      My Dixie is SO MAD YA’LL !!!!! LMFAO!!

  5. sprtphan

    Obviously your mom was kicked in the belly while you were still in the womb.

  6. rem392

    I think that UofKFB is exactly right on Stoops looking at his defensive staff at the end of the year, especially in the secondary. Big “if”, but if we can get to 8-4 and a decent bowl and win it is a very successful year. We are headed in the right direction. Go CATS!

    1. kyjay1988

      It’s not big if they get 8 wins . Louisville is horrible this season only player they have is Jackson. I say cats will win by 14+


    Good job players! Coaches, way to finally coach and won a game against Vandy….. I am not impressed yet, but it’s better than ANOTHER disappointing loss.

    1. kyjay1988

      7-3 first time 10 years . You must have a lot of disappointments in your life if that doesn’t impress you